Blowing Up the Menus at Sola in Bryn Mawr


Chef Scott Morozin took over the kitchen at Sola BYOB in Bryn Mawr last summer and since then, he has been launching programs that stretch the definition of the word “menu.”

First there were his multi-course progressive tasting menus. Then “No Menu Mondays” where Morozin and his crew work without a net, crafting meals and menus on the fly for guests. And now he’s putting it all out there again with a new Friday Night Chef’s Table program.

Don’t worry. We’ve got the details after the jump.

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Tredici Bryn Mawr is Getting Close to an Opening Date


Gred Dodge/Facebook

That above picture is what the dining room at the new Enoteca Tredici in Bryn Mawr looks like right now — not finished, obviously, but a lot closer to finished than it has been. And no, we don’t have the name written backwards. According to a recent Facebook post by owner Greg Dodge, they had to switch up the name a little in order to keep it from getting confused with a different local business — Wayne’s Tredici Italian Market.

In that same post, he also gave us the news we’ve been waiting to hear: That the 5,000 square foot Tredici at Bryn Mawr Village (915 West Lancaster Avenue, in the same complex where the Main Line’s first La Colombe opened last year) is nearing completion and that they’re planning on an April opening.

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Russian Soup Dumplings and Matzo Scrapple At Bing Bing’s Neshaminy Creek Beer Dinner


Ben Puchowitz and his crew from Bing Bing Dim Sum are not exactly shy when it comes to fusion. They’re not what you would call “traditionalists” when it comes to designing their menus full of roast pork bao with long hots or turnip cakes with matzo.

But on March 14, they’re stretching even more than usual, putting together a pairing menu “highlighting the similarities & harmony between Eastern European and Cantonese Cuisine,” according to partner Shawn Daragh, all for a beer dinner featuring Neshaminy Creek Brewing.

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Not Built For Love: 24 Reviewed


Photo courtesy Ted Nghiem

On the floor at 24, the servers moved like they were on rails, following paths just a couple months old but already worn into the floor. They worked with pass-coverage eyes—heads up, eyes on their zones—and they were quick with the water-pour, the plate-clear, touching each of their tables, huddling on the kitchen’s open line and then rolling back out again, laden with plates.

On the tables, no cutesiness. The silverware all matched. The glassware was all polished, simple, plain. The plates were white. Each thing was designed for its purpose, including the (almost winking) old tomato cans used as rustic lifts for pizza pans. At 24, the Garces Group’s new all-day cafe (just downstairs from its also-new company headquarters), everything has been thought of in advance. Every possibility has been gamed, every solution tested, every problem solved before it occurs. This is the strength of being the 16th restaurant in a string of restaurants– designed for maximum efficiency, even if dressed for casual Friday. Though nothing remarkable is being attempted here (nothing approaching the level of a Volvér or Amada), 24 Wood Fired Grill is what happens when a restaurant group really knows what it’s doing.

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Sneak Preview: April At COOK


April classes at COOK are going on sale this weekend. And like we do, we’re giving you a sneak preview of what’s coming up so that you can get a jump on all those non-Foobooz-reading people out there and snatch up all the best classes for yourselves.

So if you’re interested in learning about pastries from Pat O’Malley of Hungry Pigeon or talking cocktails with the crew from Olde Bar or just hanging out with Res Ipsa’s Michael Vincent Ferreri for a night of Sicilian food, you’re in the right place. The full list of classes is after the jump and tickets are going on sale this Saturday, March 4, at 2pm. So like the Boy Scouts say, be prepared.

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Saying Goodbye With Sushi


For certain people out there, that photo above is a kitchen dream team — four sushi chefs, all long-time friends and compatriots, who have worked for years to bring serious sushi and Asian fusion to the Philly suburbs.

In order, from left to right, it’s Toyoji Yamada, Koichi Aoyama, Akihiko Takeshima and Toshio Hosaka, and they all work now at restaurants in the Win Signature Restaurants group–namely Teikoku in Newtown Square, Azie in Media and Azie on Main (Villanova). But back in the day? They did their time at Morimoto, Pod and the now almost legendary Genji sushi bar on Sansom Street where they all met.

These guys are, essentially, part of the living institutional memory of sushi and Japanese cuisine in Philadelphia. And on Sunday, March 26, they’re all getting together for one dinner to say goodbye to one of their own.

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Eat This Now: Corndogs and Cheese Curds From Fox & Son


A couple months back, we told you all about the best idea that the Reading Terminal Market has had in years: The opening of a fancy corndog stand right in the middle of the action. It is called Fox & Son Fancy Corndogs and is the brainchild of two market veterans: Rebecca Foxman and Ezekial Ferguson who, between them, have done time with Valley Shepherd Creamery and Meltkraft at the market, plus Ferguson’s 13 years at DiBruno Bros. as a “cheese and bacon connoisseur.”

Fox & Son has been up and running for a few weeks now, doing a slow run-up to their grand opening with a limited menu. Tomorrow, they’re having their official grand opening with a ceremonial cutting of a giant wiener (in lieu of a ribbon), but I dropped by yesterday to check out their most classic and satisfying combo: a corndog and a basket of fried cheese curds.

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Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner At Aldine?


In terms of chef-y collaboration dinners, George Sabatino has put together some of the more interesting ones lately at his Center City restaurant Aldine. I mean, there are the now-annual Christmas Eve pie dinners with Stargazy’s Sam Jacobson. There are the whole-animal dinners and the team-ups with local brewers and distillers.

But how about getting one of the best chefs in Philly AND one of the best chefs in Pittsburgh together for a one-night-only six-course collaboration dinner with Sabatino and Aldine’s crew? That would be pretty awesome, right?

And how about if we told you it would only run you $100 to get a seat at the table?

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There’s A Big Garces Foundation Food Event Happening On March 24

Jose Garces prepping for class at Volver's Summer School

I know it’s still February, but it already feels like spring outside. And spring is when all the big food festivals start popping back up on the calendar. So it just seems like a good time to remind everyone that on March 24, at the Loews Philadelphia on Market Street, Jose Garces and a whole bunch of chefs are going to be getting together for a big party and event to benefit the Garces Foundation (organized in 2012 to help Philly’s immigrant community–particularly those who work in the food service industry).

So it’s a big party. All the best people are going to be there. And the price of your ticket is going to help immigrant restaurant crews and their families. How could it get better?

How about if you were able to save a few bucks on your ticket if you bought it before the end of the month?

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