What Center City Restaurateur Got “Mugged” at the Pub in Pennsauken?


Sometimes palm greasing in a restaurant works. And sometimes it doesn’t. And sometimes, well, sometimes it fails miserably and epically.

On Easter Sunday, the owner of a well known Center City restaurant took his wife and children to dinner at the Pub in Pennsauken. In case you don’t know the Pub, it’s a moderately-priced steakhouse set in a huge Tudor-style building just minutes over the Ben Franklin Bridge. The 62-year-old restaurant is known for its charcoal-grilled slabs of meat, salad bar, and for not taking reservations for parties smaller than 8.

The restaurateur, who shall remain nameless, has been going to the Pub for decades. He knew the score, and so he wasn’t surprised to see a long line when he arrived for dinner. The estimated wait time? An hour-and-a-half. “I heard my father’s voice in my head,” he recalls. “He said, ‘We better hit this broad with a C-note, or we may never get a table.'”

And so, the restaurateur handed the hostess a neatly folded $100 bill: “I told her, ‘I know this is a really tough day for you. I’m in the business, and I just want you to know that I appreciate the work you are doing.’ She smiled and said, ‘Don’t worry. I’ll take care of you, hon. It won’t be long.’ I’m figuring the deal’s done. This always works.”

Except it didn’t. After 45 minutes in the bar area, he went back to the hostess stand. “I figured maybe she forgot about me,” he says. “But I don’t know how she could forget. We’re all dressed nice and meanwhile there’s mooks in shorts with t-shirts on. I’m guessing no one else in the room slipped her a C-note.” He made eye contact with her, and she smiled. But no table.

After a total wait of two hours, he finally heard his name called. “She says to me, ‘Sorry for the wait,'” says the restaurateur. “I got mugged. One time when I was a kid, my father tore a $100 bill in half. He gave half to the host and said, ‘You’ll get other half if I get my table fast.’ I guess I’ll try that next time.”

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  • Stefan Urkel

    What a douche. I hope this prick gets exposed.

  • Rock Colors

    Are we supposed to care? ’cause if we are I think Mr. Entitled got what he had coming, which is nothing.


    Did this D-Bag hope that calling up Victor/FooBooz would help his cause?

  • Ray

    Marc Vetri likes The Pub??

  • Bob

    not sure Marc or his dad would use the term “mooks” so I doubt its him….

  • If you want to file a criminal complaint, please do. Otherwise, STFU and be happy the PUB and hostess don’t sue you for libel. Getting ‘Mugged’ means you were the victim of a robbery. Were you the victim of this hostess taking something from you by intimidation or force? Ok, then you were not mugged.

  • rob

    Gotta be an Italian

    • g

      Really?? You people are a bunch of whiny assholes.

  • PPABootSquadVinnie

    I think this guy is Just Trying To Tell A Story you F-ing TROLLS. Jeez, can youse be any more of a bunch of cranky, bitter, whining snipers? And you, legal eagle,check that statute in your law book [if you can read], ‘mugged’ has no legal definition. I sure as $hit wanna know if some restaurant service monkey is gonna pull a ‘Camden’ on me like that. ‘Cause we all know The Pub will Always be thought of as In Camden.
    Sorry to hear about that bad experience. I would never go there on a holiday [except my birthday] but that’s just me. I Still enjoy the place, and I Always take my coupons from the Camden Courier Post. It’s a bargain.
    Hey Loquat & RockheadColored—apparently you DoCare, enuff to read, bitch & snipe. F-in Posers.

  • I guess that goes to show that everyone will take your money but not your brib…..LOL

  • I think foobooz should be more clear on their level of support for some Dbag who drops the word “mook” in his attempt to hurt the business of a fellow restauranteur. And just so this guy knows, from one chef to another, your no more special then the “mooks” in shorts and tshirts, wait your fucking turn bigot.

  • stinkypete

    it was obviously peter mcandrews…duh

  • Some girl

    A question for those of you who are pro-palm greasing: what should the hostess have done if she wasn’t interested in being bribed? Returned the $100? The “restauranteur” gave her the cash under the pretense of thanking her for her hard work. I find it a bit declasse for him to say he was “mugged” because he didn’t receive a faster table afterward.