• fred

    Doesn’t seem like enough asparagus to have spent $1000… Also that one white bucket doesn’t look like anything I would want my food stored in… Looks like a spackle bucket.

    • no

      Who cares, so long as the bucket is clean?

      Actually, I don’t care if the bucket is clean – so long as they wash the contents before serving it.

    • vdubs

      it all comes from the soil anyways…

  • CC

    I am pretty certain a bum slept and left 10 minutes before all that delicious produce was set down there

  • Lord Chesterfield

    Looks like about 125 lbs of grass.. I guess $1k doesn’t get you much boutique/artisan/beyond OG product but I bet it tastes damn good. Would somebody identify what is on the right side of the picture? Horseradish? I have no idea what it is..

    • http://twitter.com/MoCoBeer1 MoCoBeer

      Ramps I believe

      • Lord Chesterfield

        They definitely arent ramps like i have ever seen. Any other guesses what that stuff is?

        • kds

          Maybe burdock or salsify? Definitely not ramps, you’re right.

  • scotty

    that’s gonna be some sugar smack smelling goodness the next morning….

  • questioner

    Is that Jared?

  • fred

    I’m going to say it looks like young horseradish