The Boss Cooks Lunch at Philadelphia Brewing Co.

How would you like your boss to make you lunch every day. That’s what happens at Philadelphia Brewing Co., where Bill Barton serves up a healthy lunch daily. On this day that Newsworks visited it was ham, quinoa butternut squash and brussels sprouts.

Home-cooked lunch a family-style affair for Philadelphia Brewing Company workers [NewsWorks via Jack Curtin]

  • Steve

    He needs to stop making lunch and start coming up with GOOD beer recipes because the PBC beers are pathetic.

    • Steve Sr.

      “Steve” your mom says get off the internet; your hotdog pieces with ketchup are ready.

  • Emily Teel

    This is awesome. Who wouldn’t like to come to work and be able to enjoy a home cooked meal in the middle of the day?

  • Georgia

    I love all PBC beers and that lunch is served everyday! Oh, and the cats.