This Weekend: The World’s Largest KanJam Tournament at Sly Fox


Pottstown’s Sly Fox Brewing is hosting the world’s largest KanJam Tournament on September 27th starting at 9 a.m. The tournament will feature over 120 teams. The winning duo in the competition will be handsomely rewarded with not only a year’s worth of bragging rights, but also their combined team’s weight in Sly Fox canned beer.

The Can Jam Festival, which starts at 2 p.m., is also a big music fest, and will feature various food trucks, tons of beer, lots of live music and other fun activities.

Registration begins at 8 a.m. Don’t know what KanJam is? Get the details here.

Sly Fox Can Jam Festival [official]

CoZara Serves Sushi Starting Today

CoZara, located at 33rd and Chestnut Streets on Drexel University’s campus has added a sushi, maki and sashimi menu available for lunch and dinner. The additions are a concession to the izakayas original concept. When CoZara opened, the restaurant focused on small plates, kushi, rice and noodle dishes. Chef/owner Zama Tanaka admitted, “once people hear that we serve Japanese food, they have been coming to us looking for sushi.”

Check out the full new menu below. But first, here’s a pretty picture of said sushi:


Drexel Dragon Roll and the UPenn Roll.

Sushi menu » 

This Weekend: Brooklyn Beer Meets Philly for Mash Tour

farm-dinner-400The Brooklyn Brewery Mash Tour is coming to Philly this weekend and bringing more than just bottled beer with it.

The weekend kicks off with a slew of events centered around Brooklyn Brewing’s beers and is topped off with Sunday’s Dinner on the Farm with Chefs Mitch Prensky and Andrew Gerson.  

Read on for highlights and a discount code for the farm dinner »

Restaurant Review: Bank & Bourbon


Photo by Mike Persico

Photo by Michael Persico

Pity the Philadelphia hotel restaurant. City dwellers will flock to food trucks, night markets, pop-up gardens and pizzerias with no seats, but just try getting us to eat in a building full of minibars. For every A.Kitchen, there are five Winthorpe & Valentines (a place that really exists, no joke). With Bank & Bourbon, the downtown Loews is now targeting the ground in between.

As the successor to the awkwardly named SoleFood (again, not kidding), which merged corporate decor and loads of dead space under Miami Vice lighting, B&B clearly yearns for some kind of contemporary relevance. Its whiskey-bandwagon name and predictably rustic trappings—now dominating restaurant design so utterly that Fortune 500 conglomerates are doing it, too—are enough to make a cynic roll his eyes and sigh, “Here we go again.”

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Ya (Really) Gotta Try This Tasting Party

yagottatrythisFox 29′s Mike Jerrick and District Attorney R. Seth Williams are hosting the first-ever Ya Gotta Try This Tasting Party on October 2nd at Independence Visitor Center.

Hoping to see around 500 people in its first year, the Tasting Party will feature foods and drinks from 24 big-name Philadelphia restaurants and bars, with some exciting restaurants that don’t often hit the festival circuit.

Some of the restaurants included are Noord, Palladino’s, Verdad, and Circles. Bru Craft and Wurst, U-Bahn and Yards Brewing Company will sample free beer. Southern Wine & Spirits will sponsor the complimentary open bar. There will also be music, dancing, silent auctions and more.

Tickets are $50 for general admission and $100 for VIP.

All proceeds from the event benefit The Second Chance Foundation, a non-profit organization that has provided funding over the past two years to community-based non profit organizations that prevent crime, reduce recidivism, and improve the quality of life for our neighborhoods here in Philadelphia.

Ya Gotta Try This Tasting Party [Tickets]

The Chew’s Carla Hall Is Opening A Restaurant (With A Little Help From Drexel)


So first, the bad news. Famous TV person, Carla Hall, isn’t opening any of her Nashville-style hot chicken restaurants here (which is fine by me because I like Kevin Sbraga’s version just fine). The way things are looking right now, she’ll be opening in NYC first, then Washington D.C., with a Kickstarter funding program already in place–because god knows, what with the cookbooks and TV shows and everything else she does, I’m sure that my ten bucks is what’s really standing between her and her dream of opening a chicken restaurant.

But putting aside for a moment my issues with celebrities using crowdfunding platforms, this whole thing does have a kinda cool Philadelphia angle. Hall turned to Drexel’s Center For Hospitality and Sports Management as a partner in her enterprise, and now, according to Drexel, “culinary and hospitality students at Drexel will work alongside Hall and her team to learn every aspect of opening a new restaurant and help develop the first location in New York City.”

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Wawa Is Selling Pizza Now


On Monday, Wawa rolled out a new menu item to its touch-screen menu ordering: Pizza. That’s right: You can now get pizza at your local Wawa. It’s even on the menu!


This is not just a test rollout in the area, either: Wawa ’za is for sale at all the chain’s locations. It comes in five varieties: cheese, veggie, pepperoni, buffalo chicken, and bacon jalapeño popper. Oregano and parmesan cheese are the available toppings.

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Abe Fisher Wants You to be Happy

abe-fisher-barAbe Fisher is introducing a Happy Hour  with $7 plates, wines by the glass, and cocktails. Since Abe’s cheapest plates are $10 apiece and the bar serves cocktails and wines priced at $12 each, this is a pretty good deal.

Abe’s cocktail list includes drinks such as The Abe Fisher Cocktail (Beefeater 24, Dolin dry, Dolin blanc and dill pickle juice), Sherry Bobbins (Corralejo Blanco, Lillet, celery, honey and lemon), and The Cherry Orchard (vodka, maraschino liqueur, sour cherry, lime and orange bitters).

Happy Hour here is an actual hour (5-6 p.m.), but on the upside, it run seven days a week.

Abe Fisher [Foobooz]

Victory Brewing Is Adding a Canning Line


Fantastic rendering by Arthur Etchells

While everyone else seems to be diving head-first into fall menus and brews, Victory Brewing Company  is announcing exciting news for Summer of 2015. Victory is adding a new canning line in their Parkesburg facility and has announced its aluminum debut. The first beer coming down the canning line will be the quaffable Summer Love Ale.

Victory is just the latest local brewery to get in on the canned beer craze. Sly Fox has been canning its beers for year and Troegs has recently added cans to its lineups. In fact, the Hershey based brewery is going to be putting its hugely popular Nugget Nectar in 12-ounce cans next year.

Victory Brewing [Official]

Cans of Nugget Nectar Coming From Troegs in 2015 [Drink Philly]

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