Farmers’ Cabinet Health Inspection: “Countless Mouse Droppings” and “Several Species of Roaches”


Remember when Philadelphia’s Department of Health shut down the Farmers’ Cabinet back in February? At the time, we heard from a number of folks that the shutdown occurred simply because the restaurant didn’t have a “health code certified employee.” Of course, this sounded like utter bullshit. And now that the Department of Health has finally released the report of what the inspectors found in the restaurant on February 10th, we know for a fact that it was bullshit.

According to an official report released by the Department of Health:

“This facility was ordered to cease operations on 2/10/14 due to vermin activity, the lack of a certified person, improper sanitization of food equipment and multi-use utesils, the lack of a drain line at the 3-basin sink, and the lack of cold water at the handsink in the serving bar area… Most risk factors were corrected, however, during the time of inspection the Sanitarians observed countless mouse droppings on food equipment, shelves, and floor surfaces throughout all first floor and basement areas. Several species of roaches were also observed behind the a bar and in the basement. The establishment must remove all old/unused equipment, properly eliminate all evidence of rodents and insects from the establishment, and have a certified pest control company provide services as needed. Facility may not resume operations until approved by the Health Department.”

So while yes, one of the (many) problems was that the place didn’t have a “certified person,” there were also other issues. You know, like “countless mouse droppings” and not just roaches but “several species of roaches.”

The Farmers’ Cabinet apparently rectified the problem, because the restaurant was allowed to reopen just two days after it was shut down.

All Farmers’ Cabinet coverage [f8b8z]

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  • Annoyed_with_Victor_AND_Farmer

    You, Victor, truly are a hack. Did you actually sit there salivating in anticipation of the release of this report? Just let it go already. This isn’t journalism. It is simply hate mongering at this point.

    • DTurner

      It seems like noting the health code violations of a popular restaurant would be good journalism, no?

      • Cityeater

        Perhaps it would if he reported the health code violations of every other restaurant in the city as well. I’m no huge fan of the farmer’s cabinet, but its pretty clear at this point that Victor has a vendetta. He’s just starting to look silly.

        • YupYup

          Obviously, this has some public interest. Does the local news or paper have to report every robbery to be a legitimate news source?

        • Jack

          Actually, he’s not looking silly. It is good journalism. He is exposing Matt and Colleen for a reason. Because they are criminals and he knows it. Good journalist expose crooked people.

    • JustTheFacts

      It’s actually fact-reporting. You could simply just glance over it if you don’t want to read it.

    • jack

      I’m sure he was salivating at the news, as would anyone who knows Matt and Colleen Swartz! A smile is brought to my face each and everytime they are publicly denounced! Because it is time they are seen for who they really are in this world. Karma always catches up….just remember that Matt and Colleen. I look forward to veiwing your court documents next Thrusday, March 27, to see where you are at in your trial process. :)

  • Who Cares

    Stupid article. Who cares. They rectified the problems right? Great. Lets move on.

    • Really?

      Yes. The evacuated all the rodents and roaches in 2 days. Hahahha

      • JA

        Yes and one of them has a court date coming up!

  • GH

    my guess is that “Who Cares” and “Annoyed_with_Victor_AND_Farmer” are the scumbag proprietor in disguise

  • Earl J

    Was the large rodent named Matt?

    • JA

      He’s half rodent and half cock-a-roach!

  • Babette

    Change the name to Cabinet on a Farm. Fire the human staff. Hire the rodents and roaches. Boom.

    • Joe

      Brilliant B!!!!

  • timo

    I went here once. Got massively ripped off for a couple $9.90 10oz tap beers and never went back. Discovered it was the same group of owners that were in East Falls and would never wanted to visit any of his bars again. Then got screwed again when he opened a place on South 11th St, that lasted about 4 months before being reeconceptualized and lasted three more months. How is the place doing over near Rittenhouse?

    • YupYup

      According to Klein, the place on 19th is owned by Pete Antipas and Swartz is “consulting.” Because hiring a consultant who has closed 6 establishments and is awaiting a forgery hearing is an excellent business model.

      • SukItSwartz

        Vermin always run together and Swartz finds vermin building owners to be filthy with. Anyone who still eats or works at a Swartz spot deserves to crap their intestines out their ass from food born disease.

  • tijuana

    This restaurant is like a cockroach, it has been squashed a few times but just won’t die!

  • Boo-urns

    How the fuck does this guy continue to exist in the bar/restaurant industry? How?????

    • jack

      How does he continue to exist period? And please, please let’s not forget about his wife. Everyone always just discussing Matt. She IS his sidekick!

  • nija

    How much does it cost to pay off Philly mag/foobooz?

  • FarmersWHO?

    Really getting annoyed that this place keeps popping up. This place is irrelevant and has been for 2 years now. No one but tourists and bridge and tunnel trash visit here anyway, which is how they stay open. No self-respecting Philadelphian willingly dines at an “establishment” such as The Farmers’ Cabinet.

    They’re a joke. They’re basic. They’re criminals. They know it.

    So lets just continue to ignore these peasants and eventually, they’ll go away!

    • former farmer

      Agreed. Giving any attention to this black hole just helps more idiots get sucked in. Let them scurry off into the darkness with the rest of the vermin they shelter

      • Ryan

        I think you all are over reacting a little bit. I am a Philadelphian who enjoys a lot of the establishments on the best bar/restaurant lists that get published on here but also have had a good time every time I’ve been to Farmer’s Cabinet. I agree that rodent problems are not okay and if the owner is truly a scumbag then that sucks, but at the end of the day, never had a bad time there, they draw a fun crowd and the drinks are good.

  • joehoya

    when the restaurant first opened, i ordered a burger and there was a sharp metallic screw in the burger that i almost swallowed. too bad it took 3 years for the pot to boil over.