Disgusting: Rats at Green Eggs Cafe


UPDATE: Check out this post on the reopening of Green Eggs Cafe for an explanation of what happened (a broken sewer line) and what they did to repair and remedy the problem (a whole helluva lot).

It was just a few days ago that we were talking about Philadelphia’s rat problem over on The Philly Post. And then, on Sunday night, the social media-sphere went nuts with photos and reports of huge rats inside of Green Eggs Cafe on 13th Street.


Then came this explanation from the restaurant itself:


And a Green Eggs representative who spoke with Eater blamed the rats specifically on the broken sewer pipe, which seems like a reasonable explanation, though none less disgusting.

UPDATE: Click Here to See the Green Eggs Cafe Rats Video

Reminds us of the time that Inside Edition‘s Rat Patrol found giant rats and mice inside of Cosi, Ted’s Montana Grill, LaScala’s, Mamma Mia’s and Ishkabibble’s. Two of those restaurants have closed.

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  • Elle

    Pfft, sounds like SOMEONE never watched Ratatouille.

  • If you’re a manager of a restaurant or a retail establishment, is it EVER a good idea to let a camera crew tape your reaction to some footage they want to show you?

  • JJ

    There will be no line at Green Eggs on mother’s day. No amount of spin will regain their client base. Ew.

    • LR

      I’m still going to eat there. Just sayin’.

  • Lemongrass

    I own a property off of South St. I don’t eat in many of the restaurants near my house because I can see the rats running into/out of them. Eww.

  • rk

    here’s a hint: don’t leave pizza boxes with pizza OUT ON A TABLE overnight.

    • Yeah, especially if your restaurant doesn’t even serve pizza.

  • TSG

    If a sewage pipe indeed broke – which would explain especially the second picture – there is nothing any restaurant could do to prevent this. It’s as simple as that. While it elicits disgust, it’s just part of being in a city, no? I mean, I think even Vetri would have a rat problem if a sewage pipe broke there,

  • CF

    Does it happen everywhere in the city? Yes. Do you wanna see it? No. Just that simple

  • If you think that any city resturaunt doesn’t have some mice running through it, you’re sadly mistaken. I feel bad for these places featured on here because they’re being spotlighted even though I’d venture to say 90% of city eateries have some sort of rodent running through.

  • JofreyRice

    “We take very seriously the recent discovery of a *very small* amount of rats and rat pups in our scrumptious breakfast selections. This discovery has led us to begin sealing every known opening of our delicious breakfast selections with foam to prevent rats from entering. The non-foam portions of our breakfast selections are still made with the same attention to detail, high quality ingredients, and mouth-watering creativity you’ve come to expect”. Sounds delish!

  • mike

    Rats from a broken sewer pipe? The rats come from the pipe? Are they special mutated city rats with gills that enable them to breathe while swimming through raw sewage? And, while doing so, they can smell left over pizza sitting on a table. Amazing.

    • flora

      Rats are excellent swimmers, actually.

      • Yeah that guy

        Don’t you people know of the Ninja Turtles?? Come on man…

    • Dan

      Obviously your not a golfer

  • RRizz

    Trouble makers! Sorry to tell you “Inside Edition” but your t.v. station is probably filled with rats also! Unfortunately rodents are EVERYWHERE! It’s a part of life! Now you just screwed all these businesses over…for what? Bc you needed a story….Something I rather not have seen

    • JA

      Ummm, that Inside Edition story is “old news”…it’s not today’s news.

  • Ouichef

    I have worked in various high end restaurants as a manager and consultant for many years. I have emptied many a bottle of Old Crow with friends…colleagues that run restaurants in Philly that fancy patrons and critics alike. This problem is quite simply nothing new, and the truth would shock even Phillys-Stein Novak readers into headlong prayer. In one of the oldest cities in America, the rodent problem is a continual struggle for most establishments in our area. Think it is only in places you would never go? Think again. Just as sure as nobody is safe from Craig Laban, these little buggers can not be covered up by any amount of bells. They get worse when the weather is bad, when there is a new building being built, when he city digs up the street, or when thousands of hybrid SUV-spawn families from the suburbs continuously shit in our toilets at whatever-festival-of-the-week is going on down Broad Street. Basically, all the goddamn time. Quite frankly, some restaurants contain their furry visitors a little better than others through cleaning and frequent exterminator visits. But unfortunately the rats and mice will never just go away for good in Philly or any other city. And it certainly is not a problem unique to our area. In fact, the World Health Organization estimates that 20% of all food world wide is contaminated or destroyed by rodents each year. That is why well-run establishments properly cover and/or refrigerate anything in contact with the food that they serve, and go to great lengths to clean and sanitize all areas of operation before, during and after service. The board of health sees to it, and trust me when I say that they check. So while you may not be able to end the problem, you can certainly manage it. The places that Inside Edition exposed are clearly not on top of their game, and maybe this will kickstart the need to be vigilant for those establishments that haven’t yet caught on.

  • L

    Rats are definitely a problem in Philadelphia, and many restaurants have them. The pizza left on the table is the real issue, especially in plain sight for public to see.

  • ChefRemy

    Pffft Elle you are totally correct. I worked in GREAT restaurants in NYC which were certainly not strangers to rats and mice. (Albeit primarily mice.) In Philadelphia if you have a basement kitchen or storage area you will have mice. Be vigilant and clean. Dont leave stuff out. Keep that bleach dilution solution handy. (Sorry bleach works waaay better than any of that stuff Ecolab sells you) and the simplest solution: RUN A CLEAN JOINT!

  • jmink

    reminds me also the time rats were scurrying around the kfc/taco bell in nyc back in 2006

  • jmink

    you can still view the you tube videos from that infestation

  • Hence why we never eat out any more…

  • Anthony Durante

    i ate at green eggs cafe it was delicous i will eat there again the place was spotless it wasn’t there fault that happen

  • laurensdad

    Had breakfast Sunday with @ 15 friends to show our support. Food and service were fabulous. I think the restaurant’s response to this situation was immediate and effective. Here’s my toast to them:
    “Hasta la vista, rats from the pipe,
    Go hashtag yourselves, all you bloggers who sniped.
    The faithful all knew things would turn out OK.
    Hats off to the team at the Green Eggs Cafe!”