Cheu Noodle Bar Hosts Ramen Burger Pop-Up


Cheu Noodle Bar is hosting a ramen burger pop-up on Tuesday, September 24th from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Dubbed McCheu, all sandwiches sold that day will be served on Cheu’s house-made ramen burger buns.

Check out the full McCheu Ramen Burger menu

Big MacCheu – double burger, special sauce, shaved onion, pickle
Filet of fish – beer battered cod, pickle mayo, lettuce.
Crispy chicken – fried chicken tonkatsu style, tonkatsu sauce, kimchi.
Cheu fries – miso truffle aioli, shaved bonito flakes.
Dessert – Fried apple pie
Drinks – $4 Six Point Crisp & Bengali cans.
Cheu Noodle Bar [Official Site]

  • Grimace

    Wow…so original…

  • tijuana

    Stop fucking making this gross shit. You know why burgers aren’t regularly served on noodles? Because it’s stupid, and unoriginal. You’ll get better press making good ramen.

  • mainlinebooker

    This is supposed to be the link for the fall best books but is not working..Can you re post?