Help Wanted: Picking The Region’s Best Craft Beer

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Okay, so we have this project that we’re starting here at Foobooz World HQ. We’re trying to find all the best local craft beers in order to face them off, head-to-head, and determine (through drinking) which one is the greatest of them all.

We have our experts, of course. Our brewers and bartenders, drunkies and hop-heads, and all the various other professional drinkers we turn to whenever there’s a question involving alcohol and its consumption. And there’s our own not-insubstantial drinking experience to fall back on, as well. But you see, we’re worried…

We’re worried that, somehow, we’re going to miss a beer. Or two. Or twenty. We’re concerned that, with the overwhelming numbers of great beers out there, that we might somehow forget one that could’ve been a contender to the throne. And that’s why we’re turning to you, the Foobooz community. All day today and throughout the weekend we’ll be collecting and cataloging your suggestions for the best beers in the area, so if you’ve got one (or two or twenty) that you really, truly love and think might be the best, let us know.

Yes, beer nerds, this is your moment to shine. So please, help us make sure that our starting list of beers is as full and comprehensive as it can be. All suggestions go in the comments. Feel free to vote the suggestions made by others up or down. And while I know how passionately some of you out there feel about your lagers and your stouts, let’s try to keep it civil, huh?


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  • Fart Face

    Yards Cape of Good Hope, Victory Storm King

  • Mike H

    Flying Fish Exit 4; Philadelphia Brewing Co Fleur de Lehigh; Victory White Monkey; Nodding Head Ich Bin Ein Berliner Weisse; Round Guys Berliner Weisse; Weyerbacher Riserva;

  • Mike D.

    Iron Hill Russian Imperial, Neshaminy Leon Russian Imp., Troegs Nuggest Nectar & Perpetual IPA (Not sure how local we are being), Dogfish 120 Min or Worldwide Stout, Manayunk IPA.

    • Art from Foobooz

      If it’s local enough for William Reed and the Standard Tap, it’s local enough for us.

  • tsarstruck

    Honestly, might as well just add everything from Tired Hands and choose the winner from there. All of there stuff is next level ish. Other than that: Victory Prima Pils, Yards Hoppy Lil’ Hudson, and I second Flying Fish Exit 4…

  • Patrick Carroll

    Victory Hop Ranch and PBC Commonwealth Ginger. I’ll also second Round Guys Berliner Weisse and Yards Cape of Good Hope (Good Hope was exceptionally good this year).

  • Mike D.

    If we are talking Victory we should start and end the conversation with Dirtwolf.

  • alaman68

    Victory Hop Ranch may be the best beer in the country. Significantly better than Pliny the younger or older, and we all know where those rank every year. Too bad they only make it for a short period in the winter.

    • Charles Southgate

      Azzaca hops are the reason why this is a limited release I’m told. Its still cool to A/B this with DW as they are basically from the same project.

      • Art from Foobooz

        Yeah, but those Azzaca hops are something else.

        • alaman68

          if I never needed a reason to start a garden…

        • Charles Southgate

          ..Hop Ranch on draught at the D-town pub this past Sunday.

  • kidrendall

    Dogfish 120, Victory V12, Trubbel de Yards, Dock Street Sexual Chocolate, Flying Fish Exit 4, PBC Shackamaximum

  • Frank the Tank

    Victory Red Thunder, Dogfish Head Theobroma and Midas Touch, Shawnee Bourbon Barrel Porter, PBC Fleur de Lehigh, Flying Fish Exit 4.

    Wow. We’re spoiled.

  • DKH22

    Mad Elf, or Victory Storm King. Enjoy your weekend

  • Dan

    Hands down, Tired Hands is putting out the best beers in the area right now.

    It really isn’t all that close with a few exceptions from Troegs (Nugget Nectar, Troegenator) and Victory (Dirt Wolf, Storm King). There is nothing from Yards, PBC, Stoudts, Flying Fish or any of the others that even comes close.

    Dogfish Head isn’t really local, but if it was then Festina Peche would deserve some consideration. 90 and 120 minute are actually pretty horrendously over-malted. Way too much maple syrup and stewed raisins. Most of their others are gimmicky shit.

    • Dan

      Oh, Dock Street’s Rye IPA is a pretty great and sessionable beer. Much better than 60 minute.

  • Jeff

    Victory’s Golden Monkey and Storm King
    Troegs Nugget Nectar (Mad Elf second)
    And if we’re considering Dogfish local, then it’s the 120 Minute
    Oh, and Nodding Head has put out some real nice stuff. I forget the name of the barrel aged sour I had there not too long ago, but it reminded me of RR’s Consecration. Two thumbs up there.

  • cjtst11

    Tired Hands; their recently released single hop First Level IPA is unbelievably good.

  • beer and food

    I think weyerbacher victory river horse and sly fox all make some really nice beers. I like tired hands and the vault in yardley. Neshaminy Creek makes a great tripel. Prism has a few good ones as well. I think yards Philly brewing need to be listed as well.

  • caga tio

    All of the Sly Fox lagers: Helles, Pikeland Pils, and Oktoberfest, though all of their beers are good.

  • slotsoffun777

    Flying Fish Farmhouse Summer Ale, Victory Storm King, Victory Summer Love and even though it is apparently contracted out I’m gonna throw on the list here Doylestown Brewing R-5 Lager!

  • ND

    From Bullfrog in Williamsport: Apricotdabra, Coqfight, and Cafe Jong Bruin. Aside from maybe Tired Hands no other PA brewery matches their sours and belgian styles.

  • ayeboy

    Slyfox Dunkel Weiss & Stoudts Gold are both very underrated and very good beers. One isn’t around as much as it should and one is taken for granted.

  • t-Ditty

    Dogfish Rye IPA is up there. Up in Montco, Round Guys brewery has been putting out some quality stuff (Fat Bob comes to mind). Agree that Tired Hands is starting to pull away from the pack just a bit.

  • TJ

    Tired Hands has raised the bar when it comes to local craft beer. And then Victory has taken a “next level” approach and really risen above the rest of the other local craft breweries.

  • EdMonton

    Victory must-haves: DirtWolf, SummerLove, GoldenMonkey and StormKing
    In the non-Victory category: Sly Fox Christmas, Troegs Dead Reckoning, Flying Fish Exit 16

  • Sean

    There has been one mention of Pilsner so far?? Prima is solid, how about Braumeister Pils? Stoudts Pilsner and Pikeland Pils are no slouches either. Sunshine pils deserves a mention as does the Trauger Pils. This should be its own category – FLUFFIEST PA PILS.

    My vote is BRAUMEISTER

  • Jaleh Najafali

    Flying Fish Abbey Dubbel

  • Lee

    Tired Hands is making some really amazing beers. Handfarm and Back into the Emptiness are incredible saisons and beers like Extra Knuckle or We Are All Infinite Energy Vibrating At The Same Frequency are world class representations of their styles.

    Since no one else seems to have mentioned them yet I would also give a nomination to some of Forest and Main’s beers; notably the relatively recent Marius bottles released (Peach and Plum barrel aged saisons) which were both excellent.

    If you wanted to go with something bottled (or canned) that is widely distributed though I would personally go with Victory Dirtwolf or Weyerbacher Riserva. Both are fantastic.

  • Boo-urns

    Taking the opposite approach, some of the ones that you shouldn’t bother wasting any time on: Prism (just dreadful all around), Flying Fish (half boring, half lousy), Round Guys (major quality control issues — Parmesan Berliner Weiss anyone?), Philadelphia Brewing (off the mark on every beer).

    The “Meh” list: Rock Bottom, Triumph, Sly Fox, McKenzies (any location), Nodding Head. Nothing terrible, just… meh.

  • Scott

    everything brewed by Tired Hands, Yards Love Stout, Victory Prima Pils & Summer Love. Does Saison Du Buff (victory/dogfish/stone) count or does the Stone contribution void it? PBC’s brewery tour wins for coffering the most free beer.

  • DG

    Iron Hill Russian Imperial Stout, Sly Fox Pikeland Pils, Sly Fox Grisette, Yards ESA, Victory Braumeister Pils, Stoudts Gold, damn there are so many more, I could go on and on

  • disqus_G1SoGjFeoc

    I have recently started going to Vault Brewing- all the beers are smooth and delicious.

    • Boo-urns

      +1 on the Vault. Good, solid beers, neat atmosphere. Much better now they added bar stools! :-)

  • Eric

    Victory’s Golden Monkey deserves OG cred by now.
    And if we’re talking monkeys, can’t forget White Monkey.
    Dirt Wolf is certainly the best up & comer.
    Troegs Nugget Nectar is equally yummy.
    Haven’t had tired hands yet. Guess I know what I’m drinking next!

    • Boo-urns

      Golden Monkey is a sugary sweet sack of crap, one of the few blatant misfires (albeit a popular one!) in a lineup that is as solid as just about any other brewery I’ve been to, and quite often spectacular. (The aforementioned Dirt Wolf a perfect example.)

      • Eric

        Yeah, well, that’s just like your opinion, man.
        Ok then, crack an egg of wisdom on me here.
        So instead of providing a list of things that are ‘meh’, why don’t you enlighten us all as to your suggestions for the best?

        • Boo-urns

          Being covered pretty well by others, no need. I’m just trying to keep folks from wasting their time with the subpar and the subbeer.

          And yes, it’s my opinion. I never said I was about unleash facts. Unless specifically stated otherwise, everything anyone posts on the Interwebs is an opinion.

  • Dom

    Big Guy – Victory Dirt Wolf, although I preferred the Hop Ranch
    Little Guy – Tired Hands. Pick one. They’re all fantastic.

  • 14thandBroad

    Kane Brewing – Overhead IPA; Carton Brewing – 077XX. Adding some newebie non-bottled Jersey for consideration, if it’s local enough for you. You can throw the Boat Beer in there too.