Farmers’ Cabinet Is Done–At Least “Temporarily”


It has not been the best holiday season for the Farmers’ Cabinet. There was the raid, the arrest of owner Matt Swartz, the mugshots. And now, in a surprise to absolutely no one, the inevitable “Temporary Closure” announcement.

I really, really thought they’d try to push it to New Year’s Eve to try and squeeze every last dollar out of the space, but it looks like the place is done a day early.

But only “temporarily,” of course.

All Farmers Cabinet coverage [f8b8z]

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  • Recovering FCabber

    I’m waiting for The Scotsman, Current Employee, SomeGuy to jump on and defend Swartz now that the place is closed. Let me guess? He offered all of this employees position at Sutton’s Parlor? Sounds like more bounced checks. (Remember when he closed East Falls and Emmaus?)

  • ZmanPhilly

    Hope it isn’t true, I will miss it; it was one of the places I would bring friends to show them a unique Philly venue. Whenever you would step in you felt like you got out of a time machine and landed in the 1920’s. ps That sign (or one with a similar message) was posted on the door on Friday when I stopped in.

  • Jay V Of Considerable Influenc

    Matt Swartz is a criminal, pure and simple.

  • Jay V Of Considerable Influenc

    I do feel bad that the current employees there were under the delusion that Farmer’s Cabinet was actually going to be able to operate as a BYOB.

    • J

      Yeah but you can’t be on the philly bartender circuit without hearing about this guys reputation. That’s what happens when you work for a known career criminal.

  • Swartz is scum

    I hope, for the sake of the newly unemployed F-Cabbers, that Swartz had finally started paying the state those employment taxes that he had always just pocketed out of his workers’ checks. Its bad enough that these people will never see their final paychecks or the tips owed to them.

  • Last Man Standing

    Anyone who was still working for this derelict after his thoroughly documented, oft-repeated royal screwing of staff and suppliers, is a scumbag with zero moral fiber who only cares about himself. If you are out of a job: boo hoo. You got what you deserved. If you crawled over to Sutton’s Parlor, knowing the number of unpaid payroll checks and vendor bills in Mr. Swartz’ wake, you are an even bigger d-bag than the man himself. Get some integrity, grow a set of nuts, get off your G-D ass, and find a fucking job that isn’t a karmic disaster waiting to implode in your face.

  • Seriously

    Reading these comments is actually MADDENING. Yes, this is a current employee. Don’t make it out to be like I’m anyone other than who I say I am. All employees from Farmers Cabinet received their paychecks, tips, and any other compensation they were owed during this whole nightmare. Some workers went to work at Sutton’s Parlor until we reopen, which we will be (and if you think otherwise you will not be the one laughing in just a short time). You would be surprised at what Farmers Cabinet can overcome. Then again, you wouldn’t, seeing you’ve been predicting we’d close for years now.

    It is truly unfortunate that former employees endured issues like bounced checks and unpaid wages, but no employees at Farmers Cabinet are having those issues and you are crying over milk that has been cleaned up for over a year now. IF there are vendors who are currently working with us and remain unpaid, since you make it sound like such common sense to not work with Matt Swartz you should either assume assume they are either A. also “scumbags with zero moral fiber” or B. Stupid to work with someone who isn’t paying them, as we have been working with the same vendors much of the Philadelphia restaurant industry does for quite some time now.

    Matt Swartz is a dick, an idiot, a criminal, all of those things. But nobody quit watching the Eagles and bashed the entire team for playing with him when Michael Vick became quarterback because of his criminal, morally corrupt history. That was on him. The Farmers Cabinet is owned and controlled by a white collar criminal, unfortunately that is the story of this country. But it is operated and employs some of the best in the business, who are truly sick of hearing absolutely any and everything you all have to say – it is becoming a never ending joke.

    By the way, Jason, I like your phrasing, “There was the raid, the arrest of owner Matt Swartz, the mugshots.” You really make it sound like a tough month for the Farmers Cabinet, quite the story you are weaving, I can only imagine how all of those events must of transpired and how one unfolded into the next. Except, they were all one event – you’ve just written 4 separate articles about it.

    • Ugh

      Jesus. Just fucking stop already. The place is a fucking joke. The food is terrible. The service is horrendous. The place isn’t maintained and it’s a shell of what it was 2+ years ago.

    • Not Seriously

      I quit watching the Eagles when they got Vick, and I bashed the entire organization for doing so. In the end Vick is still a criminal and so is swartz, and you’re an idiot for defending him, especially with this quote; “The Farmers Cabinet is owned and controlled by a white collar criminal, unfortunately that is the story of this country.”

    • Jay V Of Considerable Influenc

      Hi Matt.

  • Hilarity

    I still get a kick out of this –

    The Bella Vista Beer Distributor stories regarding FarmCab are a riot too.