Meme Fried Chicken Pop-Up at American Sardine Bar


Tomorrow, Thursday, January 30th, Scott Schroeder and American Sardine Bar are once again playing host to David Katz and his Mémé fried chicken.

The dish was a popular once-a-week lunchtime treat when Katz owned Meme at 22nd and Spruce. Tomorrow, Katz will be back in the kitchen, cooking up his fried chicken and biscuits. Lunch starts at 11 a.m. and the High Life is already on ice. completely sold out last time they hosted the pop-up.

  • variable

    I need to know what the orange stuff in the paper cups is. Couln’t be whiz, could it? Some sort of red pepper aioli? SATISFY ME!

    • Art from Foobooz

      It’s a hot sauce based dip. It’s awesome though the chicken really doesn’t need it.