Lots of Dead Pigs In Photos for Tap Room Fine Swine Pig Dinner


If you’re going to throw a big pig dinner that’s being presided over by female chefs, I guess it makes sense to advertise said pig dinner with a photo of one of those chefs posing with a bunch of dead pigs while wearing a human anatomy leotard.


The young lady seen here in a decidedly non-PETA-friendly shot is Melissa Torre of Cookie Confidential, and she’s posing with the dead pigs at Cannuli’s Meats (formerly Cannuli’s House of Pork) in the Italian Market as part of an advertising campaign for the Tap Room on 19th Street’s five-course Fine Swine Pork and Beer Dinner on February 24th.

The other chefs (the group is calling itself “The Fine Swine”) include Tap Room’s Jennifer Choplin, private chef Barbie Marshall, Tia McDonald of the Vetri Foundation, and Alix Christina from Amis.


Dinner (made from lots of pig parts) will cost $65 or $85 with beer pairings from Bucks County Brewery, and a portion of the proceeds will go to the Vetri Foundation. Tickets will be available online soon and also at Tap Room and Cookie Confidential.

And here’s a photo by photographer Chatalie Nico. I hope that she titles it Pig Butt.


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  • Trinqets

    Chatalie Nico
    Great Shots
    I’m looking for a photographer to set up a photo booth for my party next month.
    Is that you? :)

  • Rich-D

    The last comment “I hope that she titles it Pig Butt” was tasteless!

  • Carol J. Adams

    This is a part of the sexual politics of meat, sexualizing women chefs to promote the consumption of dead animals.

    • tijuana

      you’re right! She obviously hates being there and dead animals. I missed your comment on this thread, http://www.phillymag.com/foobooz/2013/07/18/jason-cichonski-scores-a-pig/ . Not everything is sexist.

      • Eat this

        Only men say when things are and aren’t sexist to women I suppose…

      • melissa torre

        Oh yes…please someone save me from.the sexist meat market!! Oh wait…nevermind, I’m.a successful business owner who decided to do a photo shoot for PORK DINNER I’m a part of…carry on internet :)

        • C

          Successful business owner= making cookies with bacon and posing with dead pigs? Enjoy your 15 minutes.

          • melissa torre

            My company is in its 8th year at this point, guess I’m just stacking up those 15 minutes.thanks for your concern tho, have a great afternoon :)

          • T

            This whole thing is sad and pathetic. If your going to try to pull this off do it with some class, not your ass. Find a photographer with some vision, this could of made a statement, instead you look like an immature little twat, and an embarrassment to this city and women chefs.

          • sertsj1

            Go get ’em crusader. Maybe they could’ve dressed her up in a fucking HAZMAT suit to make you squares happy. The no fun crew’s here ladies and gentleman. Because if they aren’t happy, you can’t be either.

          • TY

            Squares? What are you a 50 year old trying to find your boner again through pig dinner advertisements?

          • CBlessed

            LOL! If you were smart, you would google what sexual politics of meat means. Then you would see the first responder’s name. Carol Adams is one of the forerunners of feminism and antiracism juxtaposed with animal activism. Pick up a book. It will save your life.

          • samantha

            Good for you dear, i understand that people who eat meat have a problem with PETA but obviously you don’t give a F$%K about how these animals are brutalized and tortured, might do you some good to watch earthlings, free on line..obviously mocking these dead pigs is getting you the publicity you crave,, sorry you can’t get business without posing as deranged heartless twat.. have a nice day

          • LGBTcompassion

            Your 8th year could be your last, after proudly and publicly taking delight (including sexual) in suffering and death, then rabidly expressing contempt for those who have compassion and humanity. Not a great marketing strategy.

        • sertsj1

          The only thing I focused on throughout this photo shoot was your beautiful ass. As did the camera guy. So I guess that’s kind of sexiest. As for the pigs… survival of the fittest. G’day.

          • You’re a dick

            This proved the point of the whe discussion. The event is lost. The supreme talent of the women cooking, lost. Bravo, you located her ass.

          • sertsj1

            And you… why even bother. Sorry I commented on her looks. Didn’t think I’d have to debate with a bunch of weirdos searching for the meaning of life in a pig roast photo shoot.

          • Weirdo

            You’re the weirdo hawking a young woman’s ass…

          • You’re a douche

            It’s wonderful that this add appeals to people like you. Worked out perfectly to prove my point.

    • embarrassedtobealiberal

      It’s obvious that this photo shoot was done to laugh at people like you. It’s not an artist statement, it’s a publicity stunt designed to bring out the Peta Trolls like you who are guaranteed to throw a shit fit that’s every bit the equal in it’s close minded, desperate for control of others attitude that one would see in a far right Tea Party douche bag. By showing up with like clock work with your prefab outrage you ensure that this dinner will get lots of press and be a raging success, which is of course the opposite of what you want, isn’t it Carol? Melissa is laughing at you, We’re all laughing at you. People like you make me embarrassed to be a liberal. Now you must excuse me, I’m going to go eat some bacon while I read my new copy of Playboy.

      • Eat it

        I eat meat. I’m a center city chef. I’m a woman. Would never ever do this. Fuck your theories….

        • Kaminoneh

          You’re a woman, which is frightening. You have the same attitude towards animals as misogynist men did for women. You view animals as commodity used for you pleasure, like men used women for their pleasure for centuries. Shame on you for not understanding the principal of killing animals. You cloaked you’re misogyny with anthropocentrism. I understand if you don’t underestand. Carcass munchers are just that dense.

      • Guest

        Choke on your bacon douchebag

      • Amy Leinen

        The disconnect is so sad. Consider researching your condition. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vWbV9FPo_Q

      • aemry

        You clearly do not know who Carol Adams is.

    • sertsj1

      Sexual politics of meat? What? No man has ever masturbated to a deli menu.

      • Philosophy 101

        The sexual politics of meat has to do with the breaking down of women in the eyes of men, the same way we do animals. Like being an ass man (kinda like how you stated you were looking at her ass in the comment above) being a ‘breast man’, liking a girls thighs and legs…they stop being a whole person and just become parts. The same way society fails the see the meat we consume and lives and whole entities and just ‘beef patties’ and chicken ‘wings’. Similar in the way we name women being a ‘babe’ or ‘chicks’…but you don’t ever have to deal with this being a male. So I understand your ignorance.

        • sertsj1

          There’s NO politics of meat. It’s meat. It’s meant to be consumed. The fact that you’re this fucking delusional and can draw a comparison to a pork chop and human is fucking bizarre. You need to get out of the house more.

          • Sarah

            No one is saying you’re a chauvinist. If you like her body that’s great. It’s not everyone’s taste of what beauty is but I assume she appeals to people.

            My issue is not with her showing off her body. It’s the dead animals in the background and the mocking. I eat meat, and I work with animals every day. I just thought there would be a little more respect for the pigs.

            What was supposed to be photo’s to promote the awesome female chefs in this city and the event – with part of the proceeds going to a very good cause (Vetri Foundation – if you don’t know about Eatiquette please go look it up) has become distracting.

            I would love to go to an event that benefits the Vetri Foundation that costs less that $100 bucks. I never get out of one of their places under $150. And it’s worth it every single time.

          • Earthlings-Quote

            “In each case, the pattern is identical. Though among the members of the human family we recognize the moral imperative of respect (every human is a somebody, not a something), morally disrespectful treatment
            occurs when those who stand at the power end of a power relationship treat the less powerful as if they were mere objects.

            The rapist does this to the victim of rape.

            The child molester to the child molested.

            The master to the slave.

            In each and all such cases, humans who have power exploit those who lack it.

            Might the same be true of how humans treat other animals?”

        • sertsj1

          What happened to fun? Why can’t we have a good laugh at no ones expense? Why are we debating women’s rights and pork products? She is beautiful. She does have a fantastic body. Why does that make me wrong for pointing it out? Because I point that out it makes me some male chauvinistic pig? Maybe the biggest problem is YOU.

      • swissy
  • Jack Cotter

    I like it. To me it shows how on the insides we’re not that different from those pigs we’re going to eat. I think that’s more respectful to the animal than deep frying it and covering it up with BBQ sauce until we don’t even think about what we’re eating.

    • melissa torre

      Thanks Jack! Nice to see some logic being used by someone rather than knee jerk, uninformed assumptions :)

    • Whoa

      So she’s a living pig diagram? You are a fucking smart guy! You single? You’re a catch!

    • sertsj1

      Totally,Jack. It wasn’t the tight spandex outfit…

    • CBlessed

      What’s the respectful part of slaughtering the pigs? I’m missing that, entirely.

  • Philly chef

    This set women chefs back 10 years. Whatta joke.

    • melissa torre

      Please elaborate on.your theories of how it does that exactly?

      • Philly chef

        Why wasn’t the foobooz coverage of Fonds Jan 27 pig dinner displayed like this? The title ‘lots of dead pigs..’ Sounds vile and sounds completely counter the philosophy of honor the animal that gave its life for us to enjoy. It really has nothing to do with YOU per se as a women it has to do with foobooz creating this ‘jokey’ plug for a bunch of quality chefs in our city. We hardly get recognized if we aren’t Marci Turney …it the minute a women’s event is plugged it looks like a bunch of clowns. I don’t lack humor but these shots look like the kinda thing I’d do with my friends behind the sense (letting off steam), not as a marketing gimmick.

        • Rich-D

          Marketing wise, it is a huge success. The article and photos are generating thousands of dollars in free publicity!

          • Philly chef

            Publicity, yes. We’ll see who goes. People are talking mad shit.

          • Sarah

            Would love to go to dinner that helps the Vetri Foundation. Especially one that is reasonably priced. But not after seeing these pictures. They are offensive and tasteless. You want to be taken seriously as a Chef? Then put a jacket on and have a little more respect for the animals you are working with. Or maybe this is just inside chef humor and the rest of us just aren’t getting the joke?

          • Philly Chef

            Exactly. When you have the name Vetri and the Vetri Foundation backing your event. Clean it up a bit.

        • Bethwyn Mell

          NO animal GIVES anyone their lives freely, willingly or happily…..there is nothing to honour in that. Honour is about according privilege, rights, esteem. It is the quality of knowing what is morally right and acting in accordance with that. The question you might like to consider is is it morally right to birth, alter, keep and then kill an animal for food? is it right to kill billions? quite frankly the only person in any of these animals that displays any honour is the dead animals who had no choice. Even if you think you are honouring the animals by saying what you do..you still see that animal as his or her material for you to use…just as the image encourages us to see this as acceptable by combining it with the acceptability of the image of the female as merely a body.

  • Brian Lofink

    I think you’re swell :)

  • Wendy

    When I saw this picture I thought it was about comparing the torture of animals to how we are as humans. I thought it was a PETA ad.

  • Dan T.

    Man, humans are such freakin’ barbarians sometimes. What would people think if another species hung up a bunch of dead people around and posed for photos like this? Disgusting.

  • Louise

    I’m so sorry beautiful pigs. There is nothing cute or sexy about these photos, they are really sad. Did you know that the pigs killed in this photo are only about 3 months old? Pigs sent to slaughter at 250 lbs are only 4-6 months old – just babies normally living to 20+ years. Would you be okay with this situation if these were puppies? There’s no difference, as a matter of fact pigs are far more intelligent than dogs. The only difference is your attitude towards them.

    • Di Thomas

      This is so sad I too am so sorry to those poor little pigs they dont deserve this

  • G. Kopca

    Animal Slavery…Unless humans are willing to
    see reality and accept the utter evilness of it, they are doomed to live
    in a state of false, untrue, void and empty principles, wrapped up in
    the greatest form of hypocrisy and Injustice!

  • samantha

    seriously these women are repulsive…. wow. scary looking!! hopefully they’ll slip on some pigs blood and fall on the meat cleaver.. RIP pigs..

  • disqus_ffSQJTppkt

    The shot would have been really interesting if Ms.Torre would have hung herself upside down on one of those hooks beside the lifeless baby pigs..

    • disqus_ffSQJTppkt

      instead of having us all take a look at her arse.

  • LGBTcompassion

    Reminds me of war photos, with soldiers expressing glee over their tortured or killed victims. This behavior is still socially acceptable when your victims are “less than” human, as women and other certain groups of people were (and still are in some places) considered.

    If they REALLY wanted to draw attention, they should have done this with dogs and cats — there’s no difference, except again what our society currently deems “acceptable” in terms of who deserves to be tortured and killed, based on the bodies and circumstances they’re born into.

    Women, LGBTs, and all other oppressed minorities should be the first to recognize the parallels between the way we treat and view others who are “different” or weaker than us, and should be the first to give them voices and protect them – and not defensively ridicule those who DO care and are working to improve society for us all.




  • jomeo

    Is this supposed to be appetizing? This is the stuff nightmares are made of! WTF!! Absolutely disgusting.

  • Mat Walker

    This is perhaps the stupidest and most barbaric way to try to get publicity. I’m missing the link about how sexualizing dead animals helps a children’s charity.

  • Wake up..

    Melissa, I would happily pay somebody to switch this around and have a pig posing next to your dead body. Have more respect for yourself, let along the precious animals that you thoughtfully slaughter.

    It isn’t normal, natural or kind, and you need to take your head out of your spandax ass. I’ve spoken to the charity and I am one of hundreds that you have disgusting with sexualizing yourself like this. We are ashamed, you’re a moron.

  • Bionda

    It is a misfortune for the living world in particular, many scientists believe, that a carnivorous primate and not some more benign form of animal became the dominant species

  • Bionda

    they are witches

  • Alyssa V Mullan

    disgusting. Nothing sexy, clever or smart about this. All i see are a bunch of cold hearted bitches mocking the suffering and death of other sentient beings. Putting your ass up in the camera next to a dead pigs ass is disturbing and i think you should seek help because honestly, what sane person does something like this? and you are raising money for a CHILDRENS charity? Even more disturbing. Bravo for making yourself look like a complete and utter bitch. Feel free to comment on here because i’d love to have a discussion with you so that you can spew more nonsense and make yourself look even dumber. I only hope that you could endure the pain that our fellow creatures do at the hands of humans. Lets hope you never have your body violated, then you’d know how it feels to be a victim. You are a bully in every sense of the word. Great role model for children. This charity should turn away from being associated with you.

  • Asia

    This is truly shameful to the human species! Wow! Total she is a total piece of work! Her parents must be proud lol!!!

  • I’m saddened by even having to look at this. Carnism at its worst. I want to rage against them, against the Tap Room, against Melissa Torre, against Cannuli’s, against the Vetri Foundation, and most certainly against this fest – how disgraceful.

  • ashamed to be human right

    What the efffffff is wrong with you people? Odds are karma will push at least one of you into a meat grinder.

    • Bethwyn Mell

      so unfortunately no….it wont happen. humans are greedy, pigs are not.

  • Scatterbrain

    Melissa is a sad person. Not because someone led her to believe that this was a cute way of getting press for a dinner and she was unaware of the mockery she was making of herself. Not because she participated in a cupcake competition hosted by Women Against Abuse and fails to see any connection between human and animal abuse. She is no doubt a successful business owner (as she pointed out in these comments… Great Job!) who is seemingly most known for her use of bacon, chicken or beef as a “crazy” ingredient in a cookie… we get it, we get it… meat is a wacky way of adding savory flavors to sweet treats… we get it already! The saddest part is that she isn’t capable of paying respect to the very animals that supply her with a main component of her cookies/business. A little bit of dignity for the dead? Nope. Not on Melissa’s watch! Salt in the wounds Melissa… “Salt in the wounds”… Wait, that sounds like a great name for a zany sweet and savory cookie you can make, maybe even with parts from one of the dead pigs that you mocked in your photo! Successful business owner? Yes! Someone who fails to make the basic connections between different types of abuse? Yup… Someone who seems incapable of at least paying reverence to or giving a tiny bit of respect to the carcasses of the abused animals she uses/exploits in her business? Definitely! Without them, what gimmick would you have? =( PS. I think “The FIne Swine” is a fitting for y’all whether cooking pigs or not…

  • EatLikeYouCare

    I am ashamed to be living in such a profoundly sick society. You shall reap what you sow. Though every fiber in my body wants to hate you Melissa I more-so feel bad for you, what trauma you must have suffered to have such a disconnect; to be so utterly heartless and mentally, emotionally, and spiritually ill. I only can pray that your suffering be alliveated so that you may wake up and care to stop supporting and mocking the suffering of living, feeling beings that share the same breath of life as you. Watch Earthlings; learn what you are actually supporting-

    • Bethwyn Mell

      i can imagine the immense despair she would feel if she ever wakes up. it will be very violent.

  • Tom

    Disgusting article, barbaric behavior and sub-human people posing like evil idiots in front of dead bodies. It’s not enough that you think eating animals is ok, you also have to celebrate it?

  • Teeney