Six Pack: Eat Where Top Chef Contests Nick Elmi and Jason Cichonski Cooked


Yes, we still have some time before the first episode of the new season of Top Chef, featuring Nick Elmi, Jason Cichonski and a bunch of other people who aren’t from Philly.

But for those of you out there who just can’t wait, we thought it might be nice to offer up a bit of history–a way for you to get a handle on our two hometown chefs and maybe come to understand, once the show starts, why this one is freaking out over his pork chops or why that one is doing that thing to that scallop. To that end, we’ve assembled a Six Pack of places where the two chefs trained, rose to prominence, made names for themselves or, in the case of Jason Cichonski, are still currently cooking (Elmi is unemployed at the moment, but working on opening his first restaurant–Laurel on East Passyunk).

It would make a helluva restaurant crawl. Or maybe something to do on the weekend before Top Chef premiers. But we’re not telling you how to live your life…

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Best of Philly: McGlinchey’s, the Best Dive of Them All

McGlinchey's - Photo by Jauhien Sasnou

Classic Best of Philly: The Eternal Draw of McGlinchey’s

I remember the first time I went to McGlinchey’s, the notoriously divey (and smoky) dive bar on 15th Street. It was just after my 21st birthday (I’m 39 now, egad!), and I had heard that the beers were some of the cheapest in the city, which is all I needed to know.

Given that these were the days before Philadelphia was Beer Town U.S.A., I ordered a Rolling Rock. Within minutes, I managed to get screamed at by the prickly bartender and have a beer spilled on me. On a later visit, a blond bartender pegged me in the eye with an ice cube, and a girl puked on my shoe. Little has changed.

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Best of Philly: Best Burgers for Burger Lovers

The Best Burgers for Every Mood

Philadelphia magazine’s 40th anniversary Best of Philly issue is online now. We at Foobooz are highlighting some of our favorite food and drink winners. Here are the winners for best burger, from gastropub to backyard.

Best Gastropub Burger
The Dandelion

Best Gastropub Burger - The Dandelion | Photo by Jason Varney

We’re not sure what’s the best part—the aged beef blend, Vermont cheddar, smoked bacon, pickles from Brooklyn Brine, or mysterious Churchill Sauce with its dozen-odd ingredients. 124 South 18th Street, Rittenhouse, 215-558-2500.

Best Bar Burger
Best Backyard Burger

Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Lobster Roll Delivery, Han Dynasty, Pot Brownies, Calexico, A New DiBruno Bros., Garces News and a Late Night Party With Jamonera and Hop Sing

pot brownie

There are some weeks that feel a lot longer than just 7 measly days. This was one of those weeks. Here’s what you might’ve missed:

Luke’s Lobster Delivers Best news of the week (though probably not for the lobsters)

Han Dynasty / Prime Stache Collaboration Dinner Do we really need to say anything more?

Petruce Brothers Opening on Walnut Petruce et al pretty much describes it all

Get Paesano’s Delivered To Your Door Now you have no excuse not to be fat

Verdad Sells Pot Brownies No, not that kind of pot brownies

Brooklyn’s Calexico Is Coming To South Street SoCal tacos for G-Ho

Garces Prepping For Two Local Openings Cuban sandwiches and champagne for everybody!

Details On The Newest DiBruno Bros. Everything we know on the 9th & Chestnut location

How To Eat Free And Jump The Lines At the South Street Night Market Become King of the Night Market

Going Late With Hop Sing and Jamonera A one-night-only event

Foobooz Growler Guide: Updated And just in time for the weekend

Cheap Eats: Farmer’s Road Drive Thru


In the cover story of the current issue of The Atlantic, David H. Freedman lays out an argument to soothe the stomach of every Bloomberg-hating, Pollan-weary fancier of Big Macs and 3 Musketeers bars: “How Junk Food Can End Obesity.”

“Demonizing processed food may be dooming many to obesity and disease,” the article’s subtitle posits. “Could embracing the drive-thru make us all healthier?”

Freedman’s answer is a hopeful yes. The gospel of local, organic, unprocessed whole foods may be fine for people who have enough money to buy them and time to cook them, but most Americans simply don’t. And for them, Freedman contends, the surest path to a healthful diet is likely to depend on food processing of a still higher order—using “ultra-high pressure, nanotechnology, vacuums, and edible coatings,” among other emerging techniques, to engineer food that tastes good but doesn’t turn you into one of those space cruise passengers from Wall-E.

I couldn’t help thinking about Freedman’s salvation-by-the-drive-thru thesis as I tucked into a hamburger at a curious new restaurant in Chadd’s Ford. It’s called Farmer’s Road Drive Thru, and man, would it drive Freedman half-crazy.

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Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Han Dynasty to NYC, Vetri and Le Bec, Gluten-Free Beer, More Cronuts, Cheap Sushi and Whiskey For Breakfast


Yeah, we get it. It’s hot. That’s what everyone keeps saying. But the restaurant industry doesn’t shut down just because it’s hot out, and neither does Foobooz World HQ. So for those of you still locked away in your air-conditioned anti-summer bunkers, here’s what you might’ve missed.

Cheap Eats: Sumo Sushi Getting your fish fix on an intern’s budget

Attack of the Clones More cronut clones hit Philly

Weekend Breakfasts at Kermit’s Bake Shop Now you know where we’ll be

Dandelion’s Chef Is Headed For NYC Robert Aikens turns in his apron

Han Dynasty’s Manhattan Expansion Hey, maybe Han and Aikens can hang out together!

Gluten Free Beer Everything you ever wanted to know

Whiskey For Breakfast Village Whiskey does brunch

40 years, 40 Events Our Best of Philly countdown continues

Vetri Is Le Bec Fin But just for a couple days

University City Dining Days Are Back Make your plans now

Foobooz Six Pack: Stuffed Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Foobooz Six Pack: Stuffed Grilled Cheese Sandwiches


Put down the white bread and step away from the Kraft singles—we’ve found a list of stuffed grilled cheese sandwiches so loaded and gluttonous that they definitely aren’t your average comfort food must-haves.

These aren’t your mom’s grilled cheeses, and you know what? They aren’t even sandwiches you want to tell your mom about because you know she’ll start jabbering about silly things like cholesterol and pesky little heart attacks.

These sandwiches, stuffed with multiple meats and cheeses and standard menu items squished together between different breads slathered with different types of butters and sauces, are stuffed with a dictionary of culinary bad words: fat, bacon, cheese, grilled, fried, baked, crispy, oozing, dripping, melting…

You don’t have to be in a bad mood to eat them, but you’ll definitely feel happier once you’ve started in on any of these six stuffed grilled cheese sandwiches:

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