Friday The Firkinteenth At Grey Lodge This Friday


For 18 years, Grey Lodge has been throwing their Friday the Firkinteenth events whenever a Friday the 13th rolls around on the calendar. And guess what? This Friday is another one–the 34th in a row–and the crew is going to be dividing the festivities up into two sessions: Noon to 6pm and 6pm to midnight. There’ll be 13 cask ales for each session (26 total), with 7 tapped at a time.

There’s no cover. Everything is pay-as-you-go. And we’ve got the cask lists for both sessions below.

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Here’s the Strangest (and Maybe the Best) Food News You’ll Read All Day


Han Chiang is a good guy. He’s one of those guys who, if we didn’t have him (and his Han Dynasty restaurants, but mostly him) here, in our restaurant scene, we’d be pissed that someone else had him. He’s a minor legend in the dining room. Is known for saying some really odd things (like when he claimed he was going to open a hundred Han Dynasties across the country in four years). And he’s got one of those social media presences that you just have to pay attention to because, sometimes, the attention pays off.

Like today. When he announced, apropos of nothing (or maybe of just the mood in the room, the city, the nation), that he was going to be starting “Han’s Kung Fu Cooking Club”–the stated goal of which is to have Han teach you how to cook while everyone hangs out watching his favorite Kung Fu movies.

Oh, but wait. It gets weirder.

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Here’s What You’ll Be Eating At Dim Sum House (Notably: Free Soup Dumplings Tomorrow)


Last week, we talked about the opening of Dim Sum House in University City–the new restaurant from Jane Guo and Jackson Fu of Jane G’s in Center City. I, for one, was psyched about the place opening because of the battling dim sum menus (Shanghai-style and Cantonese), the late hours and, well, pretty much everything else coming from the kitchen.

But tomorrow, January 11, is the official grand opening of the place, and guess what they’re doing to celebrate?

They’re offering free soup dumplings.

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Nugget Nectar, Free Art And Hot Dogs At Garage North


On Thursday, Garage North (the one at 100 East Girard Avenue) is throwing a party with Troegs and a bunch of artists to celebrate that very special beer-drinkers holiday: First Squeeze.

So what is First Squeeze, you ask? It’s the first tapping of the year’s supply of Troegs Nugget Nectar–their once-a-year dry hopped Imperial Amber over which beer nerds go all swoony. This time around, they asked eight artists to make Nugget Nectar-inspired works to celebrate the big day. And at the event, they’re going to be offering free prints (while supplies last) and signings by the artists.

Here in Philly, that means Hawk Krall (friend of Foobooz, beer and hot dog enthusiast, and all-around swell guy) hanging out at Garage, showing off his work (you can see him holding it right there) and signing prints for people.

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Philly Beer Week Gets A Re-Branding


The crew behind Philadelphia Beer Week (17 restaurant industry pros and local beer experts) have just announced the debut of Philly Loves Beer, a “year-round entity devoted to raising Philadelphia’s global profile as a destination city for beer tourism.”

So what does this mean? Quite a bit. actually. According to the PBW board, Philly Loves Beer is the country’s first (and only) non-profit organization dedicated to the love and greater glorification of beer that’s not linked to a brewing guild or business association. It exists to “serve as the foremost authority on beer and beer culture in Philadelphia and the surrounding area,” and will do so through education, advocacy and networking 365 days a year–not just during the annual Philly Beer Week bachanal.

Oh, and speaking of Beer Week…

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It’s Really Frigging Cold, So How About Some Free Soup?

You can get this loaded baked potato soup for free today. Why? Because it's really, really cold outside.

You can get this loaded baked potato soup for free today. Why? Because it’s really, really cold outside.

The only thing better than a really good bowl of homemade soup on an Arctic-blasted day like this one is a really good free bowl of homemade soup. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. Read more »

What To Eat This Weekend: Staying Warm And Eating Pie

Fireplace at the Dandelion | Photo by Starr Restaurants

Fireplace at the Dandelion | Photo by Starr Restaurants

It’s been another long week. And now that it is almost done, it’s time to look ahead and try to make plans for the weekend. So what (or where) should you be eating this weekend?

We’ve got a few suggestions…

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Banh Street Opens In Ambler

That was chef Chad Rosenthal on Twitter this morning, announcing the opening of his second Banh Street location at 832 North Bethlehem Pike in Ambler. He sent it from the kitchen at around 8am this morning while he was getting ready for opening day.

Before that? An instagram post made 12 hours earlier. And where was he? In the kitchen getting everything ready for opening day.

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About Last Night: Nice Cans


We brought in chefs from The Dutch and the Broad Table Tavern for an Open Stove all-soup challenge. We gave them cans and cans and cans of the stuff–plus some ramen, some miso, some onion soup in a packet. We gave them as much soup as we could load into the kitchen. And the weird thing?

No one made soup.

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Sweetgreen’s New Winter Menu Launches Today


For all of you Sweetgreen junkies out there, I’ve got some news. Today marks the changeover to their East Coast winter menu, which includes a whole bunch of new warm and seasonal bowls, plus a brand new hot sauce for spiking your cold-weather lunch.

Now personally, I don’t understand people who eat salads. The places I hang out, the salad is just what goes next to the food so the tacos, crabcakes, fried chicken or whatever don’t look lonely on the plate. But still, some of these salads and bowls full of quinoa, kale and sweet potatoes sound like they might be kinda good.

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