Noord’s Joncarl Lachman Joins M Restaurant

Joncarl Lachman/Facebook

Joncarl Lachman, chef-owner of Noord in East Passyunk and co-owner of Pennsport’s The Dutch, is adding to his already prodigious work schedule.

He’ll assume responsibilities at M Restaurant in Washington Square West, which is located in the historic 18th-century Morris House Hotel.

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South Philly Meatball Contest Ends in Vegan Meatball Controversy

Meatball contest founder Michael Strauss with competitor Jena Taylor.

In most places around the country, a fun, community-based meatball contest would be the source for a few laughs, some neighborly connection, and maybe some light-hearted smack talk. But in Philadelphia — South Philadelphia, specifically — things just can’t be that easy. Read more »

Cheu Noodle Bar, Wiz Kid Pull Out of Whole Foods

There’s no doubt that the Cheu brand is a winning concept. Shawn Darragh and Ben Puchowitz struck gold when they opened their inauthentic-by-design ramen bar in Washington Square West. In fact, it was the restaurant’s sheer popularity that attracted Whole Foods in the first place when it was still in the planning stages of its now-year-old Rodin Square location.

But Cheu isn’t exactly an easy operation to run, especially when the space wasn’t designed around the concept like it was in WashWest and, as of July, in Fishtown. Everything’s scratch-made on premises, which is a tough thing for a burn-and-turn quick-serve food stall.

So, today, the guys announced via Cheu’s Instagram that they’ll be closing their Whole Foods outpost for good on Sunday, October 22nd, because “operationally, it wasn’t a food fit.”

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Where to Eat This Weekend: Let’s All Go to Chinatown


It feels like that kind of weekend, doesn’t it? All of us at Foobooz World HQ think so. There’s just something in the air (or something in our appetites) that makes us yearn for slick streets, neon and some roasted duck.

So we played a game. We said if we could forget all the places that we need to eat at (for reviews and lists and menu updates and everything else) and forget all the places that we’re supposed to eat at (because they’re new, because they’re weird, and because it’s our job), where would we want to eat this weekend? Specifically, what would we eat in Chinatown?

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Tacos and Pizza Had a Baby in South Philly — and It’s Delicious


You can order Mexican pizza pretty late at night in South Philly, which is useful since it’s greasy and salty and has a real gift for soaking up a Saturday night.

It’s a South Philly delicacy, one that passes up culinary convention for something that hits its neighbors — all of its neighbors — closer to home. Because it’s not a tlayuda, those XL tortillas piled with refried beans and whatnot (find them on the menu at La Calaca Feliz in Fairmount); it’s not a coca, either (though Adan Trinidad does a nifty Mexican take on the classic Spanish flatbread over at Pistola’s Del Sur).

It’s an Italian-American and Mexican hybrid, repping its neighborhood like some kind of delicious mascot.
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Who Has the Best Meatballs in Philadelphia?

Image via iStock

Pretty much every Sunday when I was growing up in Norristown, my Italian grandmother would make a big pot of meatballs and gravy. Once we moved away to South Jersey, our meatball-eating decreased to once monthly, but no holiday was ever complete without a deep bowl of meatballs, right next to the turkey or ham. These days, my kids love making meatballs with me, whether for a quick weeknight dinner or a long-simmered Sunday gravy. Read more »

This Is How Philly Dined in 1997


Pretty much everything you know about American dining has happened in the last 20 years.

Unless you lived in California in the late 80’s — unless you were a proto-foodie (with really good connections or really in-the-know friends) in San Francisco or L.A., or some New York grubnik sniffing around the edges of things and watching (from what would’ve been a fairly privileged position) the slow changeover from French fine dining to a more egalitarian, worldly model, everything that defines American cuisine now — from the New American/California Cuisine days forward — has happened in the past couple decades.

And Fork has been there for almost all of it.

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Philly Ranks High on List of Best Foodie Cities in America

High-ranking cities are in purple on the map, with low-ranking cities marked in light blue. Mouse over to see city and ranking. Source: WalletHub

While I’d personally prefer to hide the light of Philly’s bustling food scene under a bushel (the rent is already too damn high, people — stop telling your New York friends about us!), word is starting to get out that the city has more to offer than cheesesteaks and soft pretzels.

And now, there’s hard data to back it up.

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