Take A Road Trip Without Leaving Philly


Washington and Louisiana are being highlighted.

Two different restaurants are traveling to two different American regions tomorrow Wednesday, July 22. Twenty Manning Grill is doing a Seattle inspired menu and Heirloom is going south to Louisiana.

We’ve got the details on menus and pricing.

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Two More Weeks Of Unlimited Hard Shell Crab At EAT

EAT Hard Shell Crab

Get it while you still can: there are two more nights of unlimited, all-you-can-eat hard shell crabs at EAT. For $19.95 guests get unlimited hard shell crab, freshly baked jalapeño bread, corn on the cob and roasted potatoes. While “all you can eat” usually ends in disaster for me (because I’m just trying to get my moneys worth! *takes sixth bread roll*), at just under $20 it becomes nearly impossible to say no.

This Wednesday July 22 and next Wednesday July 29 are the last two nights of all you can eat crab. For August, the restaurant will switch over to all you can eat barbecue, which is just fine with us, too.

EAT Restaurant [Official]

More Summer Lobster Dinners

Vickers Restaurant Lobster SummerYes, we’ve told you about lobster dinners in Center City, Manayunk and the suburbs, but it’s summer, and people get excited about lobster in the summer so we’ll keep it coming.

Suburbia, we’ve got a live one for you. Literally.

Join Vickers Restaurant, at 192 E. Welsh Pool Road in West Chester, for Summer Lobster Fridays. They’re serving up live Maine lobsters with corn on the cob, potatoes, freshly baked bread and house whipped butter for $35. Crack open these one-and-a-half pound lobsters or have the chef crack them for you.

This event runs Fridays only and reservations should be made at least a day in advance. You can request to sit in the dining room or on the outside patio.

Call the restaurant at 610-363-7998 to reserve.

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UPDATE: Location Change for Tonight’s Macaron Demo



Hey, remember a couple weeks ago when we told you about a macaron demo event with Parc’s pastry chef, Abigail Dahan?

Yeah, well the event is still on for tonight from 6-8pm but it’s got a new location. It’ll now be held at the Reading Terminal Market, in their private demo space City Kitchen.

So if you already have your tickets in hand, just update the GPS and you’re cool. If, on the other hand, you missed this one, no worries. Tickets are still available for purchase here.

Wanna Go To Cuba? Tickets On Sale Today For Chef Guillermo Pernot’s Guided Tour

Chef Pernot getting his cook on.

Chef Pernot getting his cook on.

Don’t have anything on your schedule October 2nd – 7th but do have an interest in tasting the food of Cuba?

Since the latter probably applies to most of us, the only real questions are finances and scheduling. But if you can swing it, join chef Guillermo Pernot of Cuba Libre on a 6 day tour through the true cuisine of Cuba.

Tickets go on sale today and there are only 24 seats available so, you know… Think fast.

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Eli Kulp Plans to Open NYC Eatery in Fall

Eli Kulp, left, photographed by Gene Smirnov before the accident. The accident, right, shot by AP.

Eli Kulp, left, photographed by Gene Smirnov before the accident. The accident, right, shot by AP.

Eli Kulp, the chef in injured in the deadly Amtrak accident in Philadelphia, still plans to open a New York eatery this fall — even though the accident left him paralyzed.

“My dream was to come from the West Coast, learn how to cook in New York and to eventually have a restaurant in New York,” he told the New York Post. “That dream has come true. Obviously it’s coming to fruition in a different way than expected.” Read more »

Act Two: Parlor Reviewed


Trio of pizzas at the Parlor | Photo by Danya Henninger

Confession of a city critic: Whenever I have to schlep out to the suburbs, I can’t help but grit my teeth. Expectations drop beyond the county line. For every Junto, there are three Saint Jameses, and there goes an hour’s worth of unleaded into the ledger of our atmospheric doom.

But I exaggerate. The Saint James’s awfulness lay far beyond the reach of replication, much less in triplicate. Yet trepidation nevertheless filled the family wagon as we made our way to its replacement in Ardmore’s Suburban Square. Owner Rob Wasserman rebooted the ill-starred concept in March as a pizzeria called Parlor, where pies bearing somewhat distressing names such as Buffy and Beastmode awaited us. Read more »

This Weekend: Get Drunk With Monkeys


Wanna go for beers at the Zoo? Of course you do. Which is why we don’t even have to try that hard to sell this one.

So we won’t try to be cutesy when we tell you that from 6-10 pm on Saturday, the Philadelphia Zoo is hosting its annual iteration of the Summer Ale Festival that allows beer drinkers to co-mingle with the species they sometimes resemble upon imbibing too much of the beverage.

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