Free Stuff Alert! VIP Tickets To Brauhaus Schmitz’s Maifest


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, spring is in the air. The sun is shining, birds are tweeting and Jeremy Nolen and Brauhaus Schmitz are making plans to shut down an entire section of South Street for their first annual Maifest Spring Festival and drinkapalooza.

Maifest (which, in case you need a culturally apt reason to attend, is a TOTALLY authentic German spring festival which is celebrated by drinking beer and jamming sausages in your face–yeah, you heard me) will take place on Saturday, May 4th, from noon to 8pm. There will be beers. There will be food. There will be oompa bands and girls in dirndls and lots of roast pork. But do you know what could make it even better? A pair of free VIP tickets to the whole shebang.

Luckily, that’s what we’re giving away today.

First things first: here’s what your VIP tickets will get you.

  • Exclusive access to the Brauer Bund where special release imports and drafts await you
  • Also, a waitstaff and bar staff to bring you stuff.
  • And perhaps most importantly, 5 PRIVATE BATHROOMS, which means no porta-potties for you
  • There will also be complimentary appetizers (from noon to 3pm), 8 drink tickets good for the stands outside when you feel like getting up and mixing with the non-VIP-ticket-holding public, and a commemorative Brauhaus Schmitz beer stein to drink out of.

And now, here’s what you have to do to win the free tickets:

Write us a haiku. This time about spring. And everything you love (or hate) about spring. And everything you want to eat (or drink) now that spring has sprung. Last time we did one of these, we gave bonus points for writing the entire haiku in German (which some of you attempted). This time, we’re offering a bonus for anyone who manages to write about springtime IN Germany in a way that isn’t creepy or weird.

Trust me. It’s tougher than you might think.

The contest starts now. All entries go in the comments section below (and yes, the winner must be over 21). And it will end at 5pm tomorrow. Best haiku wins the pair of VIP Maifest tickets. Got it?

Then get writing.

Brauhaus Schmitz Maifest [Facebook]

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  • geoffrobinson

    When I was in Germany in the springtime, it was beautiful and temperate. I was also studying the Holocaust, so I’m losing my creepy and weird bonus points.

  • Paris

    In spring I was born
    German are my ancestors
    Cold beer I must drink

  • MHen79

    Kein pee in Straßen
    So viele Biere zu trinken
    Echte Toiletten!

  • Max Bialystock

    Germany in May
    Beer and sausage, all one needs
    and private bathrooms

  • BarkingBandits

    Weather is warmer
    Slip a cozie on my beer
    enjoy the evening

  • melomel

    Edelweiss carries
    the scent of sunshine and spring.
    Sip hefeweizen.

  • JennyG

    Love Hefeweizen
    But any Bier will suffice
    Spring is for drinking

  • Meg

    A saison in spring
    gleams on the Baiersbronn hill
    “Prost” — frosted pints clink.

  • Justin S.

    Große ale in Bamberg.
    Trinken die bocks und essen
    Das Beste aus der wurst!

  • Meg

    A saison in spring
    gleams on the Baiersbronn hill
    “Prost” — frosted pints clink.

  • Adam Staszewski

    I will lie face down
    So much beer and hot sausage
    I’m Spring bierleiche

  • Sharon

    Celebrate life… birth anew…. activity on the street… fresh food for all

  • Lauren C.

    goats in Germany

    commemorate the spring time

    bring on the races

  • Rich Murray

    My Lederhose.
    Her Dirndl, and our two beers.
    Spring at Brauhaus Schmitz.

  • greg

    Maibock is for Spring
    Water, Barley, Yeast and Hops
    Says Reinheitsgebot

  • Amanda Saddler

    Fruehling in Deutschland

    es regnet jeden Tag, ne?

    wann wird es waermer!

  • Mackie

    Maipole, Flowers, Beer,
    Sausage, Clean Bathrooms, Maibock
    Food Heaven Is Real

  • Pirate828

    Dirdl girls, col beer
    Not too much fun can be had
    Broad Street race, next day

  • Danielle Yavorski

    Sitzen im Garten
    Wir trinken ein paar Maibock.
    Ja, Frühling ist da.

  • AshRaeHov

    Spaten, Schnitzel, Sun
    German Spring embodies fun
    Prost to everyone!

  • Mr. Cooter

    Frauleins’ short dresses
    The biergarten after work
    Forgetting Winter

  • Frank

    Spring means less clothing
    Worn on the subway, which takes
    Maibock to forget.

  • Also Frank

    Springtime in Deutschland?
    Sounds like the worst play ever.
    Quick, call up Mel Brooks.

    • Alimentarian

      The actual lyrics almost work as haiku:
      Springtime for Hitler
      And Germany, winter for
      Poland and Fra-ance

  • Joshua Klopsic

    Party at Maifest
    Then Union bus to watch win
    What a perfect day.

  • Bigdeadanimal

    Bavarian bock
    Mai schnitzel shivers for you
    Until frühling blooms

  • Jose

    Springtime at long last!
    Savor outdoor wurst and bocks
    Beware Sansom stink

  • Alimentarian

    Spring in Germany
    Finally brings recovery
    From Oktoberfest.

  • Yes, I went there

    I don’t speak German.
    This contest discriminates.
    I’m suing Foobooz.

  • Definitely Not Frank

    Mit Google Translate
    Ich habe dieses Gedicht.
    Kann ich Bier trinken jetzt?

  • Miguel

    Beer and breasts and brats
    For spring, that is all I want
    Let the maypole rise!

  • SharonK

    Maibocks and maypoles
    Yodels on alpine breezes
    Prost! Lederhosen

  • Josh Houtz

    Pork, beer, springtime cheer!
    Intestine casings,
    Nolan’s wurst I crave.

  • Brian Sever

    The Jews and Germans
    Drink beer together this spring
    And all’s forgiven.

  • Kobey

    The best springtime beer?
    An argument with my friend:
    Not Urbock, Maibock

  • GoldenMonkey

    Baby due in May
    This may be my last day out
    I could use a drink

  • MoCoBeer

    Ribbons A Flutter
    Maipoles in Aying- Liebhards
    Bock bier in stone krug

  • MoCoBeer

    Englisher Garten
    Chinesischen Turm- wurst salat
    Hofbrau Maibock Prost

  • darryl

    Spring in Germany
    Allergy problems abound
    But there’s always beer

  • Erica Bauwens

    Biergarten’s Open.

    Raise your mugs: Eins, swei, g’suffa!

    Make mine a liter.

  • cameronbaney

    Springtime has arrived
    Grab a liter and a brat
    Bier, ich liebe dich

  • HD73

    White asparagus
    Spring sprout only Germans love
    A veggie Hasselhoff

  • Jay

    Brezeln und Bier,
    Du bist die Liebe meines Lebens,
    Sag nicht, Mary…

  • Guest

    Maibaum is risen.
    Like its Springtime in Deutschland.
    Prost! with stein in hand.

  • Natalie Ideo

    Maibaum is risen.
    Like its springtime in Deutschland.
    Prost! with stein in hand.

  • Zoe C

    Spring break in Berlin.
    Mastered one phrase in German:
    “Another beer, please.”

  • Elissa Viscelli

    Little leather shorts
    Spargelessen, Helles, Pils
    Fill my belly full

  • Adam

    Sandals on my feet
    Bratwurst casing

  • Ladysoldier1

    Black Forest awakens
    Bratwurst cooking on the grill
    Cold Sepplsche in hand

  • Ariel K. Sadbert

    True Story by Ariel Sibert

    the Koln cathedral
    –gray, the sky, the rains, the coats
    the spring, the hopes–gray.

  • Benjamin Manglin

    People Everywhere
    Means long lines at things like this
    Get me VIP

  • Christina Nash

    Frühling kommt wieder
    Die Deutschen tanz und trinkt

    Bier und Wurst, lecker!

  • Lezzie Borden

    Bavarian fete
    Folklore boogie ‘round Maibaum
    Lederhosen off

  • Erica Christine

    Schöner als Blumen
    Das Brot des Lebens fliesst hier
    Gottseidank für Bier

  • HausBier

    Ein Frühling regen

    Bier fließt durch meine Kehle
    bringt mich zum Leben

  • GillieP

    Frühlingsblumen blüh´
    Um die Maibäume tanzen:
    Gerstensaft trinken

  • GillieP

    Der Shafsbock stürmt an
    Maibaumbände flattern um –
    Bernstein Bier saufen

  • Lisa Erin Mullinax

    Philly is so hot
    People dress poorly in heat
    Ew, the gallery.

  • Alyssa

    War am Wurst essen.
    Sitzen in Sonnenstrahlen.
    Es regnet. Shade.

  • GillieP


    Der Shafsbock stürmt an
    Maibaumbänder flattern um –
    Bernstein Bier saufen

  • StephB

    Frühling in Deutshland
    Sonne, Wein und Biergarten
    Eins, Zwei, Drei G’suffa

  • GillieP

    Frühlingsvogel singt
    Junge küsst Mädel herzlich:
    Bock fliesst wie der Inn

  • Dan Kruse

    Mugs, jugs and wieners
    Maifest not oktoberfest
    Can I have Das boot?

  • GillieP

    Scheisswetter – regnet
    Mich in Kneipe verstecken:
    Auf Bierleich’ treten

  • Luke B

    Lonesome suspenders,
    Come May, you won’t be wasted,
    But I will, surely!

  • Fuzzy B

    last minute entry

    but I’m dying here at work

    dunkelweizen stat

  • MusicMagicMotion

    The action is beer
    It is I who is the spring
    Spring into action

  • GillieP

    Grösse Hügel quell’
    Die Frühlingsblume ist feucht –
    Der Bock stürmt sie an!

  • rfjmc32

    In the north, all rain

    We are south, sunning ourselves

    Let’s sack Paris!

  • Art from Foobooz

    The contest is closed.