Nomad Roman Has Softly Opened

nomad-roman-margaritasNomad Pizza’s new outpost at 13th and Locust has softly opened. The Roman-style pizzeria was serving guests last night and will do so again this evening as they continue to test things out.

The menu consists of salads, meatballs and twelve pizzas. Pizzas range in price from teh $11 Marinara to the $19 Truffle Pecorino.

The grand opening is set for Friday, October 25th.

Nomad Roman Opening Menu (image)

Nomad Roman [Foobooz]

  • Katie

    I went last night and it was delicious! Try the pepperoni!

  • PizzaPizza

    Hmmmm, how is it different than the nomad off of South Street? It looks like the same menu but it is all on Roman Style crust….which you can actually get at the Nomad on 7th….? Just curious. I love Nomad! Their pizza is super delicious.