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The Fillmore will host Philly Beer Week's Opening Tap on Friday, June 3rd.

Philly Beer Week kicks off with Opening Tap at the Fillmore on Friday, June 3rd.

Have you visited the Foobooz Events Calendar recently? Or are you thinking, “what Foobooz Events Calendar?” Yes, mobile users, Twitter followers and Facebook stalkers, Foobooz has an events calendar and we’re committed to curating the best events on it.

The calendar is in the main navigation on Foobooz but might seem a bit buried if you primarily access Foobooz on mobile.

So make a point of checking the calendar and picking out some events to attend.

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Jersey Shore Food Guide: 20 Best Shore Restaurants

Lobster bake at Quahog's Seafood Shack, Stone Harbor | Photo by Jason Varney

Lobster bake at Quahog’s Seafood Shack, Stone Harbor | Photo by Jason Varney

At some point — maybe during one of those gray February days — a thought pops into your head: ice cream. Two scoops of mint chocolate chip. In a waffle cone. At your favorite Shore shop. Or maybe you remember a family tradition — getting up early with the kids and biking to Oves, then all of you licking your fingers clean of cinnamon sugar from the warm doughnuts you just devoured. There’s more: the mid-beach-day pizza break, the bayside seafood-shack feast, the giant stack of puffy pancakes … Shore weekends are, of course, about beaches and bikes and late-night games of dominoes, but nothing quite captures summer like the delicious tastes we dream about all winter. Here are dozens of ways to make sure every bite counts this year.

The 20 Best Shore Restaurants (from Cape May to LBI) »

First Look: Jansen


There’s nothing new about scallops, lemons, capers, and parsley. It’s a plate full of beige, ecru, and green as tame as Pottery Barn. Fortunately, David Jansen’s scallops are just as pleasant as the catalog-worthy interior at your Aunt Susan’s house. Seared golden and seasoned beautifully, they sink slowly into a puree of cauliflower punctuated with jewels of preserved lemon and parsley leaves.

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Rain or Shine, These Festivals Are Happening

Italian Market Festival will go on all weekend | M. Fischetti for Visit Philadelphia

Italian Market Festival will go on all weekend | M. Fischetti for Visit Philadelphia

We were pretty excited when we put together our compilation of May festivals, and then May happened. It’s been gray skies for much of the month with a good amount of rain mixed in (you know, except for today). And now we’re at the final pre-Memorial Day weekend and the fear-mongering weather people are predicting more rain. But if you’re like me, you’re like, “whatevs, It’s my weekend and I’ll party if I want to, weather be damned. So it’s good to know that at least some of the weekend’s outdoor events are happening regardless.

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There’s A Pretty Cool Farm Dinner Happening At Kensington Quarters This Weekend


If you’re living off the land, what do you do when overwintered vegetables—potatoes, carrots, turnips—begin to dwindle before the new crops in the field are ready to eat? You get creative. This period, called Spring Famine, or Sechswoche Noth (Six Week Privation), its Pennsylvania Dutch name, is the theme of a seven course menu this Sunday, May 22nd, at Kensington Quarters. It’s a collaboration between chef Steve Eckerd and farmer Alex Wenger from Field’s Edge, a research farm in Lancaster, PA. In a moment when “local” peas, rhubarb, and strawberries appear on “seasonal” menus long before they arrive at area farmer’s markets, this meal will instead showcase sustainable eating with ingredients that actually reflect the Midatlantic right now.

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Local Chefs Star in Redo of Terminal B at PHL


This is how you do an announcement. Roll in the jet, roll out the red carpet. Nick Elmi at PHL.

Yesterday afternoon, American Airlines, Philadelphia International Airport and airport hospitality firm, OTG put on an impressive show to announce a $30 million overhaul of PHL’s Terminal B. That overhaul will include eateries from eight well known local chefs and restaurateurs.

The event took place at American Airlines huge hanger at the southern end of the airport. The chefs and restaurateurs, including Top Chef winners Nick Elmi and Kevin Sbraga descended the steps of a sparkling American Airlines plane to take their places along with PHL’s CEO Rochelle Cameron, Cedric Rockamore of American Airlines and OTG’s founder Rick Blatstein. After a highly-polished video about the transformation of Terminal B, samples of each restaurant’s food, plus wine and beer were brought out.

The project has been in the pipeline for a number of years old and several of the chefs involved admitted, that they thought their involvement was dead. When complete, the overhauled terminal will have eight new eateries and thousands of iPads from which to order food right to the gate.

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Learning Curve: Sate Kampar Reviewed

Photo via Sate Kampar

Photo via Sate Kampar

This is what you do. You go to Sate Kampar on a first date. You save it for someone special—for when Tinder, the phone psychic, your matching Deadpool tattoos or shared fear of dying alone and being eaten by raccoons tells you this is the one. That it’s going to go the distance.

You go to Sate Kampar and you drift down into the hard-backed wooden chairs, under the soft yellow glow of the lights. You order off the sate menu (satay is how you spelled it, always, until seeing it done this other way in a place that probably knows), because meat on sticks? That’s easy. That’s just a little bit foreign but still approachable, good for a first date.

You go for the kambing (the goat) because it’s that kind of night and you’re willing to take chances, and then the ayam (the chicken) for safety.

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Jersey Shore Food Guide: The Best Food on the Ocean City Boardwalk

The Best Food on the Ocean City Boardwalk | Illustration by Melissa McFeeters

The Best Food on the Ocean City Boardwalk | Illustration by Melissa McFeeters

It’s easy to get sidetracked on the boardwalk in Ocean City, New Jersey: There are delicious smells wafting from every which way on every single block. But smells can be deceiving, and when you’re on the hunt for something delicious, you need some insider intel. Well, dear reader, you’ve come to the right place: We ate our way down the Ocean City boardwalk and back again in search of its most delectable flavors and tastiest treats. Below, the bites you absolutely don’t want to miss.   Read more »

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