Yards Events For Lovers And For Fighters


We’ve got two events coming up next week–one for lovers, one for fighters, both of them with Yards beer in the middle and both of them happening on February 8.

Also, there might be some ice skating. So read on for details.

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Guess Who’s Coming to Cook at Osteria?

RedRooster1On Friday, February 10, at 6:30pm, Marcus Samuelsson (of Red Rooster in Harlem) will be hitting Philly to hang out with the crew at Osteria, cook a collaborative dinner, and talk about his new book, the Red Rooster Cookbook.

And while it’s kind of a big deal every time a famous chef rolls through Philly hoping to get his hands dirty in one of our kitchens, Samuelsson is a bigger deal than most. He’s a great chef. The book is supposed to be very good (I haven’t seen it yet). And to have him in the kitchen with the Osteria team? That just sounds awesome.

Actually, I know it’s going to be awesome. Because I know what they’re going to be cooking that night. Want to see the menu?

Of course you do.

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Stargazy Is Taking Over The Kitchen At Brigantessa For Family Meal


“Family Meal” is an institution at restaurants. It’s that meal, put together by the kitchen, for the entire staff, front and back of the house. In some places, it is a leisurely thing–eaten either before or after service, while sitting, with friends and comrades. In others, it’s a fast thing bolted down in the mad moments before the first tables are seated.

But once a month at Brigantessa, it’s something else completely.

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Wanna Hang Out With The Guys Who Make Nugget Nectar?

troegs-nugget-nectarOf course you do, right? I mean, who wouldn’t want to? Nugget Nectar is one of those cultish beers that super-nerds get all jazzed over, and on Wednesday, February 1, the guys who make it–Chris and John Trogner of Troegs–and author Josh Bernstein will be at Standard Tap for a small, intimate gathering that is all about the Nugget Nectar.

Here’s the catch, though. This event is going to be small. It’s limited to 40 seats. So if you’re thinking that this is exactly the kind of thing you want to do on a Wednesday night, then you should probably make your reservations now.

But before you do that…

Some details

Tickets On Sale Now For The 2017 Philly Chef Conference


Once again, Drexel and its school of hospitality and sports management is holding their Philly Chef Conference. This time around, it’s happening on Sunday and Monday, March 5 and 6, at Drexel University.

For the past couple years, Foobooz has been covering these events because Drexel has done something special with them–offering a split program that provides value both to the public (generally during the first day’s sessions) and to the industry (during the second). It’s a conference put together by chefs, for chefs, and while it deals with certain issues that concern the general public, it does a lot more to speak to the professionals in the city.

It’s also a very small, intimate kind of conference–usually kept to around a hundred or so attendees each day–so it’s important to know that tickets are on sale right now, and they go VERY quickly. Below, we’re going to discuss some of the guests coming to this years event, and how the sessions will shake out, but if you’ve been to one of these before and are just here for ticketing information, you can score yours right now by visiting the 2017 Chef Conference website. Registration for Day One (the public sessions) is $25. Day Two (industry only) will run you $125.

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Kensington Quarters Launches a Series of Cocktail Pop-Ups


Kensington Quarters has been in the news quite a bit lately. There was the news that two of their butchers (Heather Thomason and Cecile May) had broken off to form their own butcher shop, Primal Supply. Then word came down that the space was undergoing some restructuring (the closure of the retail butcher’s counter in favor of gaining about a dozen more seats for the restaurant), which was a good idea since the restaurant part of the combination butcher shop / bar / restaurant and classroom had been busy since day one and could occasionally feel a little cramped.

And now, some more news. Starting this Sunday, KQ is beginning a series of cocktail pop-ups in the upstairs loft space. The first one, called “Evergreen,” will be bringing together Palmer Marinelli (ex of the Diving Horse and Pub & Kitchen) and Amy Hartranft (of Wm. Mulherin’s Sons) for a night of $10 cocktails and small plates, all revolving around a central theme.

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Anyone Interested In An Evening Of Indian And Icelandic Cocktails?

MylesBarBored with the usual run of cocktail event? Tired of all the whiskey tastings and wine pairing and whatever else it is you do to put a crimp in your ascot?

Well then, how about this? How about a night of Indian and Icelandic-inspired cocktails served at the bar of an international hot dog restaurant?

No, seriously.

Here’s how it’s all gonna work.

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Last Chance For Philly Cooks Tickets


So this is it. Tickets for this year’s Philly Cooks are just about gone, and I’m here to give you your final warning. If you’re interested in checking out this year’s event (happening February 8), you’re gonna want to get your tickets right now.

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Marigold Kitchen Releases (Part Of) Their Winter Menu


Chef-owners Andrew Kochan and Tim Lanza are back again with another new, partly-secretive menu for the winter season at Marigold Kitchen, their West Philly row house-turned-avant garde BYOB. They’re offering a peek at nine courses of the 11-course tasting menu, and putting together a couple of special menu additions for Valentine’s Day and the big Saturday night preceding it.

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