Chestnut7 Closes in Chestnut Hill

chestnut7-signChestnut7 in Chestnut Hill has closed after a little over two years in business. Chestnut7 is part of the Public House Investments group that includes City Tap House, Public House, Field House, Pennsylvania 6 and several other concepts from New York to Las Vegas. The group also closed Mission Grill at 19th and Arch in August. But the group is getting close to open a City Tap House in Washington D.C.

  • no

    Never found this place particularly impressive the two times I visited. It would have been free, but for the sign on the door that they were on “vacation” for a week. I knew then that it was all over – successful restaurants don’t take “vacations.”

  • One Time Poster

    Too many restaurants w/ numerical names. Without doing actual research, my gut tells me that they fail more often than not. And in spite of Chestnut Hill’s shopping / eatery reputation, you can easily overprice yourself into failure there. Solaris, the former occupant of that same location example is a prime example.