No Ordinary Joe: Best Coffee in Philadelphia

Coffee in Philadelphia

Photography by Trevor Dixon

Drew Lazor has a feature in the February Philadelphia magazine on Philadelphia’s best coffee spots. Lazor names the top fifteen places to grab a cup of coffee in Philadelphia.

And for the serious caffeine fiend, here’s how to pimp out your home coffee  setup, so it’s cafe quality in your own house.

No Ordinary Joe: The Best Coffee in Philadelphia [Philadelphia Magazine]
How to Brew Your Own Coffee with Nest Cafe
 [Philadelphia Magazine]

  • Arlo B.

    Elixir is some serious business, but I think my favorite spot is Nook on 20th north of Chestnut. Of course the irony is that if everyone knows about it and starts going there, it screws up the cool atmosphere they have going there. As it is Elixir is usually too packed for my tastes.