Marc Vetri Serves Up Horse Meat On the Huffington Post


Last week, Marc Vetri told us that he’d love to serve horse meat, adding, “Seriously, who decided what animals to eat and not to eat? Is a horse better than a cow or a rabbit? Really don’t get all the fuss.” On Thursday evening, he took to the Huffington Post to elaborate on the matter.

Lately, there has been quite bit of conversation revolving around the humane treatment of animals as it relates to my industry. And now, horses have found their way into this discussion.

“Who wants to eat such a handsome, intelligent animal as a horse? I mean, horses are the smartest animal.”

Well, actually — and here’s where one of those pesky scientific facts some people choose to avoid comes in — pigs are more intelligent than horses. That’s how pigs and boars thrive so well in the wild. They also have great personalities, and can understand fear and pain. But we can’t ride a pig. Our kids can’t hop on a pig and ride them like they can a pony. We can’t pump them full of steroids until their bones can’t even hold up their muscles and watch them run around a track really fast. We can’t train them to hop over hurdles, and run after little calves that we’ll rope up and then throw our hands in the air like we’ve done something monumental. Hell, we can’t even attach a carriage to them and ride them through the streets of Philadelphia. They’re just a dirty, rolling in the mud, dumb old pig … clearly not as important as the horse.

It sounds to me like the Hollywood of animal selection. Tall, thin and beautiful people are fawned over like they walk on water, but if you’re fat and homely, stay away, it’s just not gonna happen for you — you’re not special enough. It seems to me that the animals we deem to be stronger, more regal, and frankly, cuter, get preferential treatment in our society. Sounds like discrimination to me, and I’m not sure who gets to be arbiter of what’s good and what’s bad, and what’s allowed and what’s not.

Read the entire article, “Humanity and Justice for All“, on the Huffington Post.

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  • Mike Ross

    Hey Marc, how about we kill and eat dogs and cats next? For your information, the vast majority of horses aren’t run as thoroughbreds, but have important uses such as police work, agricultural assistance, therapeutic assistance, and pets. In pre-modern times, the horse was used as an ancillary weapon of war and sacrificed a great deal to humanity. So, before you “Hollywood” your argument (only as a reason to freshen up your food), do some research on the topic and get a clue. Pigs are primarily raised for slaughter, horses are not. And while you’re at it, get some variety at Vetri. Great meal the first time, good the second, and very old / repetitive after that.

    • Mr Ed.

      If horses are eventually raised for slaughter, I see no difference in that then a pig, cow, duck, lamb being raised as food. Would you be ok with it then ??

      As long as I am not being served a retired Budweiser Clydesdale, and the farms are regulated by the usda, then I’d have no issues eating it.

  • E

    Mike Ross, get off your high horse. I wouldn’t even have to be that hungry to eat a horse.

  • maf

    @f7a160d22b982486bbad1556f07c529c:disqus … what section would you put the horse that is pulling a sight-seeing cart around Old City? Therapeutic assistance? And, by saying pigs are primarily raised for slaughter, are you advocating it? Or, are you defending a horse because you rode one, once? Either way you just proved Chefs point with your personal attack on him. Funny how animal rights defenders get so personally aggressive when defending the aggressiveness of animal cruelty.

  • Mike Ross

    Maf – Where did I say anything personal about Marc Vetri? I just commented on his tired menu at Vetri, not him personally. And for the record, I’m completely against the sight-seeing horses in Center City, NYC, etc. And also for the record, I never rode a horse, participated in any horse training, horse racing, horse showing events, etc. I just think it’s ridiculous that chefs continue to push the envelope for publicity’s sake. And, I’ll ask the question back to you…if not a horse, than why not a dog or a cat?

  • maf

    The second you got off the subject of horse meat and commented on his “tired” menu, you attacked him personally. And, chefs aren’t pushing any envelopes by serving horse meat…it’s been done in Europe for centuries. I’m never going to eat a horse but I’ll let the ones who do or want to be at peace with doing so. Furthermore, I wouldn’t eat a dog or cat, but could care less if someone did.

    • Mike Ross

      If I said something about his family or him, that would be attacking him personally. When I called his menu “tired,” that would be commenting on his craft, professionally. Two completely different things.

  • Jethro Clampett

    “pesky scientific fact…pigs are smarter…” Dr.Doolittle Vetri not pesky, not a ‘fact’. Steer clear of offering your nit wit philosophy. That rant is cringe worthy. You`re well out of your depth marc.

  • John H

    Jethro of your 58 comments on Foobooz, not one of
    them was of any value, including this one you “troll”. As far as Mike
    Ross’s comments go, I will just call him ignorant. Whatever side of this discussion you are on, Marc had a well thought out and well written argument. So far I can’t say that about anyone else. If you can’t see that, than you’re just a horse’s ass…

    Here are some other foods you can be a bitch about:
    Monkey – Indonesia
    Cat – Hong Kong
    Dogs – Philippines/ Southeast Asia
    Seal – Canada
    Oh and Horse sashimi is a fairly common item on menus in Kyushu.

    • Jethro Clampett

      John H, foobooz stalker and milquetoast, the gas flying out of your pie hole has a stench of ass-holery.

      Let’s start with Vetri saying pigs are smarter. Can you cite a scientific reference for this “pesky fact”?

      “troll” ? ouch that’s excoriating. John you have established your ID as another, tiresome FB know-it-all gas bag.

      How are you qualified to assess Vetri’s argument? You’re like the idiot who call others stupid while misspelling the words.

      “if you can’t see that THAN you’re just a horse’s ass”

      John you are in fact an ass hole.

  • Jethro Clampett

    John H foobooz stalker and milquetoast the gas flying out of your pie hole has a stench of ass-holery.

    Let’s start with Vetri saying pigs are smarter. Can you cite a scientific reference for this “pesky fact”?

    “troll” ? John you’re a plain a-whole just another fb know it all gas bag.

    • rk

      all you have to do is click a registered name (like yours) to see all of that name’s comments. and on a cursory look, john h looks to be correct in his claim (as is vetri).

      • Jethro Clampett

        i’m clicking yours and all i get is gutless nit wit??? What gives?

  • Connie Cunningham

    I am a farmer and am against eating horse meat. I already know that they are a “Just another herbivore”, that they aren’t as smart as hogs, that they are a prey animal like most of our livestock animals are.

    But, we as a society, have already decided that horses are companion animals, not livestock. And that eating companion animals is a revolting idea.

    While food diversity is important in our diets, it is also important that we have boundaries as a society.

    Grandstanding Super-star chefs could easily find another way to further their appeal than using companion animals on their menus. Maybe using LESS meat in general would be a good start and would be more appealing to more people.

    But I guess it doesn’t get their names out there quite as effectively as this stunt has. This is nothing but shameless self promotion, accomplished in a really disgusting method of delivery.

    • Jethro Clampett

      Agree… the bandwagon is quickly sagging under the weight of other chefs who must have double majored at culinary school earning an Anthro Ph D along with their toque.

      Monsu has never received so much attention.

  • Jimmy

    Here’s a thought – people with obvious agendas (read: horse lovers, animal rights activists, vegans, and people without any palate) should stay off food-relates websites. Take your ball and go home. You’re not allowed in this sandbox you babies.

  • James

    Actually, you can see pigs race around a track. Has Vetri never been to a county fair?