Hummus Restaurant Opens in Center City


Today marks the opening of Hummus Grill’s Center City location at 212 S 11th Street. The winner of Best of Philly’s 2012 shawarma platter had one last delay in opening this week. a truck hit an exhaust fan which forced them to get a new evaporator and condenser for the walk-in fridge.

But with that issue behind them, it’s falafel, shawarma and kabobs for everyone.

Hummus Grill [Official Site]

  • wheineman

    I like the Ardmore Hummus, but I don’t think I can desert Falafel Bar in Center City. They are too nice, and the food is too good!

    • Rebecca

      We’re nice too! :) Maybe give us a try! I’m sure you can find room for both of us. -Hummus Grill Center City