Founding Farmers Sets an Opening Date at King of Prussia

Back in May, we told you about Founding Farmers, the restaurant group owned and operated by the North Dakota Farmers Union, opening a huge, 14,000 square foot restaurant at the King of Prussia Town Center. We knew a lot about the group behind the concept: that it was owned by the 40,000 member strong NDFU which operated successful restaurants in Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia, that this location would be both their biggest and the first outside the DelMarVa region, be two stories and feature both its own in-house bakery and its own spirits behind the bar.

One thing we didn’t know? When it would actually open.

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TALK Is Preparing To Shake Up Walnut Street (Again)

TALK–the new acronymical restaurant from Tim Lanza and Andrew Kochan (Tim Andrew Lanza Kochan, get it?)–is building out in the former L’Image Photography Studio space at 2121 Walnut Street. This is an address we’ve been watching for quite some time because it’s… Well, it’s perfect. At least from the outside, it has everything a Philly restaurateur could want in 2017.

Which is to say its on the Schuykill end of Walnut Street. And really, that’s all that matters.

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Is Taste in Phoenixville Going to Be a Game-Changer for Philly’s Vegans?

Yesterday, I got a fairly run-of-the-mill press release announcing the impending opening of a new restaurant. Taste, which is going into the former home of the Sand Castle Winery wine shop at 236 Bridge Street, is scheduled to open on Thursday, May 18, and will be a vegan restaurant, seating about 50, with another 20 seats at the bar.

And sure, a high-end vegan restaurant in the ‘burbs? That’s news. Especially one that has a bar. But that wasn’t what intrigued me. This was the line in the press release that caught my eye:

“Situated in the heart of historic downtown Phoenixville, TASTE, the former wine and small plates retail store, has been transformed into a chic vegan restaurant, featuring savory and elegant comfort food, with the emphasis on proteins.”

Now, wait. Read it again. A vegan restaurant, with an emphasis on proteins. That’s weird right from the start, isn’t it? Because that’s not the way any vegan operation normally talks about their food. But what makes that line even more important is where those (plant) proteins are coming from. Namely, the Herbivorous Butcher, one of the most talked about food start-ups of the past couple years.

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Marigold Kitchen’s New Restaurant Has a Name


Last week, we had the news that Andrew Kochan and Tim Lanza from West Philly’s Marigold Kitchen were going to be opening a new restaurant together. Kochan is the owner. Lanza is going to be his executive chef. And this is big news because, together, the two of them have already been running one of the best, most creative restaurants in the city. And now they’re going to be moving in on one of the most booming mini-neighborhoods in the entire city–that odd little stretch of Walnut Street on the edge of Rittenhouse that is already home to Vernick (which took the top spot on our newest 50 Best Restaurants list a few months back), Jose Garces’s 24 (reviewed a couple weeks ago) and Res Ipsa (which I just reviewed this morning).

Now we have a few more details. The first thing we know? The name. It’s going to be called TALK (yeah, all caps)–as an acronym for Tim Andrew Lanza Kochan.

But that’s not all we know

Marigold Kitchen’s Andrew Kochan Is Opening A Restaurant On Walnut Street

Marigold Spring Menu-4814

2121 Walnut Street (the former L’Image Studio) has been an address we’ve been keeping an eye on for a while now–one of those that none of us here at Foobooz World HQ could believe has been vacant for as long as it has been. As a matter of fact, I was just in for lunch at Res Ipsa–which lives just down the street at 2218 Walnut–and as soon as I got back to the office, the first thing I wanted to talk about wasn’t the egg sandwich with herbed long hot spread (which was awesome, by the way), but the fact that 2121 Walnut was still dark.

Well, that was two weeks ago. And as of this weekend, we no longer have to wonder who’s going to open there. Because Andrew Kochan, chef-partner at Marigold Kitchen in West Philly, just signed a lease and is bringing a new restaurant to the neighborhood.

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Jezabel’s Studio Bringing Mate, Cookies and Crafts to West Philly


Jezabel Careaga, owner of the Argentine restaurant Jezabel’s Cafe at 26th and Pine, has just picked up a second space in West Philly. Specifically, a tiny, 400 square foot space at 208 South 45th Street.

And this new place? It’s not going to be like the original Jezabel’s. While there is a kitchen, the space is too small to be run like a traditional restaurant. So instead, Careaga is going to turn it into something…else. Into a place for tea and cookies, crafts and demonstrations. She’s calling it Jezabel’s Studio and has plans to open it sometime in the next couple months.

Here’s what we know…

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Tredici Bryn Mawr is Getting Close to an Opening Date


Gred Dodge/Facebook

That above picture is what the dining room at the new Enoteca Tredici in Bryn Mawr looks like right now — not finished, obviously, but a lot closer to finished than it has been. And no, we don’t have the name written backwards. According to a recent Facebook post by owner Greg Dodge, they had to switch up the name a little in order to keep it from getting confused with a different local business — Wayne’s Tredici Italian Market.

In that same post, he also gave us the news we’ve been waiting to hear: That the 5,000 square foot Tredici at Bryn Mawr Village (915 West Lancaster Avenue, in the same complex where the Main Line’s first La Colombe opened last year) is nearing completion and that they’re planning on an April opening.

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Evil Genius Is Opening Their Fishtown Brewpub Next Week


See that? That’s what 1727 North Front Street looked like when the crew from Evil Genius Beer Company first got their hands on it in October of 2015. It was an old carriage factory, falling to pieces in an overgrown lot. But over the past 18 months, they’ve torn everything down, cleaned everything up, and on Wednesday, March 8, they’re going to officially open it up to the public as the brand new Evil Genius Brewpub–which is nothing but good news for their new Fishtown neighbors and everyone else in Philly.

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