Matyson Closes


Matyson’s final tasting menu. The BYOB closes after 12 years.

Center City BYOB, Matyson has closed after a 12-year run. Several staff members appeared in a photo on Instagram saying, “The end of a good run. Thanks for everything!” That post has since been deleted.

A quick stop in to the 19th Street restaurant today confirmed the closing. The chairs were up on the tables when they would usually be ready for lunchtime diners. A woman was cleaning out the hostess stand and confirmed that Matyson was closed. Towards the back of the restaurant, business casual types huddled and a couple others held large folders of documents.

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Sneak Preview: COOK’s August Schedule


While “school” and “summer” don’t exactly go hand in hand, classes at COOK are never anything less than fun (or less than delicious, for that matter). So to keep you in the loop, we’re bringing you August’s lineup a little early. This way, you can  hopefully snag one of the choice spots as you plan your next month’s nights out.

The class schedule rolls out for registration tomorrow at 2 PM, and as always, the classes will go quickly. This month will host everything from a preview of Stargazy (British comfort food and baked goods, which we wrote about this morning) and a summer in Provence dinner from Michele Haines of the Spring Mill Cafe, to classes focusing seafood, fermented beverages, dumplings and donuts.

See something you like? Our advice is to act fast. Best of luck and happy eating!
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East Passyunk Gets a British Bakery

stargazy-pie-940East Passyunk’s ranking as a culinary destination has been cemented for some time now. But the diversity of its offerings are continuing to grow. The stretch boasts French, Italian, New American and even Dutch eateries, and in about a month, it will see the opening of Stargazy, a British bakery from chef Sam Jacobson. Jacobson has cooked in-and-around Philadelphia for a decade now, turning Lansdowne’s Sycamore into a culinary destination.

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The Dirt: What To Get At The Farmers Market This Weekend



Independence Day has arrived and with it, plenty of goodies to barbecue and fruits to transform into pies, cobblers, and even that flag cake that somebody at the block party inevitably makes. All your favorite farmer’s markets are happening on schedule this weekend, ready to fuel the party. For the moment, cherries are still going strong, so even if there aren’t local watermelons yet you can still have a holiday with a spitting contest of some Kind. Best of all, whether you spend your weekend down the shore or in the city, this is the time of year when you scarcely need to cook. Just cut up the vegetables, make a dip, grill a few things, and above all, enjoy your holiday.

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And A Few More Italian Themed Fourth of July Meals In Case You Still Need Plans


Dinner at Amis this Saturday.

There’s a lot of food stuff for this holiday. Free lobster tacos? Check. Shake Shack cornucopia of goodness? On the list. Lobster bake? You betcha. Free water ice? No kidding.

So, if somehow none of that has yet made it onto your festivity plan, here are two more ideas to eat deliciousness in celebration of independence, summer, and good food.

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Your Prayers Have Been Answered: Free Water Ice For The Fourth

Get this for FREE on the Fourth | Photo by Chris D'Emilio

Get this for FREE on the Fourth | Photo by Chris D’Emilio

Chris D’Emilio is going to save your life this Fourth of July. After the grand opening of D’Emilio’s Old World Ice Treats, he’s touring Philly with his motorcycle powered cart and handing out FREE ICE TREATS TO ALL. Huge thank you in advance for saving me from heat stroke (have you checked the weather? It’s going to be 90°). Say it with me, “Thank you, Chris!”

D’Emilio opens in South Philly (1216 S 2nd St, adjacent to Federal Donuts) at noon and then, being the hero that he clearly is, hops on his bike, cart in tow, to feed the good people of Philadelphia.

Head over to the event page on Facebook for more details on this artisanal water ice.

D’Emilio’s Old World Ice Treats [Facebook]

Volver Is Shutting Down For A Very Long Summer Vacation


Volver is done for the summer. Not for a week (as is becoming almost standard among many of the more notable Philly restaurants), or for two weeks (which is the point at which we grow nervous about them ever opening back up again), but for a full two months.

The final night of service was June 30, at which point the whole place (Bar Volver included) went quietly dark. This is the message left on their Open Table page:

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Opening of Front Street Dive and More at Victoria Freehouse


Lots going on at Victoria Freehouse this summer. First, Front Street Dive (the 2nd floor of Victoria Freehouse) is now open. Head up there on Thursdays for karaoke with Dr. Thunder or on Fridays and Saturdays for various DJs. The bar will be open from 9pm-2am on these days and available for private parties Monday through Wednesday.

Next, happy hour has begun at The Victoria. Mon-Fri from 4-7pm enjoy $5 Imperial (20-ounce) pints and half-priced pub snacks.

And now for their summer events. We’re talking 4th of July, Christmas in July, Harry Potter and more.

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