The Mathematics of Sandwiches: Stove & Tap Reviewed

Brisket sandwich at Stove & Tap | Photo by Craig Slotkin

Stove & Tap | Photo by Craig Slotkin

On a Sunday night, Stove & Tap is busy. Not full, but I’m not really sure there would ever be enough people dining out in Lansdale on any given night to fill the place completely, what with two floors, outdoor tables, multiple bars and an upstairs patio. It’s big, loud, hot, polished, beautiful, and there’s a bear—a taxidermied brown bear in the front window, standing on its hind legs with a sign asking people not to feed it.

I wanted to buy a stuffed bear once. I found it at a pawnshop in Royersford, standing amid the hocked stereos and stationary bikes. It was a nice bear—huge and fierce—and my wife, seeing the wild look in my eyes, offered what was not exactly a rare connubial ultimatum and said I had a choice to make: her or the bear. Piece of advice? Don’t ever hesitate when offered those options. I did. For perhaps half a second too long. Now, years later, she still won’t let me forget it—the day I considered, however briefly, trading my wife for a pawnshop bear.

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Where to Find the Best Cocktails During Center City Sips

center city sips 4002 Gingers Irish Whiskey is an official sponsor of Center City Sips and you can find the blended, slightly sweet whiskey at just about every bar and restaurant participating in all-over-Center-City Wednesday night happy hour. Most spots are pouring a Big Ginger, a whiskey and ginger ale that is certainly less offensive than some other flavored vodka concoctions whipped up in past years. But our crack staff or researchers are looking beyond the 2 Gingers drinks and at other cocktails that are worth $5.

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Jezabel’s Cafe Turns Six and Celebrates with $2 Empanadas


Jezabel’s Cafe (formerly Gavin’s Cafe) is celebrating its 6th anniversary today, Wednesday, June 22nd. And this year they will be giving back to their customers by offering $2 empanadas all day.

Starting at 10 a.m., the deal will run all day at the store at 26th and Pine Street.  Jezabel’s will have all of the usuals like spinach and ham, and beef, plus four specials which include:

  • Humita: a spicy corn empanada.
  • Vegan Lentil
  • Arabe: made with beef, lemon juice and onions.
  • Gallega: tuna, red bell peppers and onions.

Honestly, this just sounds like a good excuse to eat empanadas for every meal today.

Jezabel’s Cafe [Foobooz]

Dilworth Park Cafe & Air Grille Throw Grand Opening Party During Sips

Dilworth Park Cage | Photo by Chelsea PortnerSummer is officially here and with it comes a new restaurant opening during this week’s Center City Sips. Dilworth Park Café and Air Grille will be opening for the summer this Wednesday, June 22.

The team at Brûlée Catering created an American focused menu with locally sourced dishes. So you can expect menu items like burgers, steaks, and salads made with ingredients from the area.

Air Grille | Photo by Chelsea Portner The grand opening will be a beach themed party, taking place during sips, with a ton (and dare I say too many) things happening. In addition to the usual Sips specials, there will be giveaways, a DJ, and an Instagram contest. So if you like free stuff, this will be the place to hit for Sips. To go with this beach theme, they will serving some boardwalk themed specials.

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Kawaii Kitty Cafe is Opening in Queen Village

kawaii kitty kafe 940

While this isn’t the most serious news Foobooz has reported, it might be the cutest. Kawaii Kitty Cafe will be celebrating their grand opening this weekend.

Like something straight out a coloring book, the Asian inspired Kawaii Kitty Cafe (759 South 4th Street) will feature two rooms: one just for eating and one for spending time with the cats. Kristen Eissler, the owner of the café, traveled to Asia in her previous job as a fashion designer and was inspired by the cat cafes there.

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Dinners for You and All Your Friends: Feasts Worth Planning Ahead For

The Dump Dinner at Oyster House

The Dump Dinner at Oyster House

Sure it’s fun to order just what you want off of a restaurant’s menu but sometimes the camaraderie of a shared feast is what you’re really hungering for. That’s when a large format meal at one of Philadelphia’s best restaurants is what you have in mind. So gather up some friends and make reservations for these family-style dinners.

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First Look: South Helm


Cooking is hard.

It’s hard because it takes incredible skill, talent, and tenacity to climb the ladder of the kitchen. It’s hard because it requires long hours in an uncomfortable working environment for not a lot of money. And it’s hard because kitchens are a powder keg of both ambition and stress. But one reason that it’s hard, not as visible as those above, is the fact that cooking the same dishes over and over again is just boring.

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Farmers Road Drive Thru Is Closing In Chadds Ford


For three years, Farmers Road Drive Thru has been a dependable, healthy drive-thru spot in Chadds Ford. But now, they’re closing down. This is what the press release says:

“After a successful 3 years, Farmer’s Road will be CLOSING its doors in Chadds Ford to bring Farmer’s to new territories (actively scouting drive thru locations).”

And that’s weird, right? I’m not the only one who thinks that sounds weird?

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Di Bruno Bros. to Host Cheese “Legends”

LegendsWorldTour_cheeseFor one night, and one night only, get your fill of cheese-related knowledge at The Legends Series: World Tour. It’s just like a band’s world tour, but instead of music rock stars, it’s the rock stars of the cheese world.

Di Bruno Bros. is hosting the only U.S. gathering of the tour at their Rittenhouse location this Thursday, June 23rd at 6:30 p.m.

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Wawa’s Hoagiefest Has Us Thinking About Our Favorites

Now this is a hoagie!

Now this is a hoagie | Photo by Jason Varney

Wawa’s Hoagiefest is upon us and though a Wawa hoagie will do in a pinch, it certainly isn’t our favorite hoagie. We’ve been big promoters of Sarcone’s for the longest time, we’ve become fans of Northeast Philly favorite, Fink’s Hoagies since they’ve opened on Jewelers Row and we’re loving what Martha is doing with their hyper local hoagies in Kensington.

But we know there are more great hoagies out there. Just this weekend we were told that Antonio’s Deli, which replaced the award winning Chickie’s Italian Deli at 1014 Federal Street hasn’t missed a beat. We haven’t tried Antonio’s yet, but it’s now at the top of our list.

What are your favorite hoagies? Is it from a tried and true spot in South Philadelphia or have you discovered a winner off the beaten track.

Let us know in the comments.

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