Meritage Logo Throwdown

Meritage is offering a $29 “staff meal” tomorrow through Saturday, November 2nd. But the big story is Meritage has changed its logo and that means the return of the Logo Throwdown.

Which logo do you like better, the old or the new?

Meritage Staff Meal Menu

1st course
Triple flavor soup, braised chicken, tofu, pork meatballs, scallion, cilantro

2nd course
Shrimp curry, cabbage, sweet potato, bean sprouts toasted baguette

3rd course
MaPo tofu, ground pork, scallion, peas, brown rice

3 rd course
Bread pudding Ends

Meritage [Official Site]

  • JimiConway

    The new one

  • JA

    “The BIG story is”! Whoopdie do!

  • James

    New is cliche but old is dated. Something in between the two?
    Also DGAF about the logo. I just want to eat their duck confit w lentils MMMMMM