Mike Solomonov and Han Chiang Plan Star Wars Collaboration


Long time Foobooz reader and commenter Alimentarian, delivers us the scoop on a chef collaboration we can’t wait to taste.

On the heels of the announcement of his pop-up at Momofuku Saam Bar in New York, Michael Solomonov has revealed plans for an exciting home-town event at Zahav. Solomonov will be hosting Han Chiang of Han Dynasty for a collaboration they’re calling Han Solo.  Zahav will be screening the original Star Wars movie and serving Star Wars-themed dishes and cocktails.  The date and full menu have not been released, but a few tantalizing details have been provided.

Chiang will be offering a take on his famous Dan Dan noodles called Taun Taun innards (remember that scene from the Empire Strikes Back?).  Solomonov, for his part, promises a dish called Chewbaccala and a dessert plate of wookie cookies and Federation Donuts.

We'll release the date and details once finalized. In the meantime, look forward to this and may the Force be with you.

  • http://twitter.com/tmountjr Tom Mount

    On this April Fool’s day, this is the first thing I’ve read that I’m hoping against hope is for real.

  • Zahav

    April Fools! But we’re totally stealing that idea!

    • MishyPoo

      DARN IT!!!!

    • dame_delice

      yes, please do this. it would be epic.

  • tomaaas

    Sounds about right.
    The clueless “Alimentarian” who thinks the word “Fond” stands for what the restaurant’s owners are Fond of hahahaha

  • dame_delice

    glad i didn’t mention this to my son, b/c i’d be drying his tears right now.