Ethnic Food Day In Philly? The Mayor’s Office Suggests A Bar Crawl!


In case you weren’t aware (and I found out by picking up a flier at my dry cleaner), this week is Cultural Passport to Philadelphia week! The event, coordinated by the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant and Multicultural Affairs (MOIMA), is meant to celebrate immigrant heritage and diversity in Philadelphia. A series of events, hosted by MOIMA in partnership with several other organizations, it’s goal is to “promote understanding, respect, and appreciation for the many residents, cultures and communities which combine to make Philadelphia a great destination.”

Of the most interest to Foobooz readers, though, is the way diverse communities make Philadelphia a great dining destination. MOIMA has dubbed this Friday, September 20th, Ethnic Food Day, and you’re invited to attend a Cross-Cultural Bar Crawl from 6-11pm. The crawl will meet up at 5:45 at Cuba Libre, and from there it will head to seven restaurants to try food and beverages representative of some of the city’s multicultural offerings. The schedule, available here, is as follows:

  • 5:45 PM Cuba Libre (Cuban)
  • 6:45 PM Era Bar (Ethiopian)
  • 7:30 PM Moriarty’s (Irish)
  • 8:15 PM Graffitti Bar (Asian)
  • 9:00 PM Tootsie’s (Soul Food)
  • 9:45 PM Brauhaus Schmitz (German)
  • 10:30 PM Cantina Los Caballitos (Mexican)

“We basically reached out to restaurants owned by immigrants, or the theme of which was cross-cultural,” says Jennifer Rodriguez, the Executive Director of MOIMA, “we would like people to try what they haven’t tried yet.”

RSVP for the Cross-Cultural Bar Crawl here, or if you already have dinner reservations on Friday night, participate in Ethnic Food Day by to sharing your diverse eating experiences by tagging @PhillyMOIMA and #xculturalPLH and #MOIMAsips on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so forth.

Cultural Passport To PHL Week [Official]

  • Neil

    Oh boy, nothing like getting piss-drunk at quasi-authentic establishments to really promote cross-cultural understanding!

  • barrygster

    Nothing celebrate’s Philly’s immigrant experience like Sampan and Cantina. Wow.

    • Alimentarian

      My thoughts exactly. Chinatown is just blocks away from Sampan.

  • John Street

    The Mayors office on Multicultural affairs must be run by a bunch of twits and by twits I mean outright dummies.
    None of the restaurants chose except Era or Brauhaus has any kind of authentic exhibition of immigrant food.
    Cuba Libre is like a Disney version of what Cuban people eat.
    Moriarty’s is just a bar with no actual Irish food.
    Grafiiti bar at Sampan while fun, considering it an exhibition of the immigrant Asian experience is just profoundly clueless.
    Ms. Tootsie is not really soul food other than it belongs to a person of color and Kevon Parker serves contrived gentrified “soul food”.
    Cantina? See Grafitti Bar above.

  • no

    El Zarape is right across the street from Cantina… its half the price, and better food.

    • Cellar Rat

      Right. Except El Zarape doesn’t have a liquor license, making it a useless suggestion for a BAR CRAWL. Do you work for the mayor’s office, by any chance?

      • no

        Oh snap, you caught me!

        No, I was just purely thinking in terms of food and authenticity thereof. Something the mayor’s office clearly didn’t consider.

        I confess I am in error and hang my head in shame.

  • dre

    Good idea in theory, execution is completely off.

  • ZmanPhilly

    Is it me or does it seem impossible to get from place to place in the schedule outlined? With few exceptions these establishments are not close to each other and each one has only about an hour to get there eat + drink + get to the next one; not sure this is even possible.

  • PPABootsquadVinnie

    Jeeze, the KillJoys, as usual, are out in force. No matter How this thing was arranged, you sourballs would find Something wrong with it. Just what Do youse guys participate in? BTW, let us All know how perfect and well-run it was. NOW I understand the ILLADELPHIA shirts…..

    • Goombah

      You may be as much a dummy as the people who threw this crapshow together.
      The points are legitimate.
      They assembled a bunch of mostly untraditional places to showcase the immigrant experience while we are surrounded by countless immigrant communities and restaurants. The incompetence is so obvious it is comical. It does not have to be perfect and well run. It just has to make effing sense.