The Great Debate: Should Men Be Allowed to Wear Shorts at Hop Sing Laundromat?

HopSing_LoRes_05 Photo by Mike Persico

Lee from Hop Sing Laundromat floated the idea of loosening up his dress code to allow men to wear dress shorts. After all, he does allow women to wear them. When he floated the idea on Twitter, he received mostly howls of protest from devotees who saw the loosening of the dress code as the top of a slippery slope. So Lee, being Lee, set up a “Supreme Court of Hop Sing Laundromat” to weigh in on the subject. The justices ranged from Phillie, Kevin Frandsen to Marc Vetri to yours truly. The nine justices wrote in their opinions and the results were overwhelming.


Does anyone seriously want this?

By a vote of 7-2, the “justices” voted to keep the dress code as is. No shorts for men.

No to Shorts at Hop Sing Laundromat

“I think of Hop Sing Laundromat, I think of the bar version of fine dining. And if I went to a nice restaurant in the evening I would not expect nor would I care to see gentlemen in shorts. This isn’t a vote against shorts, it is a vote for class.” – Spike Eskin

“After all, you allow in ‘dress shorts’ now, and what’s next? By the end of the summer, you’re gonna have ladies wearing coochie cutters and gentlemen wearing wifebeaters. It’s a slippery slope.” – Colin Flatt

“No shorts for the gentlemen…it’s what makes this establishment better than the others.” – Kevin Frandsen

“you’re going to be outside on the sidewalk arguing about whether some guy’s shorts are “dressy” enough. You’ll wind up with more arguments over “dress vs. non-dress” shorts than you’re getting now with a simple “no shorts” policy.” – Jon Gruber

“I like having a place to go where I’m safe from man knees, flip flops, and baseball caps. Yes, it’s hot outside but it’s cool in the bar. Don’t let the public demand for man shorts chip away at the oasis you have created.” – Joy Manning

“Wearing knickers when out for a drink deserves more than just denial of service — it begs for a punch in the goddamned throat. In final, to those wearing these garments, I will offer the advice given to me over time by more women than I’d like to count: Just put your fucking pants on, dude.” – Joey Sweeney

“I like, and more importantly appreciate the no shorts rule. It brings a certain level of class to the establishment. It says, hey, take a little time and groom yourself before coming here.” – Marc Vetri

The Dissenters: Yes to Shorts at Hop Sing Laundromat

“We work hard on our legs, why hide them.” –HughE Dillon

“With well defined rules (no frayed edges, no cargo shorts, etc.) as well as defined footwear, the introduction of shorts into Hop Sing’s dress code can be made without destroying the vibe of Hop Sing.” (Note, this was written before I saw the above photos of “workplace shorts”) Arthur Etchells

Photo by Mike Persico

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  • genderneutral

    If guys cannot wear shorts, then neither can women. If women can, then so can men. This is the 21st century. Decide.

    • Kevin Dugan

      Men’s and women’s fashion are very different beasts. This might be the 21st century, but that doesn’t mean we all have to wear gender-neutral silver jumpsuits.

  • Josh

    Is it even right that there is a dress code in the first place?

  • pete n pete

    Huge Dillon saying he works hard on his legs is like Honey Boo Boo Child’s Mama saying she tries to watch her caloric intake.

  • goodinuf

    Can men wear kilts there?

  • smdh

    Who gives a fuck?

  • 14thandBroad

    Nice purse, guy.

  • Plain Stupidity

    So when the music album called BS stops playing and we all decide to get real, here is the deal.

    I do not have a natural propensity to be a hater but the continuous Hop-Sing manufactured controversies are nauseating and quite frankly show how shockingly desperate people are to get press at any cost. I bet you the whole reason this is an issue is business is slow at hop sing. It is summer, it is hot and humid, nobody wants to risk taking a cab or driving or walking across town to possibly see if they will be let in or have to put up with Lee’s emotionally childish bullshit. He has no intention to let people in with shorts, he never has. It is a manufactured controversy to get press. The most shocking thing about the whole story is someone with the national reputation and caliber of Marc Vetri would lend his name to this nonsense.

    Joey Sweeney is a tool who pretends to be English by referring to shorts as “knickers’, nobody who does not give a crap about baseball know’s who Kevin Frandsen is and even if they did nobody picks their drinking establishments based on the fashion choices of random baseball players. Joy Manning comments are silly considering how her husband dresses when they go out in addition to the fact that Hop sing is dark as night and you can barely see your cocktail let alone anyone’s shorts. Furthermore trying to be a serious food writer is not consistent with attaching your name to silly stories like this nor is she the paragon of style that can make such public statements.

    All these people on the “Supreme Court of Hop Sing” universally lack something. Self respect.

    The others I can understand but Vetri is shocking.

    Really Marc…..really?

  • Alimentarian

    “After all, you allow in ‘dress shorts’ now, and what’s next? By the end of the summer, you’re gonna have ladies wearing coochie cutters. . . .” Shouldn’t that be required? Seriously, though, just when we thought Hop Sing couldn’t get more self-indulgent.

  • no

    How about until I can wear any damn thing I like I just nip over the the Ranstead Room or Franklin Mortgage and give THEM my money instead?

  • MEH

    yea fuck lee and fuck this stupid ass bar. YA HEARD?

  • Dan

    Men wearing shorts in any establishment that isn’t on a beach is lame. Meanwhile, I was there last night and it is way too hot in Hop Sing. It wasn’t even comparatively hot outside last night.Time to spring for the AC or close up shop. I’m not paying $15+ (with tax) for a cocktail to swelter.

  • SatorialBlunders

    No shorts for men at Hop Sing! Quite frankly, these cargo short wearing, flip-flop totting, shirts un-tucked Americans are an embarrassment. The rest of the world (United Kingdom, Spain, Italy) all laugh at us. Casual Fridays have become casual everyday. Have some pride. Dress like a man.

    “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society”.

    Mark Twain

    • tsarstruck

      Did you understand that Twain quote?

      • SatorialBlunders

        I hope your sockdream is realized, I’m rooting for you

      • SatorialBlunders

        Dave, you a flip-flop kinda guy?

  • evenyc

    let them wear shorts!

  • pete

    it’s blog advertising and it’s sooo annoying. i swear they did it w/ pub/kitchen too

  • ScottD

    It does say “gossip” in the Foobooz title. Shorts are for Morgan’s pier where everyone just goes to have fun. Hop Sing is too adult to allow shorts. Geez people on comment boards are so darn serious. Good for Marc Vetri for letting his hair down and joining in the fun.

  • CB Waters

    Be a man. Wear a pair of dockers, a pair of sketchers and suck it up. By the way wearing dress shoes and a pair of shorts makes you look like an 75 year old retired man.

  • nip

    We seem to worry about shorts, but what about the racist name of this dive: Hop Sing Laundromat. That guy from Bonanza must be pissed.