Roberto Cafe Becoming Ti Penso

ti-penso-400Roberto Cafe at 2108 South Street has closed and is under renovation. The BYOB will reopen under new management and with the name Ti Penso which, according to Google Translate, means “I think of you” in Italian.

When we get more details, we’ll be sure to let everyone know.

Ti Penso [Foobooz]

New Chef and a New Menu at Opa


Fried rabbit at Opa

Bobby Saritsoglou, the mustached head chef who took over the helm of Opa in early March, has released his new menu, which will be officially available starting today.

The menu is divided up into Mezedes (small plates), Spreads, Dakos (Barley toast), Gyros, Salates & Lahanika (Salads and Vegetables), Pites (Filo Pies), Macaronia (Pasta), From the Grill, and Trapezi (For the Table).

Highlights include: flash fried smelts with grilled lemon, marinated grilled sardine and heirloom tomato barley toast, duck gyro, wild boar ragu house made egg pasta, swordfish souvlakia with fennel salad, and buttermilk fried rabbit with slaw and bobota corn bread. Maybe not what you think of as Greek food, but the spices were all Greek and it was delicious.

Full menu and photos »

Schmear It, Just One of Several Restaurants Coming to 3601 Market

Danlu - Asian inspired bar and restaurant coming to 3601 Market.

Danlu – Asian inspired bar and restaurant coming to 3601 Market.

Property has the details on 3601 Market Street, the new 363 unit apartment building opening this summer. But of particular note to Foobooz readers, the building has several eating establishments.

Schmear It, the roving bagel truck will have a brick-and-mortar location in the building. Schmear it will be joined by Herban Quality Eats, a food delivery service that had been working out of the Enterprise Center at 48th and Spruce.

Danlu, an Asian inspired bar and restaurant will be the most upscale of the building’s eateries. It will be joined by a PWS, a pizza joint; Jimmy John’s and Dunkin Donuts.

3601 Market Street On Track for Summer Opening, Commercial Space All Leased Up [Property]

Update: Italian BYOB by Townsend Wentz

townsend wentz at cook

Exciting news: we have some updates on the heretofore unnamed Italian BYOB by Townsend Wentz that’s going to be at 23rd and Fairmount (formerly the space occupied by Garden Fresh).

Wentz plans to open the 50-seat BYOB in about four months (which seems like a totally reasonable time frame in that, when it takes six months, it really won’t seem like he blew past that proposed opening date by all that much), and the menu will be seasonal and heavily Italian-influenced. The highlight will be homemade pastas, which makes sense. It would’ve been weird if the highlight was going to be ice cream sundaes.

It will be open for dinner 6 nights a week. No word yet on if he plans to call the place, “Wentz,” but our fingers remain crossed. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

All Townsend Wentz coverage [f8b8z]

Benihana Tells Philly’s Raw Sushi to Change Its Name… Or Else!

benihana-raw-940x540 (1)

Raw Sushi is being sued.

The popular Sansom Street Japanese restaurant — more formally known as 1225 Raw Sushi & Sake Lounge — finds itself defending a federal lawsuit filed by none other than Benihana, the Florida-based corporation behind all those Benihana restaurants, as well as the Haru and RA Sushi restaurants. And it is on this latter brand that the lawsuit focuses. Read more »

Birchtree’s Artistic and Super-Local May Supper Club


Birchtree Catering hosts a multi-course Supper Club on the second Wednesday of every month, where they highlight locally-sourced menus in unique Philly spaces. May’s dinner will be held at the Hatchatory (a luxury loft space that houses designers, photographers, and other artistic professionals from in and around Fishtown) on Wednesday, May 10 at 7 pm.

Birchtree doesn’t write their menus until closer to the dinners (so they can see what produce is available on their farms, how local is that!), but past events have included dishes such as shaved asparagus salad with a pain d’epi bread wreath, creamy crimini mushroom soup, and a petit filet with sunchoke puree, hazelnut crumble and multicolor carrots.

Dinner will be accompanied by live music by a band called Office, photos by Brae Howard and flowers by Faye + Renee.

Tickets are $70, purchasable here.

Birchtree Catering [Facebook]

What To Buy At Trader Joe’s (As Chosen By People Who Love Trader Joe’s)

TraderJoesIntYou guys like lists, right? Everyone loves lists. And you know what everyone else loves? Trader Joe’s. So what would be perfect right here is a list about things to buy at Trader Joe’s.

Well lucky for you, the list-loving public, the team over at Be Well Philly has spent the last week gathering data from Trader Joe’s fans on their favorite things to buy. That data has now been assembled into a list, and that list includes such things as frozen edamame, the spinach and artichoke dip that everyone whose ever been to a Trader Joe’s ever goes bonkers over, Joe-Joe’s cookies (which truly are awesome) and Cookie Butter (which sounds like it should be awesome but just…isn’t).

Anyway, you can check out the entire list of the 20 Best Thinigs To Buy At Trader Joe’s over at Be Well Philly. Or you can just hang out here and tell me how wrong I am about that whole Cookie Butter thing.

The 20 Best Foods At Trader Joe’s [BeWell]

EATS Philly: A Huge Street Food Festival Coming May 5

Food Truck Series at The Oval

We’re in that beautiful stretch of time where it’s warm enough to stroll around outside, but not a brutal 95 degrees with humidity that makes your hair look like you were recently electrocuted. And while short, this is certainly a time to cherish.

So what better way to celebrate than with a huge street festival?

Read more »

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