North Bowl’s Second Annual Tot Chef Competition Is Coming

Blow-torched s'mores tots at last year's competition.

Blow-torched s’mores tots at last year’s competition.

Like their french fried cousin, tater tots are the ultimate comfort food. Little did we know, however, that tots are also the base around which creativity can flourish. Yes, if you can make a crispy-yet-fluffy tot, you may be able to take a burger to perfection. But why not let tots take center stage some of the time?

North Bowl gets it, which is why they are hosting their 2nd Annual Tot Chef Competition on Saturday August 1st. Think you can make a great tot? Now’s the time to prove it.

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Drury Beer Garden and Opa Get New Summer Menus

Greek Mom's Grilled Cheese | Photo by Opa

Greek Mom’s Grilled Cheese | Photo by Opa

Chef Bobby Saritsoglou is making some menu changes for summer at Opa and the Drury Beer Garden. Drury gets a full new menu and Opa has new lunch options. Drury’s offerings are classic beer garden food: we’re talking burgers, fries, corn dogs and a pork belly sandwich with greens and sharp cheese that sounds delicious. Opa has several seasonal salads along with the Greek classics like gyros, Greek omelets and souvlakia.

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Triangle Tavern Launches Weekend Lunch

red-sauce-triangle-tavern-940For the first time since the original Triangle Tavern’s opening in 1933, the South Philly tavern will begin weekend lunch service this Saturday June 27th at 11 am. Well, they’re calling it lunch, but with options like ham and egg sandwiches and French toasts, let’s call it what it really is: brunch. And a boozy brunch at that.

Don’t worry, your Triangle Tavern favorites will all still be available. Chef Mark McKinney is still serving up classics like juicy roast beef sandwiches and mussels (red or white). But he’s also introducing weekend specials like spaghetti carbonara and the aforementioned french toast.

Similarly, drink service also honors the old while inviting the new. 12 draft beers, an entire list of Negroni variations and Adult Water Ice, available in six different flavors in either a goblet or pitcher, will all continue on from the regular menu. New additions are primarily cocktails and include seasonal bellinis, Blood Marys (garnished with mini meatballs) and house made limoncello.

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Gone Blimpin’


Yeah, you read that right. The staff of Foobooz World HQ is taking the morning off to go and float around the city aboard the Hendrick’s Air flying cucumber blimp. Provided we experience no blimp-related accidents (or gin-related hijinks, which seem far more likely), we’ll be back at the stick this afternoon.

In the meantime, may we present this (really kinda awesome) blimp safety video. Enjoy…

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Because Sometimes It’s Sunday Morning And Beer Floats Just Don’t Seem Appropriate

CoffeFloatRemember when we wrote about those beer floats being done as a kind of sideways collaboration between Joe’s Steaks and Bottle Bar East? Those were awesome, right? But unfortunately, not every day is a beer float kind of day. Meaning that sometimes it’s Sunday morning and beer, no matter how delicious, just doesn’t seem like the right thing to be adding to your ice cream.

Well, that’s where Weckerly’s Ice Cream and Rival Brothers Coffee comes in.

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Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll Update

Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll.

Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll.

Tonight is the first of two Baltimore Avenue Dollar Strolls for this summer (the next is September 24th). We told you the details on vendors and attractions last week, but here’s an update on what exactly will be offered to eat tonight as you stroll west on Baltimore Avenue.

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“Neo Bistro” Set to Anger, Confuse Point Breeze

Rendering via Zillow

Rendering via Zillow

Mike Pasquarello has successfully opened four restaurants, cafes and bars in Philadelphia including Cafe Lift, Prohibition Taproom, Bufad and Kensington Quarters. And next on his list is Buckminster’s at 21st and Federal in Point Breeze. The spot is named for architect Buckminster Fuller, who popularized the geodesic dome, but Pasquarello isn’t saying much else about the concept.

We do know that he’s backed down from the “Frenchy-tapas fare” that was mentioned in a Philly Voice story. When pressed, a representative for the restaurant said it will be a “neo-bistro.”

What might that mean …

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What’s on the Menu at the Playground

playground-sign-via-playground-940Bart Blatstein’s The Playground opens tomorrow in Atlantic City. And on “T Street,” the indoor street lined with seven live music venues, the food is being provided by Garces Events.

In the time since the project announced, the restaurant group has created a menu of bar snacks, and hand-held foods that are designed for taking from venue to venue, as the Playground allows guests to pass through its venues. The food menu is the same for all of the venues, while the beer lists and custom cocktails are specific to each concept.

For food there are snacks, Mexican pizzas, loaded fries (including the Abe Froman’s topped with bratwurst, cheese curds, and sauerkraut – Garces is just not giving up on Abe Froman), Nashville hot chicken, burgers and a section called “Riviera,” which inexplicably includes German style sausages.

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