Almanac Beer Co. Brings West Coast Seasonal Brews To Philly

Almanac Beer CoSan Francisco’s premier farm-to-barrel brewery is coming to Philadelphia to crack open their most exciting beers for the very first time.

Almanac Beer Company specializes in creating seasonal artisan ales and “unusual” craft beers made from locally-sourced products. The brewing company partners with Northern California farms to use the best locally sourced fruit in their process to create home-brews with flavors specifically based to complement local cuisine and seasonal tastes.

From October 6th-10th, the beer company will be hosting events to christen their unique West Coast brews all throughout the city, but most notably, they’re going to be rolling into V Street late next week.

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Time To Make The Cider

CiderKegandBarrelSo you want to keep your homebrewing cred up to date, right? You’ve perfected your quadruple-hopped IPA recipe and your pumpkin stout won silver at last year’s club competition. What do you do now?

If you’re keeping up with trends, you know what the answer is: cider.

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What To Look For At Tonight’s Grand Re-Opening Of XFINITY Live

1100 SocialTonight, Friday October 2nd, Philadelphia’s XFINITY Live! is having its grand opening featuring numerous changes and improvements to the popular dining and entertainment destination.

Plus Jason Cichonski.

Located in the heart of South Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Sports Complex, a venue featuring dozens of restaurants and entertainment options, XFINITY Live! introduces their new expansion with 52,000 sq. ft. of outdoor space added (just in time for this beautiful weather), along with improvements and visual enhancements to the concert and event stage.

Wanna know exactly what they’ve done with the place? Of course you do. So here’s what’s new at Xfinity Live this season.

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Feliz Gang Branches Out With A Pizzeria


No one out there can say that the Feliz crew doesn’t know how to put in a hard day’s work. Even though they closed Beast & Ale in Manayunk, they’ve still got Cantina Feliz in Fort Washington, La Calaca Feliz in Fairmount and Taqueria Feliz in Manayunk. And now they’re adding a 4th: Pizzeria Felici which, obviously, is some kind of sushi restaurant.

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Lobster, Chocolate and Fish Stories In Cape May

CapeMayChocolateThe event programmers at the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts & Humanities in Cape May have got it going on. While other non-profit organizations struggle to create themes for their one big annual fundraiser (or repeat the same public activities all the time), these folks are constantly coming up with unique programming. Coming up in early October: an exploratory lesson on local seafood and fishing history on October 3 and a chocolate-tasting tour through a series of historic lodgings on Oct. 10.

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Want Free Coffee For A Year?

Dima Sobko/

Tomorrow is World Smile Day. And yes, I know. If you’re a grouchy-ass cynic like me (or just deeply distrustful of people who smile for no reason), something like World Smile Day is just the worst.

But if you also happen to like caffeine (as I do), then there’s an upside to this one. Because eight Corner Bakery Cafe locations around Philly (and the burbs) are giving away free coffee for a year to the first 100 people in line tomorrow (Friday, October 2).

The downside? It comes with a free, bright yellow smiley-face mug. And that’s the mug you have to use if you want those free refills. Smiley-faces? Also the worst.

So which locations are we talking about here?

First Look: Coeur


Last year, Brendan Hartranft was diagnosed with hodgkin’s lymphoma. In February of 2014 the symptoms that he and Leigh Maida had thought were allergies or the stress of running their multiple restaurants (Local 44, Strangelove’s, Memphis Taproom, and, at the time, Resurrection Ale House), turned out to be more something than nothing, and before they knew it, he was signed up for chemotherapy.

Despite having no appetite while in treatment, Hartranft nonetheless devoured the Joe Beef cookbook, so it was fitting that when he was through with treatment the pair celebrated with a trip to Montreal. Liberated from meals crammed in between responsibilities at the restaurants, and what Maida calls the “chicken finger existence” of meals prepared according to the preferences their children, they ate as though it were date night every night. Their server at dinner one night asked, “Are you celebrating? Or are you just used to eating and drinking so well?”

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Twice in a Lifetime: Whetstone Tavern Reviewed

Passyunk Pork - pork chop, sharp provolone polenta

Passyunk Pork – pork chop, sharp provolone polenta | Photo by Caroline Russock

Jeremy Nolen—chef at Whetstone, the man behind Brauhaus and Wursthaus Schmitz, lonely local champion of modern German cuisine and a fella who knows an awful lot about tube-shaped meats—stopped by our table somewhere between the drinks arriving and the menus being taken away. He looked distracted, tired— sucking breath like a boxer in the third round suddenly realizing that the guy across the ring from him is more of a fighter than he’d expected. Read more »

A Creative Way To Make The Beloved Beer Can Sustainable

11910358_697066010393102_1179145357_nIn honor of DesignPhiladelphia’s upcoming, annual Pearl St. Passage festival covering the streets of Chinatown and North Callowhill neighborhood, retro whiskey and go-go bar, The Trestle Inn, is hosting We Can, a pop-up beer garden to help the city find creative ways to reuse and “upcycle” aluminum beer cans.

The Trestle Inn, located at the corner of 11th and Callowhill Streets, teamed up with MIO to create this event as a “playful tongue-in-cheek response” to the growing number of pop-up beer gardens surfacing the streets of Philadelphia.

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