Attention Poets: Win Free Tickets To The Philadelphia Wine & Food Festival


Yesterday, we gave away a pair of VIP passes to the Rittenhouse Row Spring Festival to a guy who thought the best way to make fun of the new Cheesecake Factory coming to Philly was to open a second restaurant beside it that served the exact same menu, only made by local chefs, with good ingredients and served in portions half as mammoth. And today, we’re giving away a pair of tickets to the Philadelphia Wine & Food Festival in exchange for just a little bit of poetry.

The Wine & Food Fest is coming to the Simeone Automotive Museum on May 10, and will feature samples being poured from over 500 wines from all around the world. There’ll also be food (from Davio’s, Indeblue, Alla Spina and others), a silent auction, an on-site wine and spirits store and an opportunity for guests to get up close and personal with some of the coolest and rarest racing and sports cars ever built (because you know what they say: Nothing pairs better with a snoot full of fancy wine than a high-powered sports car…)

For regular people, tickets are $130. But for the best poet among you? You’re going to get a pair of tickets for free. And here’s all you have to do is…

You have to write us a poem. It doesn’t have to be a haiku this time, but we’re asking you to keep it to a max of 12 lines. Free verse is cool, but, as always, there are bonus points for anyone who follows a rhyme scheme. And your subject matter is Philadelphia, spring time and wine.

Within those parameters, everything is fair game. It can be an ode to fine booze and sunshine, a sonnet about drinking Mad Dog by the Schuylkill on an April morn, or anything in between. The only rule is that it must be 12 lines and include those three elements–wine, Philly and the spring. All submissions go in the comments. The deadline is 4pm tomorrow (meaning Friday). And this time around, we’ll be picking the winner ourselves, so feel free to vote up poems you like, but the most popular will not necessarily be the winner.

And with that, the contest is begun. So get to poem-izing, folks. There’s $260 worth of drinking and snacks on the line, and the only way to win is to play.

Philly Wine & Food Festival [Official]

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  • Spring, spring is the best time of year, with mild temperatures and shore weekends growing near
    Tulips blooming, grass growing green and more runners on the River Trail than have ever been seen

    Spring brings some of my favorite things: grilling out and kids on swings,
    People watching on Rittenhouse Park and sipping wine on roof decks after dark

    But this year, spring, where have you been?
    My coat needs a break and so does my skin
    My feet are longing for sandals and my arms for no sleeves
    Not to mention the trees, which are still missing their leaves

    What better way to ring in the season
    Than eating good food and drinking wine within reason
    Plus a festival to celebrate three wonderful things –
    Philadelphia, Wine and the beginnings of Spring

  • Justin S

    Sipping chablis, we’re drunk off our arses
    Ask a server for my third plate of lamb
    I raise my glass to Vetri and Garces
    While they pretend not to know who I am

    The petals are rosey, so are my cheeks
    An interesting high, not like craft beer
    A nearby wine snob turns to me and speaks,
    “The oak notes are bold, and then disappear.”

    A cute hipster girl talks “body” and “legs”
    I smile and nod, my teeth stained to hell
    Just for one day, I’m not one of the dregs
    No “city-wide” here, just white zinfandel

  • morelunch

    The hop. Malt. Wheat and barley.
    Beer now seems synonymous with Philly.
    And a Saison (by Yards) is a very fine thing
    when daffodils bend in a southerly wind,
    but when it’s eighty degrees on a “10” May day–
    and I plan to drink all day–I chose rosé.
    An easy find in even the barest state store,
    or take Ben or Walt to Jersey to choose from more,
    grab something dry, crisp, fresh with just a touch of sweet:
    Côtes de Provence or Château du Roquefort,
    or, for me, for nostalgia’s sake, Toad Hollow Rosé of Pinot Noir.
    Drink to spring–this and past. Make sure your next glass isn’t far.

  • Sarah Kornhaber

    Philly Mag…oh how I love thee….a rhyme? About wine? Any time!
    In this ode to spirits, I will describe
    There’s nothing better then the Philly spring time VIBE
    Our journey starts with an oaky Chardonnay
    While enjoying the fun, at the annual Penn Relay
    Then it’s on to my fave, society hill
    Where I’ll enjoy Sauvignon blanc, please make sure it’s chilled
    Who can forget Rittenhouse on a lush spring day?
    For that event, I’d love some Brie & don’t forget the cabernet
    But the best of all in the city of brotherly love….
    A flute of champagne, clearly a gift from above!
    Springtime in Philly? There no place else that I’d rather be…..

  • soakingwetandannoyed

    The schuykill has crested its banks
    and my wine cellar is 6 inches under water
    for tickets to winefest id say thanks
    and eat spring lamb fresh from the slaughter

  • natalieh

    The trees turn green, the weather warm

    We hope the bees will not soon swarm

    As we seek reprieve from the winter cold

    We seek the wine both sweet and bold

    The Philly restaurant scene just keeps improving

    With the food and wine that keeps you grooving

    Choosing the venue is only half the fun

    Deciding on wine and spirits is not easily done

    With sommeliers ready and snow long past

    I narrow my choices and call the last

    Ready my palate and cleanse taste buds

    For this meal I’ll choose the vine over the suds

  • Jennifer M

    I long for that indulgent and delicious Pinot Noir sip
    I long for the warm sun on my face, the bright hue of pink on my lip
    Bright soles and bold sunglasses, colorful sandals and sundresses
    The season of Spring is upon us! With sounds of joy from the ice cream messes

    Philadelphia is abound with festivals for all ages, the young at heart, the pure and carefree
    Celebrating the cuisine, the culture, the natural art and all its beauty
    Let’s talk food that is uniquely prepared by chefs, creating delicious miracles on my plate
    Wine me with a spicy Carmenere, a fruitful Bordeaux, a dry champagne (I don’t

    I long for the easy happiness that comes from the red or white
    I long for the feeling of warm weather and drinks, during day or night
    Contagious laughter and so many smiles, the air of romance of hands holding hands
    The season of Spring is upon us! With sounds of exciting and fun outside plans

  • Kara S

    Wine is proof that God loves us,
    and we love grapes
    but more so when fermented.
    Or so we misquote Ben Franklin
    in the land of BYOB and no corkage fees
    and liquor laws lamented.
    No matter. Bag the Malbec
    and toast to Fairmount in bloom
    and ball players we’ve resented.

  • Jaleh Najafali

    Burgundy, Pinot Grigio, and Merlot,
    I hope all this wine isn’t messing up my flow.
    There is no better place to enjoy you
    Than the city that’s filled with my crew.
    Oh, Philly, some people think you are full of gloom
    But I disagree with those who see doom.
    I’ll take a break from all this writing,
    And watch the Philly flowers blooming.

  • AA

    I’ll tell you the story of Philadelphia in Spring
    And you know what I tell you is true,
    Old City and NoLibs are crawling with folks
    After the long winter left everyone blue.

    The tourists run up the museum steps
    at Pat’s a ridiculous line,
    another drunk frat boy fell down on South Street,

    it’s time for my bottle of wine.

    Libations and yummies are just what I need
    to forget why I feel so stressed,
    Please make my life better Foobooz Philly Mag,
    send me to the Wine and Food Fest.

  • Jesserae3

    On a dewy April morning
    cool breeze on my chest
    birds chirping frivolously
    young crowds smoking grass
    seeds sprouting up in cherished Philly neighborhood gardens
    amid glorious rays of sunshine arousing their delicate senses
    to be ready once again to be picked in dirt-drenched pleasure
    and served among the butcher’s array of daily treasures
    we will indulge in our meal with a fine glass of wine
    with drunken laughter and warm thoughts of spring time
    as we shed light to the spring, and the great fare that it brings
    we know alas we will savor the showers and keep sipping our wine
    patiently awaiting the dog days of summer to arrive

  • Michele

    Spring is here and finally in the sun I shall bask,

    Why is it illegal to sit in LOVE park with some fine wine in
    a flask?

    The City of Philadelphia is the City of Brotherly Love,

    Might they allow this city ordinance to be one I could rise

    I will not cause a scene, of this I beg please

    Just let me sit quietly nibbling DiBruno’s cheese.

    Oh wait, the food trucks have just arrived and it’s a site
    for sore eyes,

    My dreams might be changing, of this I just realized.

    My hearts a flutter and my stomach is in knots,

    Is that Mama’s Meatballs along with Sweetbox?

    My lunch hour has surpassed I realize with despair

    So my thoughts turn to happy hour on Rittenhouse

  • gijyun

    This winter did bruise our soft pallet
    with too many beers and cooked shallots.
    The Flyers are stumped
    (that poor shark’s been jumped)
    But nothing’s as sad as my wallet.

    A nonprofit job and a baby
    mean money’s too tight for the savory
    and sweet of those bars
    (or fine Michelin Stars!)
    Please pity me and throw me some flavor(y)!

  • Tony

    Pour me two fingers, to squelch my despair

    Hair of the dog, whose bite doth impair

    In like a lion, this urban jungle’s king

    Lambs flock, as do birds – harbingers of spring

    Alas, a reprieve, the dawning of May

    Dalliances with Bruts, and ripe Chardonnay

    Entendre in pairs, in passion and fruit

    Libations impair, the senses and truth

    Pedestrian voyeurs, perched outside Parc

    Homage to the vintners, and vintage at heart

    Indulge in the scene, and lighthearted banter

    An afternoon of delight, in a crystal decanter

  • Leslie G

    Is there anything as fine

    As a glass of fine wine

    Sipped from a stemless glass

    In a sidewalk café?

    A sidewalk café

    On a street in old City

    Where the spring sun shines

    On red brick and cobblestone.

    Spring time wine

    Spring time sunshine

    Subime time

    Spring in Philadelphia is fine.

  • Briiiaaan

    Wine is fine
    Beer is better
    Fall is good
    Spring is better
    Rain comes and delivers the water
    Out of the dark creatures flutter
    Spring is best
    From east falls to Frankford hall
    Have a sip
    take a dip
    Just let spring take you in

  • Erin

    Spring has sprung, it’s cause for pause and now I’m ready to play
    The coats are gone, the ice has melt, it’s time to plan our day
    With fromage and fruits, on red checkered blankets and charcuterie filling our plates
    The pour of the wine, the bouquet of the evening, will soon decide our fates

    So where to start, the choice is clear, a goblet filled with red?
    A white’d be nice, rose for sure…depends which way you head
    One things for sure, there is no doubt, it’s Philly where I’ll be.
    The best city for eats and drinks, from sea to shining sea.

    There’s Fairmont, Rittenhouse, and Washington Square just to name a few
    To ‘cop a squat’ on grass so green and skies that look true blue
    So pop the cork, lets hear that sound that makes us toast and cheer
    Spring has sprung, lets drink it in with friends we hold so dear.

  • lydia

    In Rittenhouse Square,

    I feel like a millionaire,

    drinking with great pleasure,

    the Cabernet is my treasure,

    a spring breeze softly blowing,

    as I sip my wine knowing

    no better time can be had

    by a teetotaler gone bad

    than sitting outside PARC,

    people-watching until dark,

    not in any hurry to leave

    because of the wine I receive.

  • YipYipYip

    “but we’re asking you to keep it to a max of 12 lines.”

    • YipYipYip

      “The only rule is that it must be 12 lines”

      So, which one is it?

  • HangingbyaThread

    So many wines to taste
    In so many a way,
    From the valleys of Napa
    To Peconic Bay.

    But nothing quite sparkles
    Like champagne in Philly on a spring day.

    Shiraz from Mendoza,
    Big glass of Bordeaux,
    Sauvignon from Down Under,
    Or Port sipped slow.

    I’d trade each indelible memory and sip
    For a bubbly glass on Rittenhouse Row.

  • Judith

    Sippin’ with Ben
    Forsythia bloomin’
    All roads lead to Philly
    Sidewalk’s what you doin’

    Betsy, Penn, the Commodore
    We down Lafite
    They give us more

    Spring and Vine
    Charm on your glass
    All roads lead to Philly
    Grace a Master Class


  • anthony s

    For spring is here and I thirst for the cup

    It’s been a long winter’s rut

    Spring has sprung and long live the revival of the city

    Pub crawls and street festivals are on alive once again

    So I settle in and fill my cup to the brim

    Philadelphia is alive once again

    Outdoor dining and sidewalk cafes I love

    For nothing is as great as the sun, wine and fine dining

    So gather all my fellow bon viveurs

    Spread love and good cheer and plenty of wine & beer

    Philadelphia food wine & festival is back with cheer

    Don’t worry or fear winter snow is nowhere near

  • Ben

    While watching the clock I stop and say ‘Damn!’
    I’m ready for a glass of Merlot
    Why does work go by so slowly in spring, man?

    ‘Cause when 5 o’clock hits I’ve got to go!
    I want to sip on a glass of my favorite libation
    And pair it with a nice juicy steak
    Perhaps at Chima near 30th Street station
    And eat all the meat I can take
    With a full belly I’ll walk around the city
    And look at the beautiful sights
    Because Philly in springtime is always so pretty
    Just avoid all the joggers and bikes

  • Julia K

    It’s the first day of spring
    And the birds start to sing

    Last week I had placed my order online
    I had picked out my very favorite wine

    The postman arrives with the wine, which is delicious
    Apparently even though it said ‘alcohol’ all over the box, it wasn’t suspicious

    We drink our wine and watch the Phillies on TV
    For once we win, oh thank you, Cliff Lee!

    Now we enjoy the spring weather as we stroll through Love Park
    Then we continue on to enjoy the PAFA After Dark

    Finally we settle along the Schuylkill to gaze at the stars up above
    Just another perfect spring spring day in the City of Brotherly Love

  • Becca

    As I stroll through the city, with my wine, in a can
    the spring breeze blowing buds in my face,
    I stop on the stoop, to shake hands with a man
    who just watches the street’s busy pace.

    “Just sit”, says the gent, and i do, on the stoop
    As I pass him, the drink from my hand
    we sit, and we sip til the day’s flown the coop
    and we both simply think, “Aint’t life grand”

    When the sun takes a dive and the street lights come on
    Mr. Frosty, cuts the night, like a knife
    he smiles and he says, “one more Philly day gone”
    and we both know, that this is the life

  • in the shadow of a bell sit all,
    peals of laughter, Harry’s calls—

    bravuras and buskers sound the air,
    breathing evening in Washington Square.

    blossoms exhale generously
    to sunken stomachs on Chestnut Street

    bells and buildings, a storied town:
    wine warmed us then (it warms us now).

    some things don’t change here, date to date:
    a city happy sitting, happy to wait—

    flushed and faint on the
    cobblestone quaint.

  • Latiya Pullum

    Oh Spring my love, I’ve missed you so

    Tell me, where have you been?

    No matter, let’s sit and let the Chardonnay flow

    Or the Riesling, but please no Gin

    This time of year is full of cheer

    With smiles, and trees and sun

    And while some like to gather for beer

    Drinking wine is how I have my fun

    Just me and my friends basking in laughter

    Sitting outside of Rouge

    We drink ‘til they close, and on the morning after

    Our bank accounts sing The Blues

  • Vagabond

    What thinkest thou of, mine Brotherly Love,
    Cheesesteaks, rowdy fans and parking wars?
    Pray, tellest them not of the treasure we’ve got
    It’s our secret for us to adore.

    Always sunny it be, lovely O Hanami,
    Ballet, theater and musical arts,
    Architectural awes, friend to bikers and paws,
    Bon Vivants are us all in our hearts!

    In the spring there’s romance, drinking, dining and dance,
    Cafés that remind us of Frahnce,
    Willie Penn, he would smile at Philadelphia style,
    This the mecca that’s par excellence!

  • abrahamsandwich

    The hour was late and the city was sunk
    Water from South Street up to Manayunk
    The brewery was flooded, the streets were submerged
    The river and roadways had slowly converged
    Was this really Philly? Was it really Spring?
    This wasn’t the weather they thought May would bring.
    But then morning came, and the flood had receded
    So back to their homes they wearily retreated.
    They’d had enough water – more than their share.
    A flood of a different sort now just seemed fair.
    So they lined up their wines and started to choose.
    Then uncorked all their bottled, and enjoyed their deluge!