• Tomaaas

    That is just a pathetic and silly attempt to get attention for lame food compositions disguised as creativity. Really???????

  • nointegrityasachef


  • ThankYouNo

    Ew. Just…..ew.

  • Alimentarian

    I missed the report that Matt Levin ended up here. When was that?

  • TJ

    Actually tried it and it was really good! Not gonna lie my table enjoyed it..

  • Hail610

    On behalf of someone who actually attended this event my family and I thought it was MARVELOUS! What a way to take an average concept of sweet and salty and really make it unique! You say who’s done it before.. NO ONE !! That’s the point ! Doc magrogans continues to be one of the most stimulating and truly creative restaurants in town. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!