Win Two Free Tickets To Hang With the Brauhaus Schmitz Crew At Cannstadter


Hey, speaking of Brauhaus Schmitz

The 141st annual Cannstadter Volksfest Labor Day Germano-palooza is this weekend and as is their custom, the crews from both Brauhaus Schmitz and Wursthaus Schmitz are shutting down operations for a day and all rolling up there in two big buses to hang out, relax and drink a whole lot of beer.

The bad news? That means both places are going to be closed on Sunday.

The good news? You can go with them to Cannstadter if you come up with the best caption for the above photo.

Here are the event details, straight from owner Doug Hager:

  • Bus leaves Brauhaus this Sunday at 2PM sharp
  • Bus leaves Cannstadter at 9PM
  • Free beer all day
  • Bring a little cash for food, games, rides etc.
  • Lederhosen & Dirndl strongly encouraged!

So who’s up for it? Captions go in the comments. Best one wins the free pair of seats on the bus.

Cannstadter Volksfest Labor Day Party [Official]

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  • Fidel Gastro

    **I won’t be able to get on the bus, but here’s one anyway**

    “Nolen? It’s Vetri. I can’t get the spaetzle to crisp up, and I’m surrounded by Lufthansa execs. Can you walk me through it?”

  • Mason Stryker

    Look when we talked about a sausage fest I expected something else.

  • AdamPhilly

    “Yeah. I’m trying to tell the other guys, “it’s just food”. They don’t need masks.”

  • Jeannette

    “It may not be edible but at least it’s colorful.”

  • Lee Porter

    “We drank all the beer and put on these silly doctors costumes. Are we supposed to eat the food now?”

  • Monica

    “Say Hannibal… where’s the damn patient?”

  • Carla


    “Hello sir, it’s the Wurst…”

    “What’s the worst?”

    “Sir, the Wurst! It’s gone missing!”

  • cyber75sax

    Sir? Yes, it’s Jonesy from R&D. We’ve done it. We’ve successfully grown our first petri dish school lunch.

  • Justin S.

    “Hey, it’s Chad. No, the food looks great. Just one quick question: why did we put SARS in it?”

  • Dan

    “Aaaaand doctor. Did we miss anyone? Oh damn, he says we missed Dr. Imhaus of the Zurich Relief Fund. We have to do the roll call again.”

    “This is why our lunch is always cold.”

  • IvyProf

    “The finger bone’s connected to the hand bone?! I didn’t say ‘where the fingers are’, Jeremy … I said ‘Wiener Art’!! Sheesh.”

  • whosaidthat

    Somwhere in Fishtown the Spring of 2011
    ……. “If we downgrade to disposables, use frozen sausages, pour grease over just about everything and pretend we know about German beer by serving it in steins…..we can easily rip everyone off and keep them coming back for more.”

  • scope

    No John im telling you if we give them more Fest Bier they will eat that yellow scheiBe on the plate, trust me !!!

  • Jared Cram

    “Sir, I’m sorry. We’ve assembled the greatest culinary minds in the world but we still can’t replicate the food from Brauhaus. Yes?….yes?…..very well. *click* Sorry, but you’re all now scheduled for execution.”

  • tijuana

    I just wanted chicken FUCKING nuggets!

  • JKriner

    Honey, I know for a fact that your boobs don’t feel like steamed vegetables.

  • Janeane

    “Sir, we just can’t tell if it’s moldly chicken piccante or some type of rare German cheese. Hold on, Cannstadter’s sending you over a pic.”

  • Kristen Levenick

    “Sir, I’m looking at it. There is no wurst, no beer, no one will even get close … terry is sending you a picture now. It’s paleo food – we’re Germans, not cavemen!”

  • Mames

    “Sure, the food is all toxic, but it looks damn good on instagram.”

  • wheineman

    The plague which wiped out mankind as we knew it over 100 years ago can be traced back to this photograph. Doctors gather around a mysterious lunch that appeared in quarantine.

    Let it be said that there is no such thing as a free lunch!

  • Joshua

    Macro Exec- “Sir, If we put all these wacky ingredients in, we can call it Local Craft Beer”

  • Ed Dougherty

    As you can see this hospital food hasn’t changed appearance in 15 years

  • Lorisdanto

    While the experts were examining the crime scene, looking for the missing wurst, the chubby Strohenaim was trying to hide all the evidence by rubbing his hands in his pockets and meanwhile scratching his genitals. Only Miss Froehling, who right behind him was trying to hide the wurst in Strohenaim’s darkest hole, knew who the culprit was.

  • Horace Steenblatter

    Someone farted at the Fart Bar!

  • SarahF

    The CDC visits the Ikea cafeteria.

  • Ronald McBeef

    Ok before we operate I have to enter the Brahaus caption contest. You there? Ok write this down. “A man walks into the hospital. He has a carrot in his nose, a banana in his ear, and a cucumber in his other ear, and says “I dont feel well, what’s the matter with me?” The doctor says “You’re not eating properly!” ” Hahahaha! That one’s gotta be a winner!!!! Hello? Hello???

  • Michael

    “Look, Lydia, I’m in the middle of a Burger Matic tasting, just find it! An ocean of methlamine doesn’t just up and disappear.”

  • Frank

    “This is food made from all GMOs. It’s safe to eat but please don’t breathe anywhere nearby.”

  • DaveFame

    There’s no time to explain, Bob will just instagram it…

  • DFF2557

    “I Said it’s NOT Contagious !”

  • Kristen

    Coming this Fall to the Food Network: Chopped at CHOP.

  • Larry Brownstone

    Today’s basket ingredients: regurgitated vegetables… a jaundiced liver… marshmallows… and surgical gauze…