Three Bells for Main Line’s Fraschetta

Fraschetta, the Bryn Mawr BYOB from Rosemarie Tran and chef/husband Gianluca Demontis who gave us Melograno gets plenty of praise from Craig LaBan.

Delicate house-spun fettuccine arrives in a soulful ragu alla Romana that tastes like familiar ground beef Bolognese at first, until it turns exotic with clovey Medici spice, earthy with porcini, and richly gamey with fine bits of chicken liver and gizzard. The mezzi-rigatoni carbonara, glazed ideally in a not-too-heavy shine of egg and Pecorino, draws a musky savor from pancetta housemade from lamb belly instead of pork.

Three Bells – Very Good

Authentic Roman-style cuisine on the Main Line [Philadelphia Inquirer]