30 Marc Vetri Workers Lose Jobs Thanks to Urban Outfitters E-Verify Employment Screening

“It just sucks,” says Vetri. “But this is what America is … there’s no real road for them to get legal.”

Urban Vetri

When we heard that the Vetri restaurants were being acquired by Urban Outfitters, we all wondered what kind of changes might be afoot for the local dining establishments. Well, we’ve now learned about one major change that has resulted in a loss of employment for 30 Vetri workers.

Marc Vetri confirms that the more than 400 current employees — as well as all future employees — of his restaurants must now undergo E-Verify screening, an online process that works with Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration to determine if an employee is legally eligible for work in the United States. If you don’t pass the E-Verify screening, you can no longer work at Vetri spots, as the 30 workers recently discovered — at least one of them a 10-year veteran of the restaurants.

“It just sucks,” says Vetri. “But this is what America is. My grandfather left Italy when he was 17 years old, stowed away on a ship. He got here illegally. But the war was happening, so they said, You can fight for us! You’re an American now. We’ll waive that whole citizenship thing. Now go to war! But now you have a different circumstance. You have second- and third-generation immigrants who have raised families here, and there’s still no real road for them to get legal, even though they are the fabric of our society.”

Prior to the Urban acquisition, Vetri says he verified employment eligibility by what he refers to as “eyeball screening.” If you wanted to work at his restaurant, Vetri managers would eyeball your paperwork and put it on file. (Employers are expected to ask for documentation that verifies work eligibility, but risk charges of discrimination if they insist on more than immigration regulations call for.) As long as the paperwork “reasonably appears to be genuine,” even if an undocumented worker were later found to be employed there, the restaurant could just say, Hey, we checked his papers. It’s not our fault that they weren’t real.

“After the acquisition of the Vetri Family group of restaurants was announced, URBN offered employment to all Vetri Family associates, contingent on successful completion of URBN’s standard background checks which are applied to all employees nationwide,” an Urban Outfitters spokesperson said in a statement. “Unfortunately some did not pass one or more of these required checks, and as a result, we could not offer them employment at URBN. URBN is committed to equal opportunity employment and to complying with all applicable employment laws.”

Urban Outfitters is one of more than 600,000 companies across the nation that utilize the E-Verify service. While Pennsylvania requires E-Verify for public works contractors and their crews, state law does not require that other types of employers put their workers through the screening. Still, more than 9,500 Pennsylvania companies use E-Verify and 784 in Philadelphia alone, says United States Citizen and Immigration Services.

The office of Pennsylvania State Representative Daryl Metcalfe says that he is currently looking for a co-sponsor on a bill that would make E-Verify mandatory for all employers in the state, and Republican hopeful Donald Trump supports a national E-Verify requirement. Vetri says he expects that nationwide E-Verify will be enacted within the year.

“We wish all these workers could continue to work for us,” says Vetri. “They’re so loyal, and they’re hard workers. Some of them have been over to my house, and I bring my kids to their houses for playdates. It’s very sad.”

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  • Ivan__Drago

    I sympathize in a way but It sounds like there is now 30 new jobs available for American citizens. This is the new normal. The free for all is coming to an end. We just couldn’t afford it as a society.

    • PCC53

      30 jobs that probably pay very low wages that Americans don’t want to work for. Like most jobs illegal immigrants take.

      • Ivan__Drago

        I’ll bet you they get filled.

      • ajs1512

        I applied to several restaurants during college for various bus boy positions. For most places, you needed at least 2-3 years experience of washing dishes. Never heard back from any of them…

        Plus, if businsessss can’t fill those positions, they’d be more likely to raise wages, which I suppose would be a good thing for income inequality, yes? Sometimes, it seems like the Left wants to have its cake and eat it too.

      • John S

        You have no idea what the jobs were OR what they paid. And Americans work for minimum wage all over the country…so? Where do you people get these dumb talking points anyway?

        • Askaraboz

          You don’t need to be Vetri to know what those jobs were or what they paid. If you’ve ever struggled a day in your life you know what those jobs are and what they pay. Want to know what hard work is? I’ll give you a job with one of my landscaping crews made up of Mexicans and Cambodians and I’m gonna see how long you’ll last. I’ve tried hiring “Americans”. Guess what? They were all lazy, slow and stupid. And whiny too. Something tells me you’re one of those. That’s where we get these dumb talking points from.

    • http://chrissmari.org ChrissMari

      doesn’t sound like it was a free for all.. they were working… not lounging around doing nothing

      • Lisa Davis

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      • HolyFrijoles11

        I’m SURE those jobs were paying the going rate for legal labor

        • DIBS

          They were also getting a cut of the tips.

      • Laura5757

        And were they paying taxes on it? Doubtful.

        • Mateo

          Actually, illegal immigrants pay all sorts of taxes all year round — even if they somehow avoid income taxes in April: wage taxes deducted from each paycheck if they work in Philadelphia, payroll/FICA taxes, sales taxes, etc., plus they’re not eligible for all sorts of tax credits/deductions they’d be entitled to (based on their low incomes) if they had legal status.

          • Lance MacThrust

            Good. They have to go back.

        • Askaraboz

          Doubtful because they are all rapists or doubtful because they look dirty or doubtful because they don’t speak proper English?

          • Laura5757

            Doubtful because they don’t usually use a proper home address so therefore can get around local taxes…I’ve worked in plenty of kitchens to know better.

      • Bindu Patel

        The bottom line is they were here ILLEGALLY. What part of that do people not understand. In other countries if you are caught illegally there you are jailed.

    • Mike Oneill

      Newsflash. Unemployment is at a historic low since the Bush Recession thanks to Obama, despite obstruction from corporate America and Congress. Lazy white and black Americans don’t want these jobs. Hence the Mexicans or other Central and South Americans. Those people…pay cash when they go to the doctor. We needed to tax them. They pay cash and hide in the shadows. They’re not taxing the system.

      • Jc

        So it was Obama that caused the labor participation rate to drop to multi decade lows and thus drop the unemployment rate? Obama caused prime earners to drop out of the labor force as well? Is the U6 rate at historic lows? How does this supposed historic low unemployment rate if calculated the old way prior to the BLS changing the calculation during Clinton’s term?

        • James Nino

          Dont try and argue with people that are only capable of repeated talking points that were fed to them.

          They wont even understand what you’re saying…

      • TheAdlerian

        I’ve been to all of these restaurants.

        Osteria employs a lot of “cute” young white women out front and their appears to be no shortage of them to fill the jobs. I’m sure there will be other people in the giant and fairly poor city of Philadelphia to fill the positions. Of course these people will want to be paid fairly.

        Where they charge 30 bucks for a handful of grits with some meat on it, I’m sure they can afford it.

        At the Pizza place on Callowhill, Mexicans make the pizza right out front. And, the crust is horrible because it’s more like a tortilla than pizza dough, so they haven’t been hiding that. Maybe they could get some Italian employees who actually know how to make Italian food now.

        What an idea!

        • tricks & evil

          Please- do tell us of your travels to Italy.

          • TheAdlerian

            I’ve been all over the place, France, Italy, Eastern Europe, Britain. Your comment was ineffective since you don’t know me.

            Meanwhile, Vetri is jewish, not Italian, has Mexicans cooking, his main chefs aren’t Italian, his partner isn’t Italian, and so on. The food isn’t authentic and that’s pretty bad when it comes to pizza, which is simple to make if you know how.

            I grew up with people from Italy and they would hate the food, and it’s massively overpriced as the materials to make Italian food (peasant food) cost next to nothing.

            All of that makes the story disgusting to me.

          • Granpa

            Being Jewish is not his nationality . It is a religion. So he is an Italian of Jewish faith. And anyway, who cares about what he “is?”

          • Laura5757

            Jewish is also recognized as an ethnicity.

          • tricks & evil

            No… A race. Not an ethnicity.

          • TheAdlerian

            Judaism isn’t a race.

            There’s different types of jews all over the place, European, Arab, Spanish, etc. None of them look alike and they aren’t a race.

            Just the same, the food they are associated with is different.

          • KilladelphiaPA

            His father is Italian, his mother is Jewish.

          • TheAdlerian

            You are right and wrong.

            In some places people are “jewish” and practice the associated religion, but in others people aren’t religious and practice associated cultural things. For instance, European jews tend to have specific foods mostly only they eat and so on.

            In relation to this subject, if a bunch of Irish catholics opened a jewish themed restaurant I’m sure “real jews” would have something to say about it. Would the food be authentic and taste exactly like they should, maybe, but probably not.

            That’s my point.

            In recent years, I’ve noticed that in the center city area none of the local pizza places have Italians working there. It’s Latins, mideasterners, Russians, and I can’t think of one corner store with Italian guys anymore. I no longer like the pizza and can tell they don’t know how to make it because I do know how.

            Italian food is ethnic and you have to know how to make it. We all know that about Chinese food and so on.

          • DIBS

            You sound like an ass.

          • tricks & evil

            This Roman Catholic* Italian agrees with you.

            (*non-practicing, but I wanted to be sure to qualify my opinion with my pedigree, since apparently that’s of supreme concern for this anti-Semitic no-taste POS.)

          • TheAdlerian

            You’re the one thinking about religion, I was talking about ethnic cuisine.

          • Natalie S.

            Have you ever been to a restaurant outside of just Pizzeria Vetri? Not all Italian food is red “gravy,” there are many different regions and types of Italian food, which Vetri studied in Italy. His life story is pretty interesting if you wanted to do some reading before making comments. Are you also saying that because someone is not of a certain ethnicity, they could never possibly LEARN how to do something that has ties to another ethnic background? You know just because someone is Jewish or Mexican does not mean they could travel and learn about food (as you noted you have done), learn from people of those background, research the food and take classes on those food items. Vetri and his team have done all of those.

            Also, just because you think the ingredients are cheap (and yes, you can get cheap meat and produce but it really does not taste the same as better quality which is many times more expensive ), but there is a difference is handmade version bulk made. It is clear you have no concept of running a restaurant, they do have to pay for the service you receive in a way you and your Italian friends may not have to if you are cooking at home. I know I don’t have chefs, dishwashers, bussers, servers, hosts, sommeliers, etc. at my house to provide the service I would get at the more expensive Marc Vetri restaurants. I also don’t have to pay rent and maintenance on restaurant/kitchen the same way. Comparing the costs for your Italian friends at home to make a meal with running an Italian restaurant is not a valid or fair comparison.

            Also, it is good to note that if you and others don’t like his food and don’t want to pay for it, you don’t have to dine there. It really has no affect on you.

          • TheAdlerian


            I already said I’ve literally tried food all over the world.

            Vetri’s pizza is TERRIBLE as the dough quality is horrible. When I ate it it was more like tortilla dough and guess what, Mexicans were standing there making it.

            I experienced the same type of “pizza” when I was out in the west. Mexicans make pizza with a dough like they ethnically make, which is tortilla. That’s because they don’t know what they’re doing. I also have cheesesteaks made by Mexicans, which taste like Mexican food.

            Almost nothing about Vetri is Italian. The food at his places can be very good but it’s not worth the price and doesn’t taste right to me. It’s the emperor’s new clothes type of thing.

          • Natalie S.

            Sorry, I meant Vetri restaurants outside of just Pizzeria Vetri, not all restaurants ever. I missed a word in my post. I apologize but I disagree with you. There are actually many traditional Italian dishes at many of his restaurants, but they are not what people think of when they think red gravy Italian. It is also a bit ridiculous to assume food tastes like a certain ethnicity because of the ethnicity of a cook. I am German. Does all my food taste like German food? Probably very little of it does. The cooks at his restaurants make his recipes, they don’t just make whatever “Mexican food” they like. You don’t like the food? Okay, but no need to knock every body who works there. As noted previously, if you don’t like his food, you don’t have to dine there.

            However, you clearly don’t understand how restaurants work and just want to argue with everyone, so I am done engaging with you. Have a nice day.

          • http://batman-news.com Atombird

            The food in Italy is regional, meaning it reflects the history and tradition of the particular region and area. My parents are from Abruzzo and Molise, which have very traditional food. My dad’s family lives north in Lombardia now and the food culture there is significantly different.

          • TheAdlerian


            You do not understand the concept of what I’m talking about.

          • tricks & evil

            You certainly seemed to enjoy Marc Vetri about a year ago! 😀

            “I live by Osteria and the smell of smoked pork products is enough to make me fight my way into the place and consume all the food like an animal.”


          • TheAdlerian

            It’s weird of you to have found that!

            What’s wrong with you?

            Stepping back and thinking about experiences one has can change your mind. Something might taste good, but is it the food it’s supposed to be? Was I a fool for spending that much? Can I make this easily this at home? Stuff like that is open to review after the fact.

            For instance, one time I was exhausted and starving and had a duck cheesesteak at Alla Spina. I thought it was a cool idea and felt like I was living it up, but then after I realized it was flavorless and too expense. That was the last time I ate there.

            In these places nothing is THAT great and too expensive.

            Even if the food was orgasmic, I’d feel badly about eating in a place that exploited poor illegal aliens and didn’t want to hire people from Philly. That’s gross.

          • tricks & evil

            What’s wrong with me?

            For finding that?

            Er… It’s extremely simple. Are you new to the Internet?

          • TheAdlerian

            It seemed like an excessive amount of effort to, I suppose, see if I had commented about it at some time in the past. The place has been open since like 2005.

            Anyway, my comment was that it smelled very good in the air around where I live. It does, it smells awesome. And, I met some nice people who work at Osteria. That doesn’t mean I approve of the prices for the food or this hiring issue.

            It smelled good.

        • Granpa

          Let’s hope those Italians are here legally, right? Or maybe some plain old Americans?

        • Eric the Red

          Perhaps the next Vetri spot can have a wall around it. That way the right people can make the pizza!

          • TheAdlerian

            It’s awesome how you support illegal business practices!

          • Eric the Red

            You’ve been to Osteria more times than I. So in reality it’s you who supports illegal business practices. Webster defines that as hypocritical and thus you lose this internet debate. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

          • TheAdlerian

            You should look up the definition of “idiot” by finding a mirror.

            I wouldn’t have shopped there had I known about the illegal situation. You cannot be a hypocrite unless you knowingly do the opposite of what you preach.

            Know what you’re talking about man.

          • Eric the Red

            You didn’t know restaurants run on illegal labor?… Your are either willfully naive or an ostrich. Know where you are eating man!

          • TheAdlerian

            That’s moronic.

          • Eric the Red


      • HolyFrijoles11

        They also get paid cash and their employers don’t pay into the system. Illegal immigration hurts everyone and helps only the “undocumented” to be exploited by their employers while everyone else picks up the tab.

        • TheAdlerian

          That’s right.

          And, it’s usually a type of slavery.

          Illegals end up living in an expensive city making extremely low wages. That means they can’t save enough to move on, can’t enjoy the city, and end up working endlessly and getting nothing out of it. That’s slavery.

          • HolyFrijoles11

            No. Slaves don’t get paid, and they don’t get to go home at the end of the day. At worst, it’s indentured servants.

          • TheAdlerian

            Actually, Wage Slavery is where you get paid but it’s only enough to cover your basic expenses meaning you can never save money. That keeps you trapped in the job.

          • HolyFrijoles11

            That’s not slavery. You can find a new job – no one works 24/7. Interview, work hard, find a new job, move on up. It’s not easy, but people choose to be stuck in that kind of a situation.

          • TheAdlerian

            Wage Slavery is an actual economic term, look it up. It’s easy to see how you’re wrong though.

            No one should need to work even close to 24/7 and the more you do the less chance you have to have any kind of life other than work, and that isn’t fair, it’s slavery.

            On the other hand, a rich kid can get money from their family, buy a business, pay wage slaves to run it, and kick back having all the free time they like and never have to work. That is literally the goal in a capitalist society. You control “capital” which means money and don’t work.

            In order to have control of money, you have to have a lot of it. Since it’s in limited supply, that means other don’t have much as all and can’t get that much due to others controlling it. The worst case is Wage slavery where you only have enough to get by. If you try to make more then you’re working yourself to exhaustion just to get a little more money.

            That’s what’s wrong with low wages especially for service workers. People in restaurants, even fast food, or maybe especially fast food, provide an important service. They shouldn’t have to live lives or nonstop work with nothing to look forward to. I’ve known lots of poor working people who even decided not to have families because of money, and then what’s the point of continuing on?

            It’s not great to be part of a system like that.

    • John S

      Do you know what ‘free for all means’? Doesn’t sound like it. BTW, these people didn’t disappear. They are still here…except now they are unemployed. Can society ‘afford’ that?

  • DIBS

    This is very sad. I’m sure I know some of them.

  • eldondre

    Hey metcalfe, how’s that budget coming?

  • TartanSixNine

    Sorry, this is wholly on Vetri. He chose to sell to a corporation that had this rule in place already. There is zero chance that there wasn’t a clause in the contract that referred to what they would do with the employees. if he didn’t read it or understand it, that’s his fault. More likely, he weighed the cost/benefit of moving forward with the deal knowing full well they would lose their jobs. He let these people down.

    • Earl J

      Exactly. I wonder if Vetri gave them a bloody Kent State sweatshirt as a parting gift………

  • tricks & evil

    “Employers are expected to ask for documentation that verifies work eligibility, but risk charges of discrimination if they insist on more than immigration regulations call for.”
    Why can URBN use e-verify without “risking charges of discrimination” yet Vetri couldn’t?

  • Richard Parker

    Here’s the deal as it appears to anyone who has watched this situation unfold. Marc was overly leveraged through a series of bad decisions. He built his ship on the backs of underpaid immigrants, and even with that, he still couldn’t pay the bills. We all know about his no rent situation at Osteria on North Broad. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of preferential deals that he failed to monetize.

    Let’s face the facts about one of Philadelphia’s anointed “Top” chefs. He probably sold to Urbn for pennies on the dollar just to save anything. There’s no other way to make sense of that purchase otherwise. Urbn needs Marc Vetri just about as much as they need another Kimchi Blue dress on the floor!

    At least you can say he had some friends.

    Spare everyone the BS of this article about how you care about all these illegal immigrants that worked for you for all these years. You cared so much that you helped publicly identify these people so that they can get on the express train back to wherever they came from. Some friend you are…

    If only you were friendlier to Allan Domb, things could have been so different

    • KilladelphiaPA

      He sold so he would have a much easier opportunity to spread his name to other locations across the country. Pizzeria Vetri has already opened in Austin and has plans for DC and so forth.

      They had already been playing Urban’s money before the sale with all of the Pizzerias.

    • DIBS

      You seem to think you know everything. I suspect though that you actually know nothing and there’s some sour grapes for this post. Your use of “appears” and “probably” call you out for what you are

      • TheAdlerian

        Meanwhile, you appear to know everything.


    • TheAdlerian

      I don’t get it.

      The food at Osteria is made out of VERY cheap ingredients and the dishes and drinks are outrageously expensive. So, it has to be the case that the upper management are raping the place via their salaries.

      That mentality goes along with hiring low paid slaves you’ve got by the balls.

      You maximize the hustle until the place dies out then do it again someplace else.

    • Alex Zander

      Richard Parker what else do you know about vetri’s restaurants. I love knowing the real dirt.

  • ellen

    Oh please- he sold out to the most disgusting right-wing corporation, his talk is cheap and the entire restaurant industry survives on the backs of immigrant workers.

    • Tim

      How is urban outfitters right wing?

      • Jude Buffum

        CEO Richard Hayne backed Santorum in 2006

        • Make America great again

          Haha and you stupid left wingers made him a billionaire. I can’t wait for Trump to become president all these illegals will have to leave and come in legally and finally pay taxes like the rest of the working Americans.

      • Earl J

        Hard to say what wing they are but disgusting is appropriate (hand guns Christmas tree ornaments, bloody Kent State sweatshirts). Vetri should have been better than these guys but he sold out including selling out on 30 from the “Vetri family”.

  • Todd Van Winkle

    The real question here is whether or not Vetri paid the maximum fine for employing illegals! That is, if you are serious about stopping this foolishness.

  • John S

    You hate to see a hardworking person lose their job, but what can you do if you KNOW there aren’t legally eligible?

  • 4dsquared

    Yet URBN manufactures almost all of their clothing in India and other third world country factories where workers are paid less than a living wage and have excessive human rights violations. Hypocritical.

    • James Nino

      How is that hypocritical?

      • 4dsquared

        They have a different moral and legal standard for their US employees than what they hold their contractors to overseas.

        • James Nino

          Two different countries. Two different sets of laws.

          Do you actually understand what hypocrisy is?

          Spoiler. Firing illegal workers in the states has literally zero to do with working conditions in India. There’s nothing “hypocritical” about that.

          • DIBS

            I suspect the phrase “double standard” is beyond your intellectual grasp.

          • James Nino

            please. He knew he was wrong. Thats why he deleted his comments

            Only stupid people feel the need to defend stupidity.

          • 4dsquared

            So firing illegal workers here is OK but doing business with factories in India who pay children to work for pennies a day illegally is also OK? There are international laws to abide by which are not being enforced for the cost savings in cheap labor. Hypocritical.

  • herodotus

    As Anthony Bourdain has repeated, deport the Mexicans and Central Americans, and you’ll lose a huge percentage of your back-of-the-house people, cooks and clean-up staff. My Aha! moment came when I was at a Chinese restaurant on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, and Mexican music was playing in the kitchen.

    • tricks & evil

      So true. It’s great that a super visible figure like Bourdain doesnt keep the dirty little secret a secret, and gives them the credit and respect they deserve (as much as possible, without ratting them all out). It’s a crappy situation all around.

      • Carolynafish2

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    • Count Lippy

      Looks like about 9%in this case.

  • Fred Phien

    There are US citizens and permanent residents who will work those jobs, they just can’t compete with cut rate labor and many employers prefer to hire undocumented workers. Just take a look at the construction and hotel industries sometime too. Ever wonder why the going rate for laborers has actually dropped in the last 10 years, without even adjusting for inflation? It’s impossible to compete with an unlimited supply of dirt cheap labor, and it degrades the quality of life and ability to earn an income for folks who are here legally and play by the rules. Illegals use services, send their kids to schools, etc., it’s a giant subsidy the rest of us pay for a few industries.

    • DIBS

      I highly doubt that Vetri was paying them “cut rate” wages.

      • Rush Limbaugh

        Why don’t you pay documented workers $20/hr? That’s the problem with owners like you. The undocumented landscapers you pay $20/hr don’t pay taxes and you don’t pay pay roll tax on them. Yet you probably want a government to help everyone out.

        • DIBS

          You sound like a complete idiot, like your avatar name (and I’m a conservative). It’s lawn care, dumbass. Grass cutting. At my house. SMH

      • TheAdlerian

        You sound like an ass.

  • Rachel Ezekiel-Fishbein

    URBN strikes again! Just once I’d like to read about URBN doing something positive.

  • backliner

    If Vetri hadn’t hired illegals to begin with, there wouldn’t be anything to complain about here

  • Fadunk

    Vetri name and places are crumbling :and he knows this( his hubris has led to his downfall just like George ) he has never been a good person just askany of his previous workers !!!I guarantee you that !! All smoke and mirrors …with this new decision by urban his work force just decreased while his payroll just increased .
    Sad to see this happen but what comes around goes around I guess
    ( also I heard that he is trying to keep his main three Mexicans on the DL without the government knowing !!!!)

  • 1

    There will be a lot more people out of work when urbn closes all of them but the pizzeria

    • Steve Starr

      They are going to close all of the restaurants except for Amis within 4 years. urban is gonna open a new Amis in Devon to test it out and if it does well they may open amis’s and pizzeria vetri’s across the country.

  • Notamiso

    To be fair, and I’m no advocate of our current immigration policy but, they didn’t lose their jobs because of a verification process, but because they weren’t verifiable. The people who rail against “illegals” fail to acknowledge that people are hiring them and that, in the main, they’re good workers. There’s no real downside to creating a path to citizenship, but there should be consequences for illegal entry or for having false documents. The first is easily solved; put them at the back of the line, make sure any back taxes are paid, don’t allow anyone beyond immediate family to join until resident alien/naturalization. The second is more difficult, since falsifying govt documents is not a small crime.