Rob Marzinksy Hosting Polish Feast

Rob Marzinsky at the upcoming Buckminster's

Rob Marzinsky at the upcoming Buckminster’s

Chef Rob Marzinsky is back with another edition of Demo Tapes pop-up. Last week Marzinsky found himself waiting for a friend at Donna’s Bar in Port Richmond. While waiting, he tried to order golumpki but they were out that week, as Donna’s mother couldn’t find the right cabbage. So Marzinsky has taken it upon himself to make golumpki and all the other dishes that go into a proper Polish feast.

On Monday, September 28th, Marzinsky will be hosting DemoTapes 3.0 at Kensington Quarters. Live from Port Richmond will happen upstairs at the Frankford Avenue restaurant with reservations being accepted from 6 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. The dinner which will include borscht, pierogi, kielbasy and bean stew and of course golumpki is $65 per person and includes wine, beer, vodka and brandy.

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Chop Suey and Cheese Curds: Bud & Marilyn’s Reviewed

Photo by Neal Santos

Nashville Hot Buns and the interior of Bud & Marilyn’s | Photo by Courtney Apple

My problem with Bud & Marilyn’s is that I always want to be drunk before I go.

There are reasons. This isn’t me confessing to some latent alcohol problem, or anything so pedestrian. No, it’s because they have this chop suey on the menu, and this chop suey in particular (this chop suey more than all other chop sueys I’ve known) is maybe the most perfect drunk food ever created.

I know. No one eats chop suey anymore because chop suey was, is, always will be the avatar of Americanized Chinese food. There are a million stories of its creation. All of them are probably true. And it’s a dish that has lingered in the American consciousness for a century, staling and growing hoary with legend until it’s become the kind of thing you’d expect to find in some tiki’d and Buddha’d gold-flake dining room in suburban Milwaukee in 1977.

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Philadelphia’s 50 Best Restaurants and the Pope


Amada, one of the 50 Best doing something special for the Pope | Photo by Nina Cazille

It’s almost that time. With Pope Francis on his way, Philadelphia’s preparations have been a bit hectic to say the least. If you’re wondering where to eat during this weekend of Pope madness – fear not – we checked in with Philadelphia magazine’s 50 Best Restaurants to see who’s open and ready to feed the masses.

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Delivery for Pope Week


In a restricted access area? Tiffin will meet you halfway.

Planning to hole up in your apartment or house while the Pope is in town but worried about how you’ll get your favorite restaurants delivered to your front door? Well that’s a legitimate worry, because it won’t be easy.

DiningIn is limiting its delivery areas during the Pope’s visit now through Thursday and will not offer delivery at all between Friday, September 25th through Sunday, September 27th.

Caviar just sent out an email explaining that delivery will be unavailable from 2:30pm on Friday, September 25th through Sunday, September 27th and are suggesting users order some refrigeratable meals now.

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Revolution Taco Is Moving Forward


Though it still doesn’t look like much from the street, things are starting to heat up at Revolution Taco. Owners Carolyn Nguyen and Michael Sultan (who also own Street Food Philly and Taco Mondo food trucks), and Alan Krawitz (who owns the Say Cheese truck) have a shiny new logo and a plan to open Revolution, their first brick-and-mortar restaurant, in late October.

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The Fall Menu at Morgan’s Pier

View from the Crows Nest at Morgan's Pier

View from the Crows Nest at Morgan’s Pier

The fall menu at Morgan’s Pier debuts tomorrow, Wednesday September 23rd. Among the fall bites from chef-in-residence Nick Elmi, tater tots poutine, smashed local squash with pumpkin seed, smoked kielbasa and more.

Also there’s been a change in Morgan’s Pier Guest Chef Series. Will’s Chris Kearse replaces Michael Solomonov on the weekend of October 10th and 11th.

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Zsa’s Secret Ice Cream Vending Machine

zsasmachineFor a long time, Washington Avenue has been a bit of a gastronomic wasteland. But now, with the pizza and sweets from Kermit’s Bake Shoppe and the colorful Mexican fare from Cafe Ynez, there are more options for good things to eat, and you can now add Zsa’s Ice Cream to the map.

Zsa’s seasonal flavors and ice cream sandwiches are usually only available at the Headhouse Farmer’s Market or from their handsome, retro food truck named Gatsby–which is unfortunate for those who like their ice cream because this past Sunday was their last at Headhouse for the season.

But wait, there’s good news, too.

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Papal Food and Drink Specials to Get You Started


It’s beginning to look a lot like Pope-a-palooza.

The fencing off of Center City has begun. Port-a-potties line the streets. We may not know exactly what to expect when Pope Francis comes to town, but it is clear that we will not go hungry or thirsty. The city has co-opted our #OpenInPHL hashtag and made it an official part of figuring out what is open for business in Philadelphia during the Papal visit. The hashtag will be the dynamic way of finding out what is indeed open for business during the Pope’s visit.

But here are some of the best Papal related food and drink offerings happenings that we’ve spotted in and around Center City Philadelphia.

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