Gotta Try: Chinese/Vietnamese Hoagie


I’m not exactly sure how you pronounce the name of Mi Dac Ky, the newest restaurant addition to the bustling Washington Avenue food district. But I do know that I want to try their “Chinese/Vietnamese Hoagie”: Peking duck, housemade duck liver pate, cucumber, carrots, jalapeños and cilantro on a French baguette.

The sandwich is priced at $4.95. If you want one, Mi Dac Ky is located at 600 Washington Avenue (Unit 18-A). The phone number is 267-239-5169.

  • Nina Jablonski

    my favorite Bahn Mi is the veggie special at Cafe’ Nhu Y in the same area

  • Melissa Alam

    That’s an awesome photo! Looks delicious!

  • barrygster

    If you havent tried it, where did you get the uncredited photo?

    • vfiorillo

      Provided by the restaurant. No credit needed. That OK with you?

      • lex

        Man… you seem like such a nasty person.

    • Art from Foobooz

      And there’s a credit in the lower left.

      • vfiorillo