Menu for Solomonov’s Down the Shore 4


Tickets still remain to Michael Solomonov’s annual Down the Shore party, set for July 1st at 6 p.m. This year the party has moved from Zahav to Morgan’s Pier and the theme is a disco theme with European Jewish BBQ inspired dishes from some of Philadelphia’s best chefs.

Here’s what they are whipping up.

Erin O’Shea of Percy Street Barbecue – pork tenderloin with grilled sweet onions  

Terence Feury of Tavro 13 – “actual” crab fries (not French fries w/old bay but fries made out of crab meat), avocado mousse, preserved lemon

Nick Macri of Southwark – grilled bologna and potato salad on a Martins potato roll

Top Chef’s Jen Carroll - roasting lamb on a spit over open coals

Lucio Palazzo of La Calaca Feliz – octopus escabeche, potato garnacha

John “Chainsaw” Taus of The Corner – breakfast sausage corn dogs, jalepenos, maple dip

Peter Woolsey of Bistrot La Minette – smoked beef tongue, rye, mustard

and David Katz of Creekstone Farms – brisket chili cheeseburgers w onions

A full buffet dinner will be created and served by chef Solomonov and his Zahav team. Among the items included, soft-shell crab with almond tarator and BLTs with house made bacon.

Klezmer Inferno Tickets [Cook+Solo]

  • amr2002

    okay, i am going and can’t wait, but ohmygod could someone make a fucking vegetable? I mean, i’m not a vegetarian or anything, but it’s June. Veggies are awesome right now. And everyone is going to die from the cholesterol.

  • rk


    • Dezygnher



  • Michelle

    Yum! Can’t wait for this event!

  • Wario Batali

    It should be called down the Delaware River.

  • vegdog

    Crab? Pork? Octopus? Cheeseburgers? There is very little European Jewish inspiration here. Just saying…

    • JA

      Agreed, big Solomonov fan…but this is sort of a mockery.

      • rk

        that’s kinda always been the thing with these events–it’s the one chance for zahav to go all out with fully non-kosher foods they don’t otherwise prep @ zahav. i do agree, the euro jewish bbq term is a bit odd.

    • legal schmukler

      Sounds like a legal schmukler

  • wendyrose

    nothing says “european jewish” like pork and crab.