Lobster News: A New Jersey Lobster-Palooza With Chef Al Paris

Al Paris and Alan Heckman are doing a five-course collaboration dinner for your lobster enjoyment.

Al Paris and Alan Heckman are doing a five-course collaboration dinner for your lobster enjoyment.

We know you still want more lobster news. Even if you say you don’t, we know that, deep down in your shellfish-lovin’ hearts, you really do.

Which is why we now bring you this: A Lobster-Palooza in Stockton, New Jersey. A five-course lobster extravaganza,  happening at the Stockton Inn on August 5th.

More lobster, more fun.

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Jersey Shore Pizza Face-Off: Final Round

There’s no point in getting between a Jersey shore-goer and their favorite pizza place: they’ll travel extra miles just for one slice, they’ll defend the cheese-to-sauce ration vehemently, and they’ll dream about a hot pie in the dead of winter. So which Jersey Shore pizza shop is the best? It’s time to have your say. Last week we listed the top picks in each South Jersey shore town and 10,000 votes came flooding in. Now we’ve taken the top vote-getters in each town and are asking you to weigh in once again, to crown the ultimate winner. The victor will be announced online and be featured in next year’s shore guide in the magazine. A few housekeeping notes: Voting ends on Sunday, August 2nd; you don’t have to vote for a place in every town to have your say; you are invited to vote once a day; and if you decide to try every spot and wind up gaining five pounds, don’t blame us.
Make your vote count

Best Pho, Ramen, Pasta and Other Noodles in Philly

Pho Ha | Photo by Claudia Gavin

Pho Ha | Photo by Claudia Gavin

So many noodles in so many forms. From Asian to Italian, from quick lunches, to luxurious dinners, here are the best noodle dishes in Philadelphia, culled from Philadelphia magazine’s Best of Philly issue.

Best Pho in Philadelphia

Pho Ha
Pho is super-abundant in Philly these days, but Pho Ha’s aromatic broths and oily chili paste lift it to the top ranks. 610 Washington Avenue, East Passyunk, 215-599-0264.
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For One Night, Kanella Returns to Spruce Street


Kanella chef de cuisine Evan Butkovsky at COOK.

The Washington Square West neighborhood has missed Kanella since the Cypriot restaurant closed to move to Queen Village at the end of May. Chef/owner Konstantinos Pitsillides should open the new location within four weeks or so. But, WashWest is getting a taste of Kanella once again.

Kanella’s chef de cuisine Evan Butkovsky is joining up with Mercato’s Ryan McQuillan for a collaborative dinner on Tuesday, July, 28th. The Greek/Cypriot and Italian inspired tasting dinner (one sea, one people) will be held at Mercato, and will consist of three courses for $30.

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Glenside’s Humpty’s Dumplings Now Has A Storefront


Humpty’s Dumplings has a storefront. And, in our opinion, one of the coolest names, like, ever.

“It’s kind of American fusion, if you will,” co-owner Patrick Doyle explains. Stuck in a daydream of the dumpling variety, I just barely caught myself before responding, “Uh, yes I definitely will.”

If you haven’t heard of them yet, you’re not alone: they’ve been working off word of mouth alone s0 far, and have served mainly the Glenside area for a while now. But Humpty’s Dumplings is making moves, and it’s about time you learn about them.

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Yelping For Freebies: 8 Deals To Get You Through The Week

wokworks wednesday popcorn chicken

Popcorn chicken at Wokworks.


If there are two words to get me off the couch and out of my blissfully air-conditioned bedroom, they are “free” and “food.” And I can’t be the only one. Luckily, if you’re a Yelp user there are all sorts of pick-me-ups to be had around the city. And all you have to do to get them is “Check In” on Yelp at any of the establishments below to snag your freebie.

Show me the free stuff

Burger Monday (Also Known As “A Gift From Us To You”)


Burger deal at Lo Spiedo.

On the off chance this weekly celebration was unbeknownst to you, welcome now to Burger Monday. The day where burgers are not so many dollars as they are usually, but remain every bit as delicious.

Celebrate the start of the week in proper burger fashion with Lo Spiedo, where burgers are $5 until 6:30 PM today. That means the usual brisket burger ($14) just made it’s way well into your price range.

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Celebrate Crabbie’s Week By Drinking Alcoholic Lemonade

crabbiesCrabbie’s, makers of the alcoholic ginger beer, are in Philly all this week to celebrate the release of its first ever non-ginger line: Crabbie’s Fruits Cloudy Alcoholic Lemonade. The drink, at 4.8% ABV, promises to be everything an alcoholic lemonade should be: zesty, refreshing and, you know, lemony. So for those of you who faint at the thought of hard liquor, find beer too complex and black out at the mere thought of a Zima, now there’s an option just for you.

But hey, Crabbie’s is also bringing us a week’s worth of events, so maybe we shouldn’t complain too much. Highlights include quizzo, free samples, giveaways, painting and a pool party.

Details, of course, after the jump.

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Where the Booze Comes From: A Guide to Philly’s New Distilling Boom

Local distilling is taking off.

Local distilling is taking off.

Philadelphia has history in spades, it’s true. And while these streets may be haunted by the ghosts of years past, the present is full of a different kind of spirit.

Craft distilling has come home to Pennsylvania, pre-Prohibition seat to scads of small scale booze producers, and though the temperance movement put a damper on things for a good while, Repeal Day—and new legislation passed in 2011—has finally opened up regulations to get the stills firing afresh. Below you’ll find our favorite distillery pioneers in the Philadelphia area. Read more »

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