Poll: Will You Eat At Green Eggs Cafe After Rats?


Last night, our infamous video of rats inside Center City’s Green Eggs Cafe made the rounds on the 6, 10, and 11 o’clock news, with some stations actually leading their broadcasts with the story. And this morning, I went on WMMR’s Preston & Steve show to talk about Philadelphia’s rat problem.

Co-host Preston Elliot made it a point to encourage listeners to consider giving Green Eggs another chance. And I’ve heard from more than a few people who’ve suggested the same, although I’ve heard from far more who have basically said they’ll never eat at a Green Eggs again.

While I can understand avoiding the Center City location, at least for a while, certainly the South Philadelphia and Northern Liberties locations shouldn’t suffer, right? So what we here at Foobooz want to know is: Will you eat at Green Eggs Cafe? Take the poll below.

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

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  • C

    Seriously? A poll? There are mice and rats in nearly every restaurant. When was the last time you actually worked in a restaurant, instead of some office writing on a website bashing others? Grow up.

  • Mike

    I agree. The “news” is only the ick factor spread on the internet and then picked up by broadcast news/shows because they have nothing else to report on than what is already on the internet.
    The response to this should be the observer notifying the restaurant and Board of Health of what they espied. If either party then fail to address, you might have the makings of a story. Unfortunately, today people feel more compelled to get their 15 minutes on FB or Twitter or a blog than to do the right thing.
    Not to minimize the circumstances but it is a shame this business is being mercilessly persecuted when so many other places are in similar situations. Most customers just have not yet had the pleasure of seeing rats, mice, cockroaches, etc. that are found nearly everywhere.

  • This was due to no fault of the owner and the owner is responsibly working to remedy the situation. Additionally, you can be assured the restaurant will receive a very thorough cleaning – making it cleaner than the overwhelming majority of restaurants or home kitchens. If business is negatively impacted it will be due only to ignorance on the part of those who stay away, and not for any rational reasons. I’ve never eaten at Green Eggs, but hope to be able to support them after the situation is remedied.

  • steve

    Victor – stop using this to shamelessly promote yourself. who gives a $hit that you went on mmr or provided video with your name plastered all over it to new stations. how many posts are you going to write about this to promote yourself? go f yourself you hack

  • Matt

    This is no way a fault of Green Eggs Cafe, I will eat there again, with out a second thought. But its articles like this that make me regret checking foobooz every couple days…offically done with this website.

  • arthur

    I love the NL location and have always found it to be immaculately clean.I will not start skipping their excellent breakfasts because of this. As I understand it, an unusual mishap at the CC location triggered the rat infestation, not any continuing unsanitary condition. In fact, I’d expect all their locations to step up the cleanliness just as a matter of course.

  • dick

    How do you write these horrible articles and still have a job ? Your first article is very misleading, I feel an appropriate title would have been “Rats seen at Green Eggs, due to broken sewer pipe” Instead it seems like you are out to crucifix them immediately.
    Also nice touch with a that crappy Inside Edition video. I guess I am not surprised about your writing skills, Inside Edition is used by all well established journalists…

  • Op

    I’m going to have to agree with Matt . I think this article was a bit irresponsible. Especially knowing it was by no fault of their own. And now a poll … really?! What are you doing Foobooz? … Victor … be ashamed of yourself. I, too, am done with this website. Far better blogs, with integrity, to stay up on the Philadelphia food scene.

  • Always Remember

    Corned Beef Academy anyone?????

  • JTP

    Poll: Do you think Victor Fiorillo is a pie-fingering hack?

  • Suzanne

    I’m sure if we knew how many rats (and roaches) were in many of our favorite CC restaurants we’d be shocked, so yes, I will go back. The owners have done everything right so far. And shame on the relentless coverage of this.

  • chris

    judging by these comments, I am glad to see I am not the only one who thinks that this author’s posts are consistently not up to the par set by Arthur and Jason. His reviews are way too personal and do not reflect the professional criticism this site is known for.

    • uggh

      I have commented before on how personal and berating these author’s can be. Sheehan is not the exception but the rule for this amateur site. So, disappointing but not surprising for Haterdelphia.

  • Realist

    Wait, so everyone is actually buying this whole “broken sewer pipe” thing? Oh dear.

    Also realize these were huge rats — not tiny little mice. And they were on top of the dining room tables. The one’s people eat at. Not running around the floor in the back room or something.

  • kelley

    Wow, you are all a herd of cows. So it looks like you will continue to stand in line for 45 minutes for EGGS, despite RATS! Get a grip people

  • Annie

    Frankly, I think the Philadelphia Health dept. has some explaining to do. The rat population seems to be increasing. Those of you who brush off the incidence of rats around the city as commonplace, should work on raising your personal bar a bit. Rats, moreso than mice and cockroaches, carry a number of diseases. Rat urine spreads leptospirosis, which leads to kidney and liver failure. Historically, it’s rats that brought and spread the Bubonic Plague, Typhus and more which killed millions of people. In general, this is a bigger issue, which needs to be addressed.

    • Most intelligent comment here! I definitely agree that the health department needs to step up their game.

    • DirtyStreets=Rats

      As old as Philly’s infrastructure is and as horrible as Philly’s TRASH problem is, the rats (to say nothing of the insane citywide roaches) will keep winning.

      The health department has tried for years to help curb the problem but they can’t control the old sewage system and certainly haven’t been able to reach every day litterbugs who clog the streets and sewers with rat-friendly garbage.

      A joint effort by streets, the DPH, the water department and others is what it will take to clean things up and reduce the rodent population. But that’s probably not going to happen in a city as depleted of resources as any.

      Given that I don’t expect an entire city’s behaviors to change overnight, I suggest picking up trash on your block or when you see someone toss something. It sucks to have to be the responsible one, but it actually helps.

  • Mike

    Jesus. I don’t think anyone even remotely implied that it is perfectly fine to dine out with rats. It is a problem in many places in Phila. and worldwide. However, some of us don’t think it fair to villify this one restaurant by sensationalizing their unfortunate stardom in someone’s phonevid.

  • Victor=Staphmeal

    It is quite fitting that Victor is writing about rats. As they say, it takes one to know one.

  • Brandi

    Anyone who thinks that it is a sewer problem at green eggs cafe in center city is either naive or just plain stupid. There have been rats there for longer than people think, they just didn’t have the opportunity to show themselves until they came out for a little pizza snack. My guess is that the owners just simply ignored the disgusting situation, as hard as that is to believe. Anyone with half a brain would never again eat at any of the green egg cafe locations.

    • Guy from the gayborhood

      Brandi, you’re right on target.

  • Brandi

    What happened to my blog from yesterday you AHs? I told you what I thought happened at green eggs cafe and some twit removed it. I guess I was too close to the truth. Brandi speaks again!!!

    • You made a baseless accusation and then replied to that accusation using a different name trying to game the system.

      • Brandi

        What was baseless? It was the truth. I guess you like to dine with rats.

  • ricky

    Nobody complains about cats being served in Chinese restaurants so why would people worry about rats?