First Look: PS & Co.


Just steps away from Rittenhouse Square, PS&Co has opened and owner Andrea Kyan is working to create offerings to “win over even the most diehard cheesesteak and soft pretzel guy.” A righteous challenge to the indulgence of Parc, the caffeine of la Colombe, the gluten-temptation of Metropolitan, and the siren song of Shake Shack, everything at PS&Co is vegan, gluten free, kosher, and organic.

And whereas Hip City Veg swaps animal protein for plant-based chick’n and seitan steak, PS&Co’s approach relies more heavily on creating appealing texture, flavor, and color combinations using whole ingredients. Trade in your roast pork ramen for a forbidden rice ramen salad. Sub out spicy tuna maki for an avocado nori roll sauced with wasabi cream instead, get the idea?

Good. Because we’ve got the pictures. Check ’em out (along with some early impressions) after the jump.

A sprout, tofu, and carrot filled summer roll ($6.75) would be better with an extra squirt of the bangin’ apricot almond dressing served alongside it, but a garden pad thai bowl ($12.50), kale salad topped with a tangle of tasty rice noodles and a rainbow of carrot, kiwi, goji berries, and edamame proves a robust lunch that will likely be a favorite of the Rittenhouse crowd.

Also sure to be appealing to the stroller set is Kyan’s line-up of smoothies, nut-milkshakes, teas, and interesting, fresh-squeezed juices. There’s the Bangkok (pineapple, lime, lemongrass, peppermint), and the Mohegan Bluffs (beet, lemon, orange, ginger), as well as fresh young coconuts that Kyan will cleave open for you to order, handing you a straw to sip the juice and a spoon to scrape the meat out.

With an ambitious 7-to-7 schedule, breakfast at the cafe means house-made breads, museli, coconut yogurt, and porridges. The chia porridge, seeds bloomed in coconut milk and served with a nutty house-made granola ($5.75) feels light and crunchy, a formidable opponent to a croissant, the only trouble being that the 1/2 cup portion seems a little too lean of a way to begin one’s day.

Before Kyan opened up the cafe she sold coconut macaroons and other sweets (at Pure Sweets & Co., hence the name) to coffee shops and cafes, so its no surprise that the winner of our first visit was a dessert. The dark chocolate and berry tart with a cocoa, nut-flour crust was sweet enough to be a treat, but not so sugary as to provoke the crash-and-burn effect.

PS&Co. is ambitious, but it still seems to be working out whether it wants to be a grab-and-go eatery, a restaurant, or something in between. Yes, there’s a printed menu, but stop in at lunchtime and you’re choosing from the pre-packaged offerings in the case, not the menu itself–and creating a pile of disposable (but compostable) packaging in the process. On the other hand, Kyan’s Thursday evening after-hours dinner series (five courses and unlimited cold-pressed juices and cocktails for $58) is definitely restaurant-y. Either way, since Michelle Obama is pretty clear on the fact that we should all be eating more vegetables, now you know where to go.

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PS&Co. [Official]

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  • variable

    Wow – check out the About Us section on their website. Pretentious much!!?

    • Hipp

      What exactly is pretentious about it?

      • tjt

        practically the whole thing? i’ll just stick to the tired cliche of starting with three buzz words. And then the shot about “cheesesteak guy.” Also, if you’re vegan and kosher, you’re by definition parve, as parve just means no meat nor dairy. which is clearly true, considering it’s “vegan.”

    • TRbG

      Dang, you’re a serious hater if you found pretense on that website. It’s refreshing to read an “About Us” that is upfront and not full of marketing spin.

  • Drea

    Crazy prices. Tasteless food. Pompous attitudes.

    • BiblioPhilly

      Agreed. Read the owner’s condescending responses to criticism on Yelp. Reason enough not to go there.

  • CJames24x

    Looks amazing! I see a trip to the city soon!

  • CJames24x

    Prices are in line (maybe less) than lunch at Wegman’s…

  • Broke&Hungry

    Whilst the concept is great I still take issue with the fact that their mission is bringing “pure” foods to the masses, but still charging half of what I make in a hour for a tiny-a** salad bowl. Give me local over organic any day. How much does produce cost nowadays anyways? Yeah I get your overhead is prob. out of this world, but to get a good following, make the food a bit more appealing to both herbivore & carnivore wallets.

    • TRbG

      When you eat nutirent-rich pure foods, you do not need to eat as much as when you eat less-pure foods. Try it.

      As for local over organic, local is senseless if it’s not organic. Why support a local supplier who uses pesticides and/or sells GMO products? Or, in the case of animal products, why support a local supplier who uses antibiotics and/or GMO feed?

      • tjt

        why support unnecessary shipping costs and environmental harm and corporate agriculture? the one or the other is a ridiculous debate. Do the best with your food choices you can. Don’t denigrate one good (local) for the other (organic) especially when both can be BS marketing claims or legit improvements in our food chain.

        • TRbG

          This shop sources from mainly local suppliers as well. They don’t even have to make that choice.

          • tjt

            so then you should have led with that instead of popping off about local being a bad idea (which it isn’t). Local foods are more nutrient rich than non-local foods. Organic is senseless if it isn’t local (food miles MATTER).

            “organic” as a buzzword has lost a lot of its meaning. look at the critique of Horizon’s organic operation. Much like the meaninglessness of “free range.”

          • TRbG

            I was responding to the poster above, not “popping off” randomly. You took my comment out of context — and I never did say that local is a bad idea either. You’re arguing with yourself now.

          • tjt

            “local is senseless…” look, the store is doing right (if pretentiously) by going local and organic. good for them. and maybe larger structural forces (coughagriculture billscough) will make local and organic more affordable compared to agribusiness, be it local or “organic.” Until then, it seems silly for fans of local to take shots at organic (excluding bullshit organic) or fans of organic to take shots at local (who are far more likely to be organic friendly even if not certified because that costs money).

            Besides, the store is doing both. I guess I’m saying that it’d have been a much more inclusive response to an angry comment to respond with “they’re local too. Best of both worlds!” instead of making it seem like local agriculture is “senseless” often. They aren’t. Local agriculture is generally a far healthier option than the other options on the market. No one should cut the nose to spite the face. sorry if, because i responded to you and not the first guy, it seemed like i had a strong side (though I do think the “organic” label has been co-opted far more readily and successfully than the “local” label).

  • jaybkickabee

    I seriously love this place. I mean love. It’s pretty expensive, which can be a challenge for me at times, but the food is unbelievable and the passion they have for what they do is super commendable. They are the only place in town that 100% gets the way that I eat. I’m trying to cope with these lame comments, but everyone’s entitled to their opinion I guess…

  • Philadelphia19146

    As a vegan and a Philadelphian, I actually really dislike this place. The food is flavorless and the prices are outrageous. This place won’t last long. Also, the owner seems a bit on the nutty side. Check out her condescending and bitter replies to reviews on yelp. Yikes!