There’s a Food Fight at Founder’s Hall Tonight

FairmountFoodFightTonight, the Fairmount Community Development Corporation is hosting their annual Fairmount Food Fight fundraiser. More than twenty Art Museum Area restaurants will offer samples of their best dishes and compete for the title of Food Fight Champion. There will be live music, complimentary beer and wine. All proceeds benefit neighborhood improvement projects, small business support, greening initiatives and other community events.

In their own effort to go green, Fairmount CDC has commissioned signature beer and wine glasses for purchase online with event tickets.

The limited VIP tickets include a private tour of Stephen Girard’s private collection on the upstairs level of Founder’s Hall. Tickets are limited and tour times will be selected upon arrival at the event.

Where: 2101 South College Avenue
When: Thursday November 17th, 6–8 p.m.
Tickets: Regular $65, VIP $75

Frybread Pop-Up Happening at Loco Pez


Hey, remember yesterday when we put out that ranked list of best (and worst) brunch dishes? High up on that list was frybread. It actually came in at #3–ahead of pancakes, ahead of corned beef hash, ahead of brunch mussels (naturally)–and that was seen as somewhat problematic because you know what we don’t have a lot of in Philly? Or any of in Philly? Fry Bread.

Which is why it’s such good news that, today, we can announce that Marcos Espinoza (aka Fidel Gastro) and Shiprock Fry Bread Pop-up co-conspirators Hawk Krall and Lucio Palazzo (chef at Loco Pez) are getting together for another frybread pop-up. On Tuesday, November 22nd at 5 p.m. Fishtown’s Loco Pez will be turning out delicious frybread–not the sweet, breakfast-y variety, but mostly the savory (although there is a dessert fry bread on the menu).

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Ranked: The Definitive, Irreproachable List Of The Best Brunch Dishes

Brunch is now served at Nick's in Old City

When we have nothing else to argue about here at Foobooz World HQ, we make fun of manatees. But when even the manatees are no longer amusing, we debate the merits of brunch.

This is saved as a conversation of last resort not because we don’t all agree on the elements of a great brunch (liquor, pancakes, salt, liquor, soft light), but because we have strong opinions that are, mostly, all the same. Brunch, while not an American invention, was perfected by Americans. We do brunch better than almost anyone, and in Philadelphia, brunch is treated almost like a religion–a required and formalized bit of tableside worship done every weekend by thousands of us, only with bloody marys and bacon working the weekly magic of transubstantiation.

So anyway, brunch? It’s something we think about a lot. And here, we have put together a ranked list of the best (and worst) brunch dishes in order of greatness and necessity–not by specific restaurant (the greatest brunch, often, is the one that’s in front of you), but by archetypal dish. And it all begins with…

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Sunday: Apple Dinner at Martha

wenk apples martha 940This Sunday, November 20th, Martha in Kensington is throwing an apple-themed dinner to highlight the many varietals of apples you’ll find in the Philadelphia region. There will be 14 apple varietals featured in the $35 per person, vegan dinner.

Martha’s Jon Medlinsky will be joined by Ben Wenk of Three Springs Fruit Farms and Vincent Finazzo of Riverwards Produce. Wenk and Finazzo will share their knowledge about apples for the assembled.

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Pat’s Steaks Is Serving White Truffle Cheesesteak

White Truffles descend on Pat's Steaks | Photo Illustration by Arthur Etchells

White Truffles descend on Pat’s Steaks | Photo Illustration by Arthur Etchells

Pat’s King of Steaks is offering an Alba White Truffle Cheesesteak on Thursday, November 17th, starting at 12:30 p.m. The $20 highfalutin take on the cheesesteak is the result of this past weekend’s White Truffle Charity Auction that took place at the Union League in Philadelphia. Pat’s owner, Frank Olivieri, purchased a truffle for $2,500 to support the National Italian American Foundation.

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Tiffin’s First Franchise Restaurant Is Opening In King Of Prussia


It’s weird to think that King Of Prussia is becoming one of the most interesting restaurant neighborhoods in the region. But seriously? It’s kind of true.

I mean at the KOP Mall alone there’s already a seriously good version of Kevin Sbraga’s Fat Ham, a carbon copy of Hai Street, two Shake Shacks, Mistral scheduled for 2017 (which, okay, is from Princeton, but still), a Vetri Square Pie outpost attached to the KOP Urban Outfitters, and a whole bunch of other places to eat. There’s Papaya Vietnamese and, sure, a whole lot of chain restaurants and a whole lot of steakhouses, but still. It’s a busy town.

And now, on top of everything else, about a mile away from the excesses of the KOP Mall, the first ever franchise restaurant from Tiffin will be opening at the Valley Forge Plaza Shopping Center.

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Here’s What You’ll be Eating at Dilworth Park this Winter

Rothman Ice Rink at Dilworth Park | Photo by M. Fischetti for VISIT PHILADELPHIA

Rothman Ice Rink at Dilworth Park | Photo by M. Fischetti for VISIT PHILADELPHIA

The Rothman Rink ice rink is now open for the season at Dilworth Park in front of City Hall. Next door to the popular ice rink is the corporately sponsored The Rothman Institute Cabin, which features a menu with offerings by Brûlée Catering. Among the highlights are a couple of sure to warm you up dishes including poutine, chili and funnel cake fries.

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What To Eat This Weekend


So here we are, another weekend looming before us, and while we all certainly have lots of other things on our minds, we all still have to eat. And that’s where we come in.

Below is a list of everything cool, new interesting or delicious that we’ve been looking at in the past week, offered as a reminder that even though the world might be going to hell, we can always still send it off with a slice, a cocktail and a grilled cheese sandwich.

So here’s what you should be eating (and drinking) this weekend

Third Plenty Cafe Opens in Queen Village

Plenty Cafe opens in Queen Village on Monday

Plenty Cafe opens in Queen Village on Monday

The anticipated opening of Anthony and Damon Mascieri’s Plenty Cafe in Queen Village is set for Monday, November, 14. Like the other two Plenty locations, the storefront at 705 South 5th Street will be an all-day cafe with specialty coffee; sandwiches and salads for lunch; cocktails, wine and beer; and more robust food at night.

The Queen Village Plenty will be the largest of the three cafes with 2,000 square feet housing a 10-seat bar and enough tables for 54 diners. With good weather, another 28 can be seated outdoors.

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