Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Classy Cronuts, More Tacos, More Donuts, Top Chef History And The Best German Beer In The World


Happy Labor Day, everyone. If you haven’t already escaped from the office, here’s a little something to keep you occupied until quitting time–all the big news you might’ve missed during the week.

Shifty’s Tacos Opens In Brewerytown More tacos is never a bad thing

Foobooz Six Pack: Getting An Early Taste of Top Chef A history lesson in six meals

Port Richmond Pour House Calling it Quits Get there before September 1 or you’ll be too late

Feastival 2013: What you’ll be eating

Why I’ll Never Buy A Whole Foods Steak Again An adventure in disappointment

New Life At The Triangle Tavern But what’s coming next?

Undrgrnd Donut Truck Rolling Out Soon But not soon enough for us

Little Nonna’s Sets An Opening Date And we have some pictures

Pickup Truck Plows Through Hymie’s Deli It didn’t have a drive thru before, but…

You know what this town needs? More Cronuts

And also maybe the best German beer in the world

Finally, just a quick reminder: We’re going to be dark on Monday while we recover from our various Labor Day celebrations. But we’ll be back again on Tuesday, so we’ll see you all then.

Theodore Netter Wants to Sell You Wine and Whiskey


We spotted this spectacular 1910 photo of Market Street looking west towards City Hall on the Old Images of Philadelphia Facebook page today. The whole photo is spectacular but the ad for Theodore Netter Wine and Whiskey particularly tickled us.

Maybe one day, a single proprietor will again be able to sell all of us wine and whiskey. But we have learned not to hold our breath for that.

Can you also spot the Horn and Hardart in the photo?

Tony Luke Jr. Gets Engaged


Cheesesteak and roast pork emperor Tony Luke Jr. proposed to his girlfriend, Jennifer Schloder over the weekend. Tony Luke popped the question over dinner at South Philly’s Francoluigi’s Pizzeria/High Notes Cafe.

Philadelphia magazine’s Bridal Bulletin has the engagement video.


Photo by HughE Dillon for the Philly Post

Six Pack: Eat Where Top Chef Contests Nick Elmi and Jason Cichonski Cooked


Yes, we still have some time before the first episode of the new season of Top Chef, featuring Nick Elmi, Jason Cichonski and a bunch of other people who aren’t from Philly.

But for those of you out there who just can’t wait, we thought it might be nice to offer up a bit of history–a way for you to get a handle on our two hometown chefs and maybe come to understand, once the show starts, why this one is freaking out over his pork chops or why that one is doing that thing to that scallop. To that end, we’ve assembled a Six Pack of places where the two chefs trained, rose to prominence, made names for themselves or, in the case of Jason Cichonski, are still currently cooking (Elmi is unemployed at the moment, but working on opening his first restaurant–Laurel on East Passyunk).

It would make a helluva restaurant crawl. Or maybe something to do on the weekend before Top Chef premiers. But we’re not telling you how to live your life…

Check out the list

Noodles and Burgers – The Latest Craze?


There’s a new potential food craze sweeping the nation and its receiving its fair share of hype: noodles and burgers. In the tradition of the cronut and Luther Burger, seemingly incompatible foods are getting married into dishes that are making some rolling their eyes, and others foam at the mouth.

Brooklyn residents have already gotten a taste of this craze with The Ramen Burger. Created by ramen enthusiast and blogger Keizo Shimamoto, it debuted at Brooklyn’s Smorgasburg food fair. Its zeitgeist has extended to Good Morning America and blogs all across the virtual multiverse.

But you don’t need to travel to New York to get your noodle/burger fix. Philly’s own PYT boasts the Spaghetti Burger—a mozzarella-stuffed meatball patty smothered in red sauce and parmesan flakes smushed between crispy fried spaghetti, garlic butter buns.

And then there’s the Spaghetti Sandwich »

Sylva Senat Lands at Ardmore’s Saint James

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND: Modern Indian Cuisine with Sylva Senat of Tashan

Good news for fans of former Tashan chef Sylva Senat. Michael Klein reports that talented chef has landed at the Saint James in Ardmore. We feared the chef might head back to New York City but hadn’t considered the connection between Senat and the Saint James’ Michael Schulson. Senat cooked for Schulson when the energetic Schulson was Buddakan New York’s executive chef.

No word yet on a new menu but we’ll be following carefully.

Chef Sylva Senat lands on the Main Line [The Insider]

Photo by Yoni Nimrod

Greatest Hits and What You Missed: FedNuts Expanding, Top Chef News, Le Bec Fin Gets A New Name, Lesbian Nightclubs, Marc Vetri’s Kitchen, Cronuts and Budino Pops


A week where cronuts and budino pops are NOT the biggest news must be one hell of a week. And yeah, this one was. Check out all of our top stories for the week below and see what you might’ve missed.

Is Federal Donuts Going to 7th and Fairmount? It certainly looks that way
Cichonski, Elmi Confirmed For Top Chef 11 Flying the Philly colors in New Orleans
Le Bec Fin Becoming Avance That’s the first good news to come out of the Walnut Street space in longer than we can remember
Philly’s Only Lesbian Nightclub Closes Sisters turns out the lights after 17 years
Budino Pops Debuting Today Yeah, as in TODAY today
Want To See What Marc Vetri’s Home Kitchen Looks Like? You know you do…
Talula’s Daily Now Offering Daily Dinner Make your reservations now
Philly’s Cronut Wars We have our first casualty
Nick Elmi Is Opening A New Restaurant Yeah, right after that whole Top Chef thing gets settled…

Philly Cronut Wars Yield First Known Casualty

The Swiss Haus "Swiss Cro-Creme"

Much has happened in the realm of Cronuttery this week. Tuesday, the world learned that the Royal Cafe in Wayne had recently begun selling its first “cro-nuts” for $9.43 a pop. Why the insane price? The Royal Cafe was buying them from Swiss Haus Bakery in Center City for $5, and well, I’ll let Royal Cafe owner, Torpekay Habashzada  explain the rest.

“I’m not stupid. I need to make a profit,” said Habashzada. “If someone wants to drive to Philly and pay $35 for parking and gas, they can do that.”

Outraged that his hand-crafted “Swiss Cro-Cremes” were being marked-up, Swiss Haus owner Jim HAUSman emailed me to announce he would stop selling to the Royal Cafe immediately.

We take offense that the Royal cafe has taken our product, doubled the price, and renamed it as if it is their own. In addition, we suggest to all of our customers to eat the product within 6 hours of its making for maximum freshness and flavor. Due to these facts and others, we have made a decision to discontinue selling the cro-creme to the Royal Cafe.

By the time I reached Habashzada by phone earlier today, she’d received Hausman’s message. “I don’t carry them anymore,” she said, adding with a touch of whatever that “not too many people in Main Line know about it. They were not interested in buying it.” For those of you are interested in buying suburban Cronuts, just hit up Paris Baguette Bakery in Elkins Park, which makes them in-house and sells them for $3.50. Or, if you can stomach paying $35,000/hr for parking in Philly, check out Polito’s and Frangelli’s, also selling cheap ‘nuts.

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