Sneak Preview: June Classes at COOK


It’s that time again. COOK is going to be releasing its list of June classes to the public on Monday, May 8th at 2pm. But you’re getting an early look so that you can be first in (virtual) line when they go on sale.

So whether you’re looking for a summer cookout with the crew from Revolution Taco, some vegan food from Jon Cichon of Lacroix, seafood from Aldine‘s George Sabatino or learning how to savor Suriname with Joncarl Lachman, you’ve come to the right place. Check out the whole schedule after the jump, pick the classes that interest you, and be ready to get your tickets on Monday before anyone else.

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Celebrate the Philadelphia Science Festival with Bar Crawls, Explosives, Pirates and Cookies



Listen up, nerds. If there’s one thing we love here at Foobooz World HQ, it’s food. But after food comes…

Well, after food comes booze, probably. Beer, cocktails, occasionally wine. But if there are three things we love around here, it’s food, liquor and science.

And it’s not often that an opportunity comes along to mix all three. At least not legally. So when an opportunity does present itself to have a drink, a snack and some science all in the same place? That’s like mixing peanut butter, jelly and bread. Or chimps, switchblades and whiskey. In other words, a damn good time. And that’s just what this year’s Philadelphia Science Festival offers to those of you out there who, like us, prefer your science with a sidecar. And maybe a sandwich.

So what kind of events does this year’s Geek Week offer for those of our particular tastes? Lots. Everything from rum to cookies, small-animal x-rays to hallucinogens. And we’ve got all the details right here.

How about a science-focused Fishtown bar crawl…

Now You Can Go to Beer College in Philly


Until recently, getting into the beer business in college meant being the guy with the best fake ID or an understanding cousin who worked at the local liquor store.
Until recently, opening your own brewery was one of those dreams — up there with finally writing that novel or knocking over a Vegas casino with your poker buddies — that everyone had, but (almost) no one ever moved on. It was the thing you daydreamed about on a Tuesday afternoon in your cubicle when the boss wasn’t looking. Your imaginary way out.

But today, with a new craft brewery opening every fifteen minutes and ten billion new bottles hitting the shelves every time you turn around, becoming a brewer is an actual career path. Making beer has moved from something you do in your garage on the weekends to something you can go to school for. The University of the Sciences offers the region’s only formal path to professional education with their certificate program in Brewing Science. And guess what? They’re going to be at Clarkville on Monday, April 24th (along with representatives from Yards and Saint Benjamin Brewing) to show off some collaboration beers from their Brew Lab and talk about their program.

If you’re into beer, you should really read on

Here’s What You’ll Be Eating When the NFL Draft Experience Comes to Philly

A grey NFL Draft helmet and a football

Photo: Dan McQuade

You’ve heard that the 2017 NFL draft is being held in Philly, right? You’ve heard that it’s going to be this massive, multi-day party on the Ben Franklin Parkway which will snarl traffic, close major streets, and keep tourists from running up the Rocky steps?

Okay, maybe you haven’t. I’m not exactly sure what kind of overlap there is in the Venn Diagram of super-dedicated football fans and Foobooz readers, but in case you’re one of those to whom this whole draft thing comes as a surprise, you can read all about it here. But if you did know it was coming and were thinking to yourself, “Hey, with this massive football festival in town for three days and 200,000 people expected to be in attendance, I wonder what kind of food they’re going to have?” then you have come to the right place. I talked to NFL spokesman Kamran Mumtaz yesterday, and he let me know about everything edible that’s being planned for the event.

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Sneak Preview: COOK’s May Schedule


It’s that time again, folks. COOK is putting tickets for its May classes up for sale, and you’re getting a special, early look. So whether you’re looking to learn about bread with Jonnathan Yacashin of Noord, drink some local beer, have a Mother’s Day Pie Party, or dig into the differences between Old and New World wines from the experts, this is your chance.

You can check out the full May schedule after the jump. Tickets go on sale tomorrow, April 6, at 6pm.

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We All Want To Eat Chocolate For Dinner

You know you’ve done it. Made a dinner out of things that your mom would never let you consider a meal. Like that time you ate ten slices of individually-wrapped cheese and two slices of bread and called it “grilled cheese”? Or that lunch you made out of an entire bag of Skittles because Skittles are made with some infinitesimal amount of actual fruit juice, so if you eat enough of them its like eating actual fruit because math?

But now, on Monday, April 24, you can go and have an entire dinner based solely around the growing stages of the cacao plant because the crew from Fork in Old City are getting together with chocolatier Chris Curtain of Eclat to offer a 7-course chocolate dinner.

Take that, mom.

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Today Is Free Water Ice Day At Rita’s

Rita’s mascot

Photo: Dan McQuade

The best water ice flavor available to the Rita’s connoisseur is Swedish Fish.

No, I don’t care what you say. You’re wrong. We’ve already tested them all, subjected them to taste tests, polled respondents and did everything else that amateur scientists must do when coming up with a ranked list of every kind of anything. And when it came time to choose the best flavor, I threw all that data away and chose Swedish Fish because I like it best. Because I am basically a sticky-faced 11-year-old boy stuck inside the body of a grown-ass man and I ain’t changing.

Anyway, we’ve got a ranked list of Rita’s Water Ice flavors, and since today is Free Water Ice Day at Rita’s (it being the first day of spring and all), we figured today would be a good day to trot it out. You should read it. Like right now. Because science. And because the free water ice promotion ends at 9pm tonight.

Ranked: Rita’s Water Ice Flavors [f8b8z]

Educational Programming and Vegan Food at South Philly Barbacoa


South Philly Barbacoa has always been about more than just tacos. One of the most openly political restaurants in the city, owners Ben Miller and Christina Martinez have always used their food as a way to engage with the community and their community to try to affect change in the wider world.

So it’s really no surprise that they’ve begun using Monday nights as “teach-ins” at South Philly Barbacoa–bringing in a series of speakers for a program they’re calling “Justice and Agua Fresca”.

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Dizengoff Rolls Out a Weekly Family-Style Israeli Dinner Series


Update: Tickets are now for sale through the Dizengoff online store.

Back in September, Dizengoff‘s NYC location started doing a weekly dinner series, which was great for the people of New York but NOT so great for us here in Philly–Dizengoff’s home base.

But that’s cool because guess what? The dinners were such a success in New York that Michael Solomonov and his crew have decided to bring the idea back home to Philly. And so, starting in April, Saturday nights at Diz will mean a three-course, seasonal, family-style dinner of Israeli-inspired dishes for $60 a head–including tax, but NOT including beverages (which will include beer, wines and special paired cocktails fore those who are interested.

But wait, there’s a catch…

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Russian Soup Dumplings and Matzo Scrapple At Bing Bing’s Neshaminy Creek Beer Dinner


Ben Puchowitz and his crew from Bing Bing Dim Sum are not exactly shy when it comes to fusion. They’re not what you would call “traditionalists” when it comes to designing their menus full of roast pork bao with long hots or turnip cakes with matzo.

But on March 14, they’re stretching even more than usual, putting together a pairing menu “highlighting the similarities & harmony between Eastern European and Cantonese Cuisine,” according to partner Shawn Daragh, all for a beer dinner featuring Neshaminy Creek Brewing.

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