Smashburger Smashes Down on Philly


I hope y’all are prepared, because Philly is about to get SMASHED! One of America’s fastest-growing “better burger” restaurant, Smashburger will open its first Pennsylvania location in Radnor (550 E Lancaster Avenue) on August 7th. Smashburger’s menu includes burgers that are smashed, seared and seasoned to order as well as chicken sandwiches, veggie burgers, hot dogs and Häagen Dazs shakes.

Smashburger will offer local residents a regionally-inspired menu which takes the local flavors of the area and creates unique menu items, including the Philly Smashburger – a burger topped with grilled onions, Cheez Whiz and Gulden’s Mustard on a pretzel bun.

Smashburger [Official Site]

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  • Elle

    This is the most obvious ad I’ve ever seen on this site. Magazines usually do a “sponsored listing” disclaimer when they pull shit like this; can we get the same? Ugh.

    • Lemongrass

      Elle–Exactly what I thought when I read this. Who is Taylor Bush and why are you advertising on Foobooz?

    • jamie

      Hey guys, is this your first time? Welcome to Foobooz. They report on all local restaurant openings.

  • Your Daddy

    You’re the most obvious troll I’ve ever seen on this site. Trolls usually do a “hey little billy goats, get in my stomach” thing when they pull shit like this; can we get the same? Ugh

    • no

      Oh, hello there Taylor Bush! Sorry if your feelings got hurt!

      Only not really, you schill.

      • Your Daddy

        What’s a schill? Is it like a shill? Kurt Schilling’s son?

        I will agree that it’s unfortunately that you’re forced to read this website. Did someone set your browser’s homepage to foobooz and you can’t figure out how to leave?


        • Josh

          If you’re going to ridicule someone else’s mistake, it’s unfortunately that you didn’t proofread your own post.

        • no

          Never having been a paid shill like you, Ms. Bush, I confess I did not know how to spell it correctly. My apologies.

          • Dan

            Uh, no you seem like an idiot. My guess is Taylor Bush is some unpaid intern not some all-knowing shill mastermind getting paid to ruin your day. Here’s a safe bet: Philly Mag passed her the press release and said paraphrase. She did. You whinged like a baby.

          • Dan

            Ah, a few seconds of google stalking yields this from Drexel’s website – “Taylor Bush is a junior Creative Writing major. His interests are reading, writing and watching television.” Sorry Taylor, you appear to be a dude.

          • no

            Oh, my day isn’t ruined at all. I’m actually highly amused by all the white knights rushing to poor little picked-on Taylor’s defense. The only ones butthurt appear to be “Your Daddy” (aka Taylor) and, well, YOU, “Dan.”

          • Dan


    • Elle

      Not a troll, at least not more than anyone else on teh interwebs. I really like Foobooz most of the time; I just wish there was some integrity around indicating when posts are sponsored.

  • Emme

    Agreed… this is obviously blatant advertising copy…

  • Emme

    Agreed… this is obviously blatant advertising copy.

  • no

    Just what the area needs, yet another chain.

    Yaaaaay, I cannot contain my excitement.

    At least its in the suburbs, where chains belong.

    • Trollerhunter

      Target is a chain, Super Fresh & Wegmans are chains, CVS is a chain. I’m assuming you don’t buy anything from any of them or their competitors.
      Cooler weather has got the trolls humming this morning.

      • td2

        Yeah and I don’t buy burgers (or other prepped food) from any of them. The prepared food at SuperFresh is horrendous; Wegman’s is a slight step up but please, I don’t think you’re going to be impressed by the meals offered at most chain establishments.

  • nightman

    Prepare to get your toliet bowls smashed

  • Uncle Sham

    This reads almost word for word against postings regarding other SmushBurger openings as well as postings on the company website. Can I report this as spam since it is not clearly marked as advertising like it is required to be?

  • Uncle Sham

    And why would I want my patty smashed so it dries out? Horrible concept.

    • Mike

      I’ve heard this rant about Five Guys. I don’t know how Smash makes theirs but FG’s is supposed to smash it only once. If you take a cold ball of meat and squish it into a patty with your hand then put it on the grill, it is no different than if you put the ball on the grill and squish it once with a spatula. In either case all you initially do is shape the damn thing from a ball into a patty. Squishing it between two pieces of metal vs. your hands doesn’t immediately remove all the fat and juices. They only get dried out when you repeatedly squish a cooking burger.

      • rk

        except five guys’ patties are dry as hell, so i wouldn’t really use that comparison. squishing it on the grill is worse than molding it before. You want a sear to be the first thing your meat does when it touches a hot grill. Anything else is a mistake. and you want some girth to the sandwich so it can have a juicy center.

        • Mike

          Like that split second from when a ball of meat touches the grill to when it gets flattened is going to affect the sear? Sure. Squishing it with your hand or a spatula has nothing to do with it’s “girth.” You can make it as thick or thin as you want with either. It’s not rocket science for christ sake. FG’s are cooked well done like just about every single other FF burger place. They don’t have CIA chefs back there. More like teenagers who don’t know how to spell spatula much less cook meat to a specific temp for nit picky customers. I’ve had an occasional dry burger at FG but that’s not the norm for me. Same for Elevation or Jake’s or any of the others. They are still FF after all.

          • rk

            it gets flattened is kinda my problem with it. Hard to have a pink center when the center is a millimeter away from the edge (which is what smashing requires, show me a thick smashed burger anywhere. never seen it). I also don’t love the whole crunchy outside thing, but to each his own, I guess.

  • Rocky Mountain High

    I find it odd how so many modern fast food chains originated in Denver.

    • Jeff

      I have been to several of these in Denver and am VERY happy to read this news. The olive oil fries are amazing and the Spicy Baja burger is worth dying early from

  • Taylor Brick

    I love lamp!

  • HelloFTC?

    Did they advertise in time to make the Best of Philly joke list you put out?

  • A

    Awesome comments.