Win Free Tickets To The Foobooz Walking Dead Finale Party

Walking Dead Season 4

In case you haven’t heard yet, we’re throwing a Walking Dead finale party at Davio’s this Sunday. There’s gonna be food (a special, Walking Dead themed menu, designed by chef and zombie enthusiast Chris Tavares) and there’s gonna be booze (paired wines with each course). We’re gonna get to watch the finale on a big screen. But do you know what the best part is about it being our party? We get to give away tickets to the cleverest and most deserving among you.

Hence, we have determined that it is time for a contest. A poetry contest. A zombie poetry contest. And the winner gets a pair of tickets to Sunday night’s dinner and finale party.

So here’s the deal: Since the chef at Davio’s is putting together a Walking Dead menu, what we want from you is some Walking Dead poetry. It doesn’t have to be a haiku this time, but we’re asking you to limit it to 12 lines. Free verse is just fine, but there are bonus points for anyone who goes with a rhyme scheme (and double points for rhyming “zombie” with…anything, even though the word “zombie” is never used in the show).

Beyond that? Everything is fair game. It can be fan poetry. It can be specific to the show. It can be completely unconnected to the show, provided it remains within the Walking Dead’s universe. 12 lines and involving walkers, that’s what we’re asking for. All submissions go in the comments. The deadline is 4:30 tomorrow (Thursday). And this time we are picking the winner, so feel free to vote up poems you like, but the most popular will not necessarily be the winner.

We clear? Then get to writing. And for those of you who just don’t feel like you have a poem in you, there are still some tickets available for Sunday night’s party: $125 per person for three courses, plus wine pairings, passed apps and getting to watch the Walking Dead season 4 finale with a bunch of Philly super fans–and us, too. Call Davio’s at 215-563-4810 to secure your reservations now.

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  • Sam brown

    Ok I’ll give it a whirl:
    Wake Up
    You awake from a long peaceful slumber, during which you did not dream
    To discover a waking nightmare, where nothings what it seems

    The world is run amuck, with monsters everywhere
    They’ve climbed out of closets, under beds and from underneath the stairs

    Familiar faces are Sheep’s clothing, hiding dangerous fangs
    Whose only want is to chomp your flesh and feast upon your brains

    You take up arms, hide in jails and sleep among the trees,
    wishing to go back to bed, where at least your mind was free

    But no, you can’t, this is real life though everyone else seems dead
    Or diseased or had lobotomies
    Because they’ve all turned to zombies not corpses instead

  • Frank the Tank

    Zombie Poetry

    Uhhhh uhhhh uhhh uhhh-hhh-uhhh-hhhh;


    • Jason Sheehan

      As soon as I posted this, I knew someone was going to do that. Congratulations on being the first, Frank. You never let me down.

      • Frank the Tank

        No one said the undead couldn’t be sensitive.

  • Erin

    Zombie Poetry by Erin

    The weapons are chosen and plans in place
    When the apocalypse begins,
    You won’t find fear on this face

    Solo is fine but you’re better in a group
    Head out of the city,
    And get used to canned soup

    You’ll rarely encounter just one little zombie
    So prepare yourself,
    Because it’ll be a full-on walker tsunami

    My advice to you when facing the undead,
    Get packed, get moving
    And aim for the head!

    • Angela

      This is awesome!!

    • Chest Rockwell

      Your use of Iambic Pentameter is amaze-balls. This one should win.

    • Karpinker


    • Julia

      Best one yet!

  • Nicholas Wright

    From the coma I awake
    to see the dead eating flesh like cake

    To the CDC I fled in search of a cure
    There I learned nobody was pure

    Surrounded by walkers but I have my bestie Shane
    He tried to kill me, but Carl took care of his brain

    At the prison, we were happy inmates
    But the Governor revoked our pardon and stormed the gates

    Everyone scattered, Daryl claimed new powers
    In the end, we’ll all look at the flowers

  • FoieMilkshake

    Cook the fuck outta that flesh-eating Zombie

    Straight outta yer Electrolux Combi

    Foobooz will suck yer brains

    Victor will post something about F-Cab

    A sight that used to be good like

    Is still just plain ole suck

    Oh, the horror…

  • Christina

    A home abandoned, fled in fear
    of undead walking, lusting near
    to feed and feast on yielding flesh —
    a taste of life in death’s caress.

    Scattered faces on the floor
    lie wasted, photos framed no more.
    I once was whole, a wife, a son.
    Apocalypse, my world undone.

    How can I escape this unwished for fate?
    Never knowing the horrors I must await.
    A brief reprieve, perhaps, tomorrow in death.
    But for now, I wait with bated breath.

  • Forum Poster

    It’s getting late and I hear someone mutter “mommy’

    Turning around its Judith and she is a zombie

    Freaking out like I forgot to put the mortgage payment in the

    I turn the other direction and run straight into Dale………

    This is a serious mess and I need to head for the farm

    I get there and everyone is already gone

    I twist my ankle and I’m in some serious pain

    I look up and here comes a walker named Shane

    Oh, if I just would have paid the one twenty five

    I’d be enjoying a cab ride to Davio’s and still be alive

    All you foobooz fools have a great time

    Just don’t forget to check behind you as you stand in line…….

  • Justin S

    The year of the rapture, and we’re left for dead.
    Time to kill your best friend, the one in the shed.

    Let’s search for survivors. Now, we part ways.
    I’ll meet you back here in 28 days.

    Monkeys? A virus? What caused this plight?
    Bodies keep rising, dawn, day, and night.

    Attack with your chainsaws, shotguns, and sabers.
    They’ve stormed the pub, and eaten our neighbors!

    If you’ve been bitten, you won’t be the same.
    Consult the physician. I think “West” is his name.

    What do you call these things, the horrid undead?
    It’s too hard to rhyme, but it starts with a ‘zed.’

  • John Klimas

    Rrr emaciated zombie
    I bet you were hot alive
    Shirtless at Abercrombie

  • John Klimas

    Since all this went down I miss texting and boys
    Our leader Rick everything he touches he destroys
    And the rest of the kids are either psychopaths or still play with toys

    I miss my cell phone texting and tweeting
    Now it’s survival of the fittest always competing
    Oh look the have my dad and now they are eating

    As I sit scared these long lonely hours
    I wish it were a comic or T.V. Show and I had super powers
    Instead Carol had to tell Lizzie to look at the flowers

    Rrr yourself you emaciated hipster zombie
    I bet you were hot when you were alive shirtless at Abercrombie
    If I’m still alive tonight why don’t you call me

  • Brad Podray

    This is a story all about how
    my city was attacked by a walker crowd
    Now I’d like to take a minute so sit right there
    I’ll tell you how I escaped this world of despair

    In West Philadelphia the dead were raised
    The streets ran with blood during most of these days
    government collapsing, cracking, martial rule
    news stories about panic, closing all the schools

    then a couple of zombies, they were up to no good
    Started killin’ all the people in my neighborhood
    I got one little bite and my wife got scared
    She said “I’m sorry. I love You. Oh god. I can’t. Mike. Take the gun. Do it.” *bang

  • Joe

    Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse- A Checklist

    Permanent 5 ‘o clock shadow and cowboy hat?

    An unlikely band of misfits?
    They’ll be here in a sec.

    The cleanest Hyundai in all the wasteland?
    We’ve got it on lock.

    A couple of red shirt characters to kill off?
    They’re in stock.

    My wife and kid for some escort mission plots?
    I’ll give them a call STAT.

    Good writing?
    I’llhave to get back to you on that.

  • Guest

    Walkers here
    Walkers there
    There seem to be Walkers everywhere

    We find them in cars
    And in trains
    Even in airplanes

    Don’t dare look back
    There’s one stuck in the railroad track

    Where to go, where to hide
    We have traveled far and wide

    We have a arrived
    Here some have survived

    Terminus, oh, Terminus
    Please do not forsake us

  • Mary Ann

    Walkers here

    Walkers there

    There seem to be Walkers everywhere

    We find them in cars

    And in trains

    Even in airplanes

    Don’t dare look back

    There’s one stuck in the railroad track

    Where to go, where to hide

    We have traveled far and wide

    We have a arrived

    Here some have survived

    Terminus, oh, Terminus

    Please do not forsake us

  • abuggslife

    Zombie Poetry

    Walkers, walkers, everywhere and not a bite to eat
    This never ending hunger and feeling of defeat
    Oh, for just one small child to trip and fall
    Or maybe a lanky lad, nice and tall

    How long ago was my last bite?
    That tasty cow carcass, what a sight!
    What is that I see! Plump and fat!
    A bite size morsel in a cowboy hat

  • Empanada Crazy

    Z-ig and zag to avoid the walking dead
    O-nly thing to do is find a group and keep moving ahead
    M-aybe Terminus is the safe haven they’ve been looking for
    B-ut the living are the most dangerous, more and more
    I-f everyone makes it to the end of the line
    E-xpect someone to die, they won’t all be fine

  • pek

    Ode to Glenn and Maggie (Zombie Apocalypse Love Story)

    Two fools in love
    Run as fast as you as can
    For time is of essence
    In this zombie wasteland

    With past behind
    No zombies can keep you apart
    Brave new world
    Stay true to your heart

    The road is long
    Filled with unimaginable hardships
    Take comfort in each other
    Love in the zombie apocalypse

  • DMX

    I drop rhymes like they bombs, bee
    D to M to the X, shoot the head off a zombie!(WHAT?!)
    cold as ice. dumb bitch better think twice
    cause if you get near me, you gonna be dead twice (WHAT?!)
    I cut a zombie’s face down with a machete
    run em through a meat grinder to make walker spaghetti
    no more 9-1-1 emergency the urgency
    now regular people be seein what the surgeon see
    Red dot on a walker when he’s in mid range
    Red dot on his chest, opens up his rib cage

  • Amy

    I’m anxious already for October, and I really don’t know how I’ll wait
    We haven’t even seen the finale yet but I MUST KNOW my favorite pair’s fate!!!

    If Daryl dies, I will riot, burning effigies – firing arrows in the street!
    And if they also think about killing off Carole… (And she never gets Daryl!??!)
    A more blood-crazed fan, you won’t meet.

    My rampage will bring utter destruction.
    Poor Passyunk, you’ll suffer for naught.
    My nerves I’ll just soothe, perhaps with some food — or even my favorite draught…

    ….But NO SERIOUSLY – Screw Kirkman if they kill off Daryl!!
    If I see him — we’re fighting! F**k you and your writing!
    Don’t you make my favorite bowman a Zombie…
    I will f**k up your shit — you’ll squeal higher than Palombi…

  • pazosa

    Come and listen to my story ’bout a man named “Dead”
    Lowly walker dude barely stayed away from dread
    Then one day while he was chomping on some food
    When all the sudden out popped one very scary dude
    The dude said “Dead” come and walk this way with me
    ‘Cause I promise you that some delectable sights you’re bound to see

    All the neighbors said, “Dead”, you better steer clear of that dude
    Pretty sure the stuff he’s peddling is not our kinda food
    Then all the sudden “Dead” now he’s felt the zombie scare
    Decided him and his kinfolk before move away from there
    Cause as they say in walker lingo, that’s the way it bound to be
    So they loaded up the truck and that’s the last for this zombie…

  • Darth Vader

    It is I, Lord Vader
    seeing with my own eyes,
    Stepped through a time/space rift,
    wound up in the wrong franchise.

    All around me, I see horror and death
    and I can’t force choke a foe who does not draw breath
    Nevertheless, These walkers should hide,
    they can’t understand the true power of the dark side.

    The Walking Dead, more like FOOLS instead.
    Can’t dodge a lightsaber? Off with your head
    I can’t go back, I’m here to stay
    conquering a new world in a galaxy far, far away.

  • I remember Olga’s too

    Joe don’t walk so slow
    The moon’s shining on your head
    Tempting Zombies to gnaw and shred

    Joe you my man
    I wait behind the old wire
    Walk to set my heart afire

    Few of us still live in
    Human form with emotion
    Blood beats like the ocean

    Joe, walk, baby,run
    Zombies gonna’ get you lover
    Oh no-they did-get my gun

  • Aless8213

    Is it bad to think
    Life was better in the clink
    The prison was cool at first
    But then everyone, ahem CARRRLLL, became the worst
    Out on the road, everyone is kind of a drag
    Except Darrel, he’s a bad ass guy
    They are killing kids and no one really seems to care
    But the guy with the mullet is actually the worst scare
    There is no cure, they are being dragged into a trap
    Terminus is full of cannibals and the season is a wrap

  • Sharon

    My kids are both hooked, my husband is too;
    They spend Sunday night ever since its debut.
    Their mom’s not a fan, she’s not into undead;
    Downton Abbey’s her choice, or Revenge, instead.
    But all is not lost, how great can this mom be;
    Two of the family will watch the finale of zombie.
    She booked them a table, Walking Dead night at Davio’s;
    While she and her other sits home and eats Cherios.
    My one son is whining, oh why can’t he go;
    So now here’s your chance, get mom hooked on the show.
    Give her two tickets, maybe she’ll get sucked in;
    Keep this family together, I so want to win!

  • LCC

    I will try to


    While I learn to


    As I start to

    live again,

    And not dwell in what is set.

    Keep my panic at bay

    As I avoid their bites

    And I’ll try (though it hurts me)

    Not to
    close my eyes.

    I’m learning to


    Familiar, frightening faces

    Resist the urge to join them
    In aimless, unknown places.

  • Jim Hankins

    The walkers will dine one last time,
    on the season finale of the Walking Dead.
    My hope is to join them for a feast of my own
    of steak, marrow and cake, bloody red!

    Give me the free tickets for the Zombie Dinner,
    I can practically taste the Ahi Carpaccio Caprese!
    It will be an awesome night that can’t disappoint,
    unless it ends with the death of Tyresse.

  • LCC

    (Sorry, that posted really weirdly. I’m trying again.)

    I will try to survive
    While I learn to forget
    As I start to live again,
    And not dwell in what is set.

    Keep my panic at bay
    As I avoid their bites
    And I’ll try (though it hurts me)
    Not to close my eyes.

    I’m learning to ignore
    Familiar, frightening faces,
    Resist the urge to join them
    In aimless, unknown places.

  • FoieMilkshake

    So, did I win?