The Great Foobooz Soup Hunt

Pumpkin Soup

Pretty much everybody here at Foobooz World HQ (and everyone among the wider Philly mag team) is walking around with a case of the sniffles right now. As such, talk has turned to where in the city everyone goes for their favorite bowls of soup.

But out of these many conversations has come a depressing realization: In a city as broad, diverse and food-focused as Philadelphia is, we have a serious lack of truly great soup. I mean, yeah. There are places to get ramen. And a couple places to go for decent bowls of chicken soup. But where are the true soup savants in this town? The cooks for whom soup-making is not just an afterthought, but a true calling?

So with the weather turning chilly and the skies going gray, we’ve decided to turn to you, the Foobooz community. Where do you guys go when you’ve got an itch that only a really great bowl of soup can scratch?

Let us know in the comments. And please, for those of us who are stuck at our desks and living vicariously through you, don’t spare any details.

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  • Mike H

    Nothing leaves me scraping the bowl like the Foie Gras Soup at Sbraga

  • Corey

    For a quick lunch soup, Pure Fare is my go to, the coconut pumpkin is incredible. Also, South Philly Taproom’s grilled cheese and lager tomato soup is something a crave on a regular basis.

  • Jen D

    Royal Tavern: reliable neighborhood soup spot all winter long.

  • Erica

    Beef pho at Pho Cali at 10th and Arch.

  • Maria

    Cuba Libre’s Levanta Muerta Seafood Soup. So so delicious and hearty.

  • Jen

    The My Thai soup at My Thai at 22nd and South – i don’t know why i love it, i just do.

  • Jen T

    The foie soup at Fond is on my “last meal” list. So good! For everyday soup, Pure Fare.

  • Joanna B

    When I’m sick, I eat Famous 4th Street Deli’s chicken noodle soup almost daily.

  • Alicia

    Might just be that’s it’s fresh in my mind, but I had the pumpkin and kale soup at Boot & Saddle last weekend and haven’t stopped thinking about it since.

  • my uncle garth

    the top two bowls in philly:
    *mie komplit (order N1) at sky cafe, 16th & ritner (homemade indonesian egg noodles with greens, chicken bits, BBQ pork, a meatball and a boiled egg)
    *spicy tan tan ramen at terakawa in chinatown

  • Jacob

    Tomato Bisque at Cafe Lutecia. Ain’t nothing better.

  • James K

    Hands down Pea Soup at In Riva in East Falls. It’s not split pea soup–it is bright green and has hints of garlic and butter. Tastes like you are eating fresh baby peas. I dream of this soup!

  • oklahoma

    The mushroom soup at Friday, Saturday, Sunday is outstanding

  • John B

    Pho 75 on 11th and Wash

    • Frank the Tank

      Quoth my father-in-law: “Pho 75 cent, you get a big bowl of soup.” True story.

  • RTS

    Cafe Lutecia

  • kak

    Soup Kitchen Café in Fishtown

  • BJ McCormick

    Crab bisque at cafe lift is always awesome.

  • A

    the kimchi stew at vedge is amazing!

  • Michelle

    Duck and Chestnut Soup at Tinto. I don’t know if they’re still putting it on the menu, but it’s dreamy.

  • Frank the Tank

    Whenever Pizzeria Stella has ribolitta on the menu, it’s worth it. Always filling and fulfilling. As for less-Starr-y, the white bean soup at Mr. Martino’s Trattoria.

    Then again, soup is so much more satisfying to make at home. A huge pot simmering on the stove on a cold November Sunday almost makes not feeling my fingertips when I go outside worth it. Almost.

    • JA

      You can’t feel your finger tips in November?

      • Frank the Tank

        It depends how early in the morning. :-)

  • Phillylovesfood

    Sketch has the best homemade soups all winter. Roasted cauliflower with Parmesan and truffle oil is the best!

  • friendlynerd

    The pumpkin soup at My Thai (22nd and South) is about my favorite ever.

  • disqus_XQN9ifhQea

    porchini and artichoke soup at La Minette. they garnish it with a 1.5 ounce piece of foie gras

  • Heather

    My entire family LOVES the pea soup at In Riva!

  • Alicia Dietzmann

    Tomato & Basil soup from the Couch Tomato Cafe in Manayunk is a soup that can make you feel like a million bucks. So delicious.

  • Cindy S.

    The HUGE bowl of chicken matzoh ball everything in it soup at Famous Deli on 4th & South.

  • ed

    The My Thai soup at My Thai at 22nd and South. Or the Curry Mee at Penang or Banana Leaf. If I was stranded on an island and could only eat one thing for the rest of my life it would be one of these two soups.

  • Philly’s Best BYOBs

    Mushroom soup shooter at Blackfish

  • I will drive over the bridge and back for soup from Georgetti’s market in Cinnaminson. My favorites are their escarole (Italian wedding), seafood bisque, chicken chili, manhattan clam chowder and pumpkin.

  • Laura

    Metropolitan Bakery’s Cafe on 19th and Spruce has a rotating selection of good soups.

  • jo

    pho ha!

  • annie

    Pea Soup at In Riva restaurant is amazing, poured table side over fresh peas and garlic cream so delicious

  • Bill

    Penrose Diner has great soup everyday

  • Brittany

    The new butternut squash soup at high street market is really good. So is the lentil soup at parc.

  • Albert Yee

    Any of the soon doo boo offerings at Jong Ka Jip way up on N 5th St.

  • Rebecca

    I go to Grocery a lot to pick up a quick thing of soup during lunch. They always have intersting flavors and they are hearty!

  • rn83

    nom nom ramen, shio or spicy with soft boiled egg… 18th between market and chestnut

  • Jared

    All soups @ Soy cafe in Northern Liberties

  • MPG

    I have been waiting for this post. I hope you come out with a Top 20 list. Here are my additions…Roasted Pork Wonton @SangKee Duck House; Tom Yam @ Baan Thai or Umai Umai; Cabbage soup @ Schlesinger’s; Pho @ PHO 75

  • Bodizzle

    Italian Wedding Soup from the Rainforest Cafe (in Bellevue Food Court)

  • Bodizzle

    Vegetable gazpacho from Bistro 7 … I lick the bowl clean every time.

  • Chrissy

    I’ve had two different soups at Bufad Pizza recently, wowza!

  • natty

    South Phily Tap Room, tomato lager Soup. i crave it all the time its so amazing!!

  • Kathryn

    Pho at Cafe Saigon

  • Drew

    Yes the Foie Gras soup at SBRAGA is devine and a second yes to the Mushroom soup at FRI-SAT-SUN. The signature LE VIRTU soup which is a minestrone with 48 different ingredients seerved seasonal is the best freakin soup in the world.

  • Morgan

    The chicken soup at Sazon.

  • lisa

    Sweet potato or roasted squash soup at Supper- love that toasted marshmallow on the side of the bowl!

  • rk

    agreed on sbraga foie soup. But no love for Nan Zhou noodle bowls yet? C’mon. Also, matyson’s soup game is always strong, and the chicken/ginger soup at Jose’s. I ask for it every time I order…unfortunately, they only have it half the time :(

    • chicken ginger soup? Which Jose’s are you referring?

      • Ravioliman

        Shhhhhh…Don’t tell him. I’m in on this and the more that know the less there will be for us (he’s usually out when I get there too; insert big, sad emoticon here).

        • Rude! I’m on a big ginger kick and need this in my life.

          • rk

            you really do need it in your life. it’s been around for a while, and it’s nowhere near any other mexican place (save a couple groceries), but close to venezuelan. that’s hopefully enough to get you there, but not enough for too many to find it :)

          • Melissa

            How about a Thai veg ginger soup? See the South Philly girls for that. Not chicken but good.

  • phillyjazzdoc

    The Bun Bo Hue at Cafe Diem on the east side of 8th St. just north of Washington Ave.

  • Kory Aversa

    Sweet Potato + Candied Walnut Soup at High Street Cafe – heat to it helps clear out sinuses

  • The soup

    Pennsylvania Soup & Seafood at 22 S Main in Doylestown. Mmmmm creamy crab and 13 additional selections every day.

  • joeg

    any of Peter’s soups at North 3rd. in particular, my favorites, Asian inspired soups

  • Kristin

    I CRAVE the Sopa Levanta Muerto at Cuba Libre! Totally worth going for the big bowl at lunch. The broth is to die for!

  • Charlieuk

    Cafe lutecia’s tomato bisque is indeed amazing! The mushroom soup at Varalli’s is outstanding. In fact any of the soups there are noteworthy.

  • Kat

    #1 – My son, Michael’s, lobster bisque. It is absolutely heaven and the best lobster bisque bar none!
    #2 – Clam chowder at McCormick & Schmick — delish! Have sent New Englanders there!

  • Anne

    Here are some of my faves:
    South Philly Tap Room: Tomato Lager Soup (first thing I wanted off the plane from Vegas)
    Moshulu: Butternut Squash Soup (has a slight kick from curry)
    Cuba Libre: Levanta Muerta Seafood Soup (will bring you back from the dead)
    Dog & Bull: various blackboard soups, Tomato Artichoke,recently was quite good

  • katieo84

    Tomato soup, North 3rd!

  • Ryan

    The Good Spoon!!!!

  • Charlotte

    The Lobster Bisque at Ocean Prime is to die for! Seriously, stop reading this and go get some right now!

  • Becca

    the duck chestnut soup at tinto and the fois soup at the sbraga and when they have it seasonally, the white bean soup and Parc

  • melissa

    Secret pop-up in South Philly. There are two girls who will make batches of vegetarian soup and you pick up. They are cash only and by email.

  • Dave

    Sang Kee in Chinatown. Roasted duck and wonton noodle soup. Hands down the best!

  • afghani

    Here’s my favorites from Eat A Pita on 12th Street.
    Bacon and Brussel Sprout
    Loaded Baked Potato
    Apple & Butternut Squash
    Chicken & Dumpling