Han Dynasty Will Rule The World


Late last night (or early this morning, depending on how you tell time), Han Chiang tweeted the above picture, with the charming caption:

“I’m comin for ya NYC. Philly, u’ll always b my heart but i gots to scorch this dirty bitch right quick. LA u on deck.”

This, of course, is a reference to Chiang’s announced plans to take over the entire goddamn world in the next four years by opening 96 more restaurants, coast-to-coast. New York is first, obviously, followed by L.A., and back in May, Chiang was promising to have the Manhattan operation up and running by July.

A two-month turn-around for a first time New York restaurant? That seemed, at the time, wildly optimistic. And yet, if you check out the comments on Chiang’s tweet from last night, it appears that he’s well on his way. One of them states that the sign is already up in the East Village, at 90 3rd Avenue.

So that’s one down and 95 to go. And hey, maybe he’ll open in L.A. near Vedge’s new Left Coast location. We could have our own Little Philadelphia right there in the City of Angels.

Han Chiang [Twitter]

All Han Dynasty Coverage [Foobooz]

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  • Elron Hubbard

    Twitter has to die

  • OnTheWaterfront

    Ummm. I will give Han credit for introducing me to non-Americanized Chinese food. However, I have since tried more restaurants in Chinatown (Philly). I since eaten Chinese in Flushing, NY, San Fran and NYC… compared to those restaurants, I think Han Dynasty is mediocre at best. Don’t get too big for your britches… bitches!

    • Dan

      Name me the Sichuan restaurants in Chinatown Philly that are better than Han Dynasty…

      • Jim Bucksbury

        E Mei and Four Rivers. The quality at HD varies wildly depending on which location you go to and what day of the week it is.

        • adam

          I’m a big proponent of FR and to me doesn’t even compare to HD

          • Jim Bucksbury

            I’ve had meals at HD that were great and ones that were terrible, lately the good ones have been few and far between. I’d say that HD at its best (which it hasn’t been, for me, in a long time) is better than E Mei or Four Rivers, but HD is so unreliable that I’d rather not take the chance. I do think the University City HD is the best one.

        • Dan

          The ingredients are better and the cooking more refined at
          both the OC and WP HD than Four Rivers. Four Rivers isn’t bad though. Never been to E
          Mei. Hard to see how anyone would consider Han Dynasty “mediocre” in comparison to Four Rivers…

          • JA

            Last Han Dynasty meal I had was in Manayunk for lunch. It was mediocre at best…not to mention we were the only ones in the place.

          • GMAP

            I’ve eaten at PF, HD, OC, NY, BEK, PRR, AND DPP, and they are both the LOL to my IDK. You guys need to study your BKD’s before you start throwing WDFs and TAJs out there. OMG.

          • Dan

            I see what you did here. Thanks for adding to the conversation.

      • RinseANDRepeat

        Chili Szechuan (spelling?) at 4626 Baltimore Ave (for certain dishes, not all of them). I love super spicy food but I think Han relies on spicy to mask what is sometimes an underlying bland flavor with certain dishes.

    • Alimentarian

      Not in Chinatown, but try Jane G’s. I’d currently give it the nod over Han Dynasty.

  • Think again

    Don’t get squashed in NY, son!!! The rotten aint notin nice. They play rough up there. U might have Philly on lock but…. NY is different story.

  • JA

    I think Han from HD and Lee from Hop Sing should partner together…they could have Mr. Chow from “The Hangover” be their spokesman. Are they all brothers from different mothers?

  • TwoPock

    In LA we wear Chucks, not Ballys.

  • Duffy Waldorff

    PF Changs > Pei Wei > Han Dynasty > Panda Express

  • jrghistory

    Han isn’t even from Szechuan. How can he hope to compete with the more authentic restaurants in NY and LA? Sorry, folks, but he’ll be laughed out of the San Gabriel Valley or 39th Street in NY. He should try places that have small Chinese populations, like maybe Atlanta and Boise.

    • GoHan

      Han, the amount of Philthy haters is directly related to your amount of success. Congrats on the success, enjoy laughing at the losers who hate on here, none of them can even keep a job.