Zama Now Offers a Sbraga Roll

Sbraga Roll at Zama

Today, Global Philly 2013 kicked off with a special event at ZamaHiroyuki ‘Zama’ Tanaka and Kevin Sbraga were on hand to unleash the “Sbraga Roll.” The sushi roll is the latest collaboration from Tanaka who has conspired with many of Philadelphia’s best chefs and top celebrities to create a series of unusual rolls. Chef Sbraga suggested some of his favorite ingredients for the roll that will be served at Zama over the course of Global Philly 2013, from September 15 to November 1. The Sbraga Roll is a sushi roll with dill, jalapeno, avocado and crispy shallot topped with a Panko-crusted bite of dorado.

Global Philly is an international exposition, presented by the Global Philadelphia Association. Sbraga, who is leading the culinary part of the initiative, has rounded up some of his chef contemporaries to participate in the month-and-a-half long event to offer “Global Philadelphia” appetizer specials.

Starting at $12, the appetizers will be found at Sbraga’s eponymous modern American restaurant as well as at restaurants like Tashan, Bistro La Minette and Zinc , La Calaca Feliz, Zama and Han Dynasty.

  •  Sbraga will feature a steak tartar with French onion dip and a pea tendril salad.
  •  Tim Spinner (La Calaca Feliz) will spotlight the Al Pastor Pork Taco.
  • Bistro La Minette’s Peter Woolsey created a salmon tartare with lentils and a blood orange vinaigrette.
  • Han Chiang of Han Dynasty will offer a lamb dumpling with garlic sauce vinegar sauce.
  • And of course Zama will feature the Sbraga roll.

GlobalPhilly 2013 [Official Site]

The Revisit: Matyson

43_matyson_Karrisa Olsen

The door of Matyson’s lone bathroom was locked, and I was the only person waiting when a man walked up and joined me.

“I think I’m older than you,” he said, amiably.

I accepted the compliment.

He smiled. “So I think you should let me go first.”

“I’ll be quick,” I said.

“So will I,” he replied.

“Well it would seem that we’re at an impasse.”

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Want Free Tickets To Feastival?


For those of you who’ve been living under a rock for the past month, here’s a quick reminder: Feastival is coming. It’s happening this Thursday, September 12. It is one of the biggest and coolest and drinkiest food festivals of the year, with a bajillion restaurants participating and slinging their very best grub for the crowd. This is the place where Questlove’s fried chicken debuted. Where we got our first taste of Federal Donuts. Where naked acrobats pour champagne from trapeez swings. And yes, tickets are still available. Not many, but some.

But for those of you who don’t want to pay to get in, we have this to offer: One free pair of tickets.

It’s all we could get. And we’re not just going to give the things away, no. We want you to work for them. And so, we have devised a little contest…

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Settling In At Little Nonna’s


Leave it to us here at Foobooz to take the first cool evening as an excuse to tuck in to some comfort food. Less than 80 degrees? Time for pasta! Truthfully, it didn’t take much since Valerie Safran and Marcie Turney’s newest gem, Little Nonna’s, opened on Wednesday night and we were eager to try it. Though our first visit was by no means comprehensive, we tasted some delicious things for you to look forward to as the weather cools.

Cocktails, food and photos, all this way

Updated First Look: Han Dynasty Moving Into Reserve Steakhouse

Han Dynasty – Coming Soon

It is true: as first reported a couple months back, Han Dynasty‘s current Old City location is going to be shutting down soon (their lease runs out October 1) and the whole operation will be moving across the street to the former home of Reserve–the ginormous and super-luxurious steakhouse that died under the weight of its own ostentation last year.

As things look right now, it will re-open as the largest Han Dynasty yet (200 seats, give or take) at the end of September and will not just be a restaurant but “a nightlife destination for Old City” according to Danielle Drew-Wolas who, in addition to being Han’s personal assistant and in-house counsel, is also in change of PR and marketing, real estate development, business affairs and lease negotiation. She’s also project manager for the Reserve project. And is Han’s mother’s personal assistant. Busiest woman in show biz, that one.

But anyway, She was kind enough to show me around the new space, with its giant ceilings and imposing bar. And then she got to talking…

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Vetri Vs. Solomonov in a Rap Battle

We’re a fan of any rap battle that rhymes Gouda with Yehuda. Brad Podray is back with his latest fan rap. This time it’s a rap battle featuring Marc Vetri versus his protege, Mike Solomonov.

About Last Night: And A Happy Rosh Hashanah To All…


Last night was our 16th Open Stove night at COOK. Or maybe our 18th. The amount of drinking that goes on, it’s hard to keep track sometimes.

But anyway, it was, for certain, ONE of our Open Stove nights–this one bringing together Geno Betz, sous chef at Stateside, Anthony Passeri from Popolino (which is due to open back up again any day now, after their summer break), and their brave assistants for a culinary battle royale that would only end when one of them emerged victorious.

The challenge this time around? Making a New American cook and an Italian cook work with Jewish ingredients in honor of Rosh Hashanah. To that end, we hit ’em with secret ingredient after secret ingredient–everything from honey and apple-flavored licorice to matzoh crackers (which, for some reason, caused Phyllis Stein-Novack to just lose her shit), Manishewitz (which also caused Phyllis Stein-Novack to lose her shit), pomegranite, gefilte fish, challah and so forth.

The two teams fought hard, talked some smack, drank shots, blew the time limit (more than once) and, in the end, it was Team Popolino that prevailed, having done everything from challah bruscetta with herbed gefilte fish spread to a bitter greens salad with apple licorice lardons.

It was a good night. It was a long night. It was a night full of drinking and surprises and something like ten courses of inspired seat-of-their-chef-pants cuisine. And if you missed it, just click through the link to see what it looked like on the inside of Open Stove 16.

Or 18. Or whatever.

Show me the pictures

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