• Abby

    Boy, I hope they know what they’re doing. I mean, REALLY know what they’re doing. This is a wee bit scary to me. I see a lot of people. Can all of those people really be qualified to pick the right ones?

  • Wary

    Mushroom Picking is a highly specialized knowledge base. Besides some identifiable ones like Morels, Cepes and Hens of the woods there are some deadly dangerous ones out there. Not sure I trust a bunch of line cooks going out picking mushrooms. Makes me never want to eat at Fork again. Isn’t this Illegal in some way to serve non-FDA sactioned or inspected food in a restaurant?

  • Jimmy

    Assuming Chef Kulp is “qualified to pick the right ones,” I’m fairly certain he would perform some sort of inspection of the pickings. By all accounts, he is well-trained, knowledgeable, and credible in the culinary arena. And in any event I’m sure the “line cooks” have some sort of training or guidance before they go out there and aren’t just flying by the seats of their pants. Get over yourselves.

    • Doubt it.

      Oh Ok Dr Oz.
      And what happens when you pick mushrooms that have poisonous spores and you mix them with edible mushrooms and the chefs pick out the bad ones even though they have been exposed to poisonous mycelium spores that are not killed by temperature. Eat mushroom pasta at Fork and go into respiratory arrest?
      Sorry but cursory training of line cooks does not sound entirely convincing.

      • philly food girrrl

        Ur an idiot! These people are serious about food and skilled

  • waltwhatevsman

    …where they stopped under a whispering willow tree to read a copy of Kinfolk magazine out loud to each other.

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