Ready to Eat Horse Meat at Monsu? Maybe Vetri?


On Wednesday, I called Philadelphia restaurateur Peter McAndrews to talk about horse meat, since the equine-eating controversy recently popped up again, as it does every couple of years

McAndrews owns several restaurants in the Philadelphia area, including Sicilian BYOB Monsu, where he has served caballa finto (“mock horse”), his horseless take on an Italian dish, with McAndrews substituting goat. The Italians love to eat horse, and Italy is one of the world’s five biggest consumers of the animal. Now, McAndrews says he’s ready to make the leap to the real thing here in Philadelphia.

“I am going to embrace horse meat wholeheartedly at Monsu, probably in the springtime,” says McAndrews. “In Italian food, a lot of it is made into salami or cured meats, and some parts are also good like regular steak would be, just like a cow.”

There was a ban on the slaughter of horses in the United States, but President Obama lifted it in 2011. And I can’t find a Pennsylvania law prohibiting the slaughter of horses or the sale or consumption of horse meat. The regulations on horse meat inspection and importation are unclear, and in 2012, a USDA spokesperson said the agency was reviewing the matter. The USDA did not return multiple calls seeking comment for this article.

Last year, New York chef Hugue Dufour announced plans to serve horse tartare at M. Wells Dinette, his restaurant inside MoMA PS1. Dufour is a French Canadian who cooked plenty of horse when he trained in Montreal, a place with no taboos on horse consumption.

Two weeks after releasing his menu, Dufour pulled horse from it, after a flurry of complaints from animal rights activists and horse lovers everywhere.

“We get tired of beef-chicken-pork all the time and we assume diners do, too,” said Dufour in a statement. “Whatever else horses are – draft animals, companions, transport – their meat is also delicious and affordable… Nevertheless, scandalizing animal lovers is not what we want to be famous for. It was certainly not our intent to insult American culture.”

But McAndrews says he’s not the least bit concerned about protests or boycotts. “There’s too much meddling,” he argues. “If you’re serving something and it’s not doing well, that’s when you don’t serve it anymore. Not because you get letters about it.”

Meanwhile, award-winning chef Marc Vetri enjoyed a horse filet mignon this week in Montreal. In fact, the horse that he ate was raised right here in Pennsylvania and, presumably, exported to Canada for slaughter.

As the Inquirer has previously reported: “Pennsylvania is home to the largest livestock auction in the East – in New Holland, Lancaster County – one that sends hundreds of horses to slaughter in Quebec, Canada each year… Pennsylvania provides an ample supply of slaughter-bound horses: race track losers, spent brood mares and washed up Amish buggy and plow horses.”

“I ate horse in Montreal from Lancaster,” Vetri wrote me in an email. “Figure that one out!” Here is a photo via Vetri’s Instagram of the unlucky animal on his plate:


“[I’d] love to serve it,” Vetri told me. “Seriously, who decided what animals to eat and not to eat? Is a horse better than a cow or a rabbit? Really don’t get all the fuss.”

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Additional Reading via The Philly Post:What’s Wrong With Eating Horse Meat?

[Top Photo: Wikimedia Commons]

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  • amr2002

    curious whether vetri would try dog. victor, plz report back, thx.

    • Alimentarian

      Vetri occasionally serves dog as part of his tasting menu. It’s not bad–you should check it out.

      • vfiorillo

        No dog at Vetri. Sorry. I asked. He answered.

      • Another resto serving non-USDA inspected food? Hello, health department….

    • vfiorillo

      I’m guessing he’d try right time/right place. Serve, no. I asked via Twitter. Will let you know.

      • amr2002

        yeah, my point is just that all the arguments he made for horse one could make for dog, but even bourdain won’t eat dog.

  • VF Sue

    I think chefs should be extremely concerned about the lack of oversight or regulation on what drugs these horses were given in their lifetime. Unless the horses are being raised specifically as a food source, I doubt a chef could EVER find one that hasn’t been given bute at some point in its life. Thus the reason I only by my beef, chicken and pork from local farmers that raise food animals the old-fashioned way…

    • amr2002

      right, and on top of that, the horse racing industry treats horses genuinely horribly. and by buying the meat from those horses you are supporting the industry. If people want to eat like free range horses, i have much less of a problem with that, although i don’t think i would do it.

  • bob

    While in Iceland, I had the option to eat horse meat in a few places. It was actually very good. I wouldn’t hesitate to eat it again.

  • bob newhart

    I actually ate horse sashimi in tokyo. tastes like beef. the rest of the world eats pretty much everything. get over yourself america.

    • It’s a good thing for you that this sounds like it was a one-time occurrence. Regular consumption of commercially slaughtered horse meat, containing the highest levels of adrenaline and cortisol available, causes Colorectal and other gut Cancers. Not to mention the prohibited substances and medications found in horse meat…

  • drjane

    Why is it different to eat horse vs cow? Individuals should be able to choose what they eat, within reason. I hope all of the folks who say they’d boycott restaurants that serve horsemeat eat only at strictly vegetarian restaurants; otherwise they are being truly hypocritical.

    • susankiepprien

      Difference is the slaughter method. Number of electric stings required to bring the animal down and out is horrifying.

      • They don’t use electric stunning in commercial horse slaughter. They use the fatally-flawed, head-shot kill process, which is what you are referring to. It has been proven to be ineffective. The meat is tainted.

  • veg~lvr

    this is fucking insane. DOG. horse. get over the meat eating people its killing this planet and u at the same TIME. I never would eat Vetri’s food or give him a penny. There are FAR better chefs in the area that cook with a conscience. LET the flaming BEGIN!

    • Rol

      serious question: do you eat bugs?

      • Alimentarian

        He/she might not know it, but he/she certainly does.

    • veg~lvr

      bugs.. no not intentionally.. but we are all eating bugs at some points of the day but intentionally eat a bug. No. U as meat eaters are ingesting FAR FAR worse things than a bug.

      In this country, roughly 29 million pounds of antibiotics — about 80 percent of the nation’s antibiotics use in total — are added to animal feed every year, mainly to speed livestock growth. This widespread use of antibiotics on animals contributes to the rise of resistant bacteria, making it harder to treat human illnesses.

  • A horse steak dinner has always been the highlight of all my trips to the province of Québec. The discovery that the meat is imported from Lancaster is a pleasant surprise.

    • Jenna64

      How pleasant indeed, to eat carcinogenic toxins and possibly diseased flesh, from tortured animals who may have been stolen from children…Enjoy!

  • lord chesterfield

    “Don’t get all the fuss?” Think about it for a second… There are myriad reasons why we should not consume horse. I can imagine Vetri et al would have no desire at all if they got to see what kind of condition most of these animals are in when they are butchered.. I have a copy of il viaggio di vetri on my desk right now… taking your picture with a cute, fuzzy, presumably sustainably raised piglet is one thing.. no one is going to pose for a photo op with a bunch of drug riddled, injured, old and flea bitten race track cast offs that are lined up for the bolt gun.

    Why would you want to support these industries that abuse horses by giving them an easy outlet for their waste product, and why would you want to eat that meat not knowing what drugs etc are lingering in there. And if anyone thinks that horses could be sustainably raised for food… well I welcome you to try it. I can’t think of a more resource intensive animal to raise. Although maybe someone will figure it out and we will all be enjoying veal-pen raised horses someday in the future.

    Maybe all these chefs and gluttonous foodie whores should think a sec before they say yes to cooking and eating every last thing that walks, flies or swims. For all this caring about where your food comes from, why do people want to look the other way when it comes to this. Other cultures might do it, but that doesn’t make it right for us.

    • Because there is no waste in nature and product loops are the key to human survival. If you don’t like the horse racing industry, stop it there. To stop thoughtful use of expired horses only creates waste from an opportunity to offset more production. Every pound of horse meat someone voluntarily eats is one less pound of some other meat that would have probably been factory farmed. At least the horses got to run around and be relatively healthy and served multiple needs. I’ve never met a horse owner who didn’t love their horse. Cows, whether from a pristine family farm or a disgusting factory farm, were all born and raised solely to be eaten or to be bred or to be milked.

      • BerksBound

        “Thoughtful use of expired horses”??? What PR company came up with that sanitized version of horse slaughter?? I can assure you the slaughter pipeline is not in any way a ‘thoughtful’ use of anything, but is in fact a predatory industry that investigations have repeatedly shown fosters abuse and reckless breeding.

        Kill buyers seek young, healthy horses in good weight, precisely those that would be sought for riding. This is meat production, not a disposal service.

        • I know, “thoughtful use of expired horses” sounds like a craft project in middle school….

      • Deedie

        Horses were not born solely to be eaten or milked.

  • susankiepprien

    I’ve eaten horse meat before. More than once. The taste is not relevant in my decision to stop. Once you see a video of how they are slaughtered, the number of electric stuns required, the agony the poor animal goes through, you WILL NEVER TOUCH IT AGAIN.

  • Horse meat is quite common in Quebec, and in a number of European countries. It is less expensive, it has less fat, and more taste than comparable cow meat. It is absolutely no big deal. This should be a non-story.
    It is also a shrewd marketing move. By announcing this non-story, you can count on the knee-jerk reaction from the animal “rights” nutcases and generate oodles of free publicity. You kind of hope they misbehave, as they are often wont to do, and get on TV and viral YouTube videos. Just as some mediocre restaurants play the PETA twits with foie gras. No cheaper way of generating publicity.

    • Honor-killings are quite common in Pakistan, and in a number of mid-east countries.
      Whatta great idea.

    • BerksBound

      It’s actually not common in Quebec. It represents a measly 1% of the meat that the French consume in France. It’s really a fairly fringe food item even over there.

    • Most people who talk or write about Quebec have never actually been there.

  • If you serve horse meat at your restaurant…not only will you risk a boycott, but you will be compromising your personal safety as well. You will be singled out and targeted. Think I’m kidding? Try it.

    • Where is the lousy useless government when you really need them? Oh wait. This has nothing to do with trampling on your rights or anything like that, so the lousy government criminal scum don’t care to do anything about this atrocity. So. The onus lies with YOU. You can’t rely on criminals to regulate what you eat. YOU HAVE TO DO IT. Don’t eat meat. Make the murder/slaughter industry drop dead in its own tracks. As long as people are willing to compromise on this issue, horses and ALL animals are doomed. And so are humans. There’s only one way out. STOP EATING MEAT. Get real and just do it and stop acting like a bunch of babies who want it both ways. It’s not gonna happen. And if people tell me that what I propose is unrealistic, then I say to you, that what you are saying about horses being murdered and eaten is unrealistic too. Because it is.

  • Interesting that the horse Vetri tried was raised in Lancaster. Have you ever been on an Amish/Mennonite horse farm? The conditions are similar to the “puppy mills” run by the same breeders. Horse is not raised for food anywhere in the USA, so the horses you are eating spent their lives as draft animals, companions, pets and well, transportation. They have received countless de-wormers, antibiotics and other drugs that were never meant for human consumption. I am not opposed to eating humanely raised horse (even though I do love the critters, and find them strangely human), but until horse is raised specifically as food, I won’t eat it.

    I did have horse heart tartar at the defunct restaurant DNA in Montreal and found it nothing special.

    • vfiorillo

      Horse heart? Now you’re talking crazy.

    • rk

      it seems that opening the american meat market to horse could lead to an improvement in oversight and conditions (and slaughtering technique). In other words, this could be win/win…a new, potentially less problematic red meat to market and an improvement in how that meat is raised.

      • BerksBound

        That is a theory proposed by the horse meat lobby… the same horse meat lobby that also supports puppy mills and the cruel sport of horse tripping.

        When we had plants in the U.S. previously they were notoriously barbaric. There’s no reason to think it would be any different because it would be the same operators and the same lack of oversight funding (in fact, with budget cuts, there is currently NO funding for overseeing horse slaughter).

        Much of the abuse occurs at auctions, feedlots and in transit, and that occurs on US soil whether horses are killed here or over the borders. So the net of it is that bringing this sordid, predatory industry back to US soil will not improve it. We need to ban it now, and ban horses for export for slaughter also.

      • ^^ you people ^^ are barbarians. You are truly a brainless, useless eating, cave-dwelling, neanderthal, for daring to post such a stupid, moronic statement. But it figures. Look what you eat. Dead rotting, putrid flesh…just like you are.

  • Suburbanite

    I find it funny that those who currently eat beef and other animal meats are now “boycotting,” horse meat’s potential to show its face on restaurant menu’s. Horses, like cows, pigs, chickens, goats, lamb, buffalo, etc, are all animals. They all have personalities, certain characteristics, and yes, even feelings. We forget this with the slaughter of these animals to supply the American food supply, and I am not saying that I will boycott a restaurant due to their serving of horse meat on the menu, but instead, for the sheer fact that they see the “necessity” to slaughter yet another harmless animal.

    • Cows, pigs, chickens, sheep are all food producing animals and from the time of birth to the day they are slaughtered they are regulated, given only approved medicines and not slaughtered until they are done with any withdraw times. Horses especially in the US are not regulated and are given banned substances in any food animal like BUTE a pain killer for horses, No matter the use, companion, athlete show horse or work horse they all are medicated as needed, many banned from entering the food chain…being around horses for over 30 years there is no way i’d eat a horse not just because its like eating a dog or cat, yes the FDA considers horses companion animals, but i know the meds that are used to keep them healthy and sound.

  • veggie

    This year horse meat, next year poodle…

  • Fred

    Fine with horse meat that is humanely raised and slaughtered, and not full of antibiotics and steroids. Doubt that’s what you get from an auction in puppy mill country.

    • Please describe in specific terms how “humane” slaughter is done.What methods, where has it been used, why it’s humane, etc.

      • Good goddamn question. I wonder. Did Hitler humanely murder all those humans? Murder is murder and death is death. What makes humans think that they are superior to other beings that want to LIVE!!! They don’t want to be tortured, murdered and their dead, rotting flesh eaten! That is BARBARISM!!! What the hell is wrong with you people??? You are truly devolving idiots. The best thing that could happen to humans who defend their right to murder other living beings, eat their dead, putrid flesh and drink their blood is for you to be sterilized and your bloodlines to die out. Only then will the earth be able to survive the likes of all of you.

        • rk

          as a jew, there is only one thing to say in response to this. Fuck you.

    • Deedie

      Fred…tell me how slaughter is humane? Does it involve violins and a white apron? Go check out a clip of what a horse goes through at a slaughter house and do tell me which part is humane? I just don’t see it.


  • Welcome to Horsemeat Village..
    A rest-home for has-been chefs.

  • Funny how whenever a chef has run out of ideas he /she turns to a controversial meat. Why would anyone want to dine at a restaurant where the chef has discarded his art? Go ahead serve horse flesh and watch how fast you are closed down. Stating you don’t care about how the population of America feels is a restaurant suicide. It actually tells us you don’t give a toss about your diners. You probably spit in their food too. We’ll be seeing you on the next reality show of failed restaurants.

  • jmd

    Who regulates this meat? I give my horses bute, and other medications that are not approved for human consumption. Stick to FDA approved – why risk it?

  • BerksBound

    This chef is clearly just latching on to a fringe, exotic fad and doesn’t seem to care about the ethical issues or health risks of eating horse meat. Perhaps a lawsuit from customer that develops aplastic anemia or other blood disorders from the drug residues in horse meat will help bring what’s best for his business and his customers into focus.

  • G Taupin

    Horse meat is toxic to humans, that is why it is not longer
    in dog food since the late 70s or early 80s.
    Good to know this guy serves food that is not even fit for a dog.

    The horses that come out of the U.S. are shipped to the EU
    within weeks of running on our race tracks.
    There is a huge scandal in Europe right now not only because of labeling fraud, but because of health issues and the meat testing positive for Phenylbutazone, (horse aspirin) the toxic medication that causes aplastic anemia, prostate cancer and has also now been linked to erectile dysfunction. Mangia at your own risk …..

  • WLEG

    This article is factually incorrect. Obama didn’t lift any ban on the slaughter of horses in the U.S. Up until recently horsemeat could not be sold for human consumption in the U.S. The reason was that for a number of years ago there was an explicit prohibition on the funding of inspectors for horsemeat. If meat isn’t inspected – beef, pork, any of it – then it cannot be sold for human consumption. When a funding bill for the USDA went through Congress some members of Congres stripped the prohibition on the funding of inspectors for horsemeat. Obama had two choices, sign the funding bill as is or veto it. If he had vetoed it, then there wouldn’t have been funding for any inspectors, including inspectors for beef, pork, etc. Not really an option. There was no ban on the slaughter of horses in the U.S. In fact there was no explicit ban on the sale of inspected horsemeat for human consumption. There was zero funding for inspectors, making the sale of horsemeat for human consumption impossible. Congress, not Obama, put that funding back. Please, do the research and get the facts correct.

    • Deedie

      Three congressmen, WLEG. It took 3 congressmen to screw American horses. Jack Kingston of Georgia, Roy Blount of Missouri, and I’m not sure who the other buffoon was.

  • bute is banned by the USDA in any animal going to slaughter for human consumption. so, how are they going to legally serve horsemeat???? ignorant move on their part!

  • Theresa Nolet

    Not only does one have to worry about the drugs horses are given legally, but not allowed for food animals, what about the illegal doping race horses get? Here is a link to a story about just that!

  • susanm

    Horses were never meant to be raised for food. I can’t believe how insensitive and uncaring some of the comments are. I have been involved with horses my entire life and love them dearly. In fact, I care about all animals deeply which is why ethically I am a vegetarian. I know that not all people will choose to be vegetarian but, I would certainly hope that people know right from wrong and what humane means. Because I can assure you that there is nothing humane about the killing of horses. Even though you may not care about horses or the animals that you choose to eat, I would sure hope that you would want them to be handled and killed humanely. This is once again all about the almighty dollar and how a small percentage of greedy people can persuade others to do their bidding, so to speak. I believe in retributive karma. Let the retribution begin!!

    • uh…there is no SUCH THING AS KILLING or MURDERING humanely! Where the hell did that concept come from? Oh that’s right…from hell. It figures humans latch onto it so easily. Humane killing is as sane as Hitler was. How about that.

      • susanm

        I understand completely where you’re coming from. In my perfect world, there would be no killing of anything, period! But, even certain animals kill other animals for food. It is certainly a harsh fact of nature. Knowing that it is highly unlikely that the entire world would embrace the practices of a vegetarian, then we have to assume and acknowledge that eating meat will still be a reality. Because of this, I feel that we have an ethical responsibility to end any living beings life as painlessly and stress-free as possible.

        Some people consider animals to be lessor beings, food and put here for human’s needs. I hold animals and all living things in high regard. I have always had a strong, natural connection to animals, especially horses, and simply don’t understand how other people’s minds can rationalize the brutallity and senselessness of eating them. That being said, I know that there are people for and against this issue. The bottom line, animals only have the rights that people allow them. I can’t imagine people being in that situation. No voice, no freedom of choice, just used, abused and thrown away.
        My dream is that one day we will all be able to live in a more peaceful, compassionate, and less self-serving world.

  • Vicki

    We have been patrons of all Vetri restaurants for years. Marc has even cooked in our home.

    As a life long horse owner, I can explain why slaughtering horses for consumption is much more cruel than other animals that are raised primarily to be food.

    No one raises horses for meat on this continent, and I would bet that most European horses come to the table just as ours do – as rejects from sporting industries.

    Before you begin to serve horse meat, please come with me to New Holland. It is not a Kansas City stock yard. It is a sad place full of broken down race horses, outgrown kid’s ponies, liquidation of someone’s farm that has gone bankrupt, and some unattractive or ornery horses that no one wants.

    The prime difference is that 99% of these animals have had trusting personal relationships with humans. They have faithfully carried them on their backs, made money for their owners at the track, and have submitted to humans wishes when they could have killed humans instead.

    Eating horses is much more like eating the family dog. Not some untamed bovine raised in a herd with only human contact being mass feelings and inoculations.

    • This is why you will NEVER overcome this problem. As long as you see other sentient beings as “untamed” and having “mass feelings and inoculations” horses will ALWAYS be killed and eaten. YOU are the reason this is happening. Stop meat eating and the problem resolves itself. If you expect the answer to be found in hypocrisy, you have some soul searching and ego adjusting to do.

  • Vicki

    And of course I can give my horse any old not for human consumption drug I want and ship him to New Holland sale an hour later. No one is going to start humanely raising and humanely slaughtering horses solely for meat. It’s not economically feasible, especially when what ever demand there is can be supplied by cast offs and rejects from other industries.

  • Josie P.

    There are so many reasons why horse slaughter makes no sense. The folks below have outlined it clearly. These horses are not raised for meat, they come from farms and families who used (and loved) them as DOMESTICATED animals. Not meat. They are not safe for human consumption. As a foodie, and a horse owner, I would never eat at a restaurant that served horse meat unless the horses being served were humanely raised for human consumption with little to no handling and humanely slaughtered. I make that pledge when I buy any meat that I eat. The world is not the same as it used to be and specifically the horse slaughter industry on this continent is disgusting. It is a real shame to see such ignorant people owning such great restaurants.


    I am gonna say these drug overdosed animals are a consumer healthrisk knowing I give pesticides in my horses feed box I know they are filled with chemicals, vaccines, and bute. So he is taking a real risk, other countries are getting worried to eat it for good reason then this fool wants to charge big money for Italian food, and you get to eat a slab of disease which they are not tested for So look at the horse steak pictured above-the bloody condition of it=Hepatitis, AIDS, Lepto-spirosa, EPM, HYPP, Encephylitis which causes swelling in your brain, and infection throughout your body-these illnesses are running rampant in horses, people get rid of the horse by selling to killers who are selling it to slaughter who sell it to this idiot or idioso to put on a platter and serve you and slap you in the face by having you pay for it! I dont think thats worth it-Horse tartar w a side of Hepatitis and a free trip to the doctors on his dime will end this whole issue! What a jerk. I had three horses tested positive for lepto spirosa the illness had wiped out dogs, cats, horses, bovine, and humans and you cant tell til their half dead-it took 3 vets, 6 clinicals, and then after some more research and 2 university vets we got a diagnosis. I had to be treated against it from being near them, then the Center for Disease Control says you have to incinerate the bodies (cremate). You know what the people downt the road did when their horses contracted it-7 horses went to the auction and the CDC tried to hunt them down-oh to late they went to Canada! So then people have mysterious illinesses and say I cant find whats wrong. Go ahead get some horse and get sick-dont take the innocent children!

  • The EID system hardly ensures a continuous medical record and certainly does not guarantee food safety, especially when one considers that the drug history of the horse can be completed at the auction and not by the owner, using a stamp instead of an original signature. It’s a barbaric, unsafe, discredited business – one giant trash heap of cruelty and drugged meat. It’s also a facade of false and incomplete paperwork, concealing incompetence and often outright deceit at the highest levels.
    Both the Humane Society of the United States and Front Range Equine Rescue have petitioned the USDA and the FDA to have horsemeat declared “tainted” and unfit for human consumption. In addition to the use of legal drugs, illegal horse drugging (including dermophin),and slaughter are each inherently wrong, and both are worthy of staunch opposition. What protocols exist to test for other drugs, especially illegal ones like “frog juice?”

  • most of the horses in the US that end up in the slaughter pipeline are ex show horses, racehorses and pets that are bought b a “kill buyer” at the auction and know nothing about their past. sadly some horses are even stolen out of pastures and barns. If a horse was treated that day the plant would never know. some race horses many that have raced the day before and 98% of racehorses have had Bute even on race day or the day before…Pasture to plate in 7 days is commonly used to describe how dangerous US horse meat is. Cows, pigs, chickens, sheep are all food producing animals and from the time of birth to the day they are slaughtered they are regulated, given only approved medicines and not slaughtered until they are done with any withdraw times. Horses especially in the US are not regulated and are given banned substances in any food animal like BUTE a pain killer for horses (commonly called horse aspirin) that is known to cause cancer. There are many supplements, hormones, vaccines that we give our horses to keep them healthy during their life. As a horse owner for over 30 years I would never eat a horse not only because to me it would be like eating a dog or cat, but knowing what drugs they are given…if you don’t believe go to any tack store and read the back of the supplements which could be for feet, gastric, shine, mood, joints, sprays, de-Wormers, fly sprays, vaccinations, tranquilizers, and most will have this warning “Not For Use On Horses Intended For Food” I have nothing against eating meat but for eating an animal that is raised as an athlete or pet is not the same as eating an animal raised for food… remember here in the US the slaughter pipeline is commonly known as a dumping ground for” old, sick, horses” as some call it and others complain it is too expensive to have their horse put to sleep when a broodmare given hormones her whole life. some run their horses through the auction when a child outgrows the horse and others just don’t want the horse anymore because it can’t run (thoroughbred, standardbred and quarter horses off the track) or just not good enough in the show ring, etc. Either way that horse has most likely been treated to suit the owners needs and chances are that horse has had at least one banned drug in its lifetime.
    also remember in the US horses are NO longer used in dog food because the ivermectin (de-wormer) was killing different breeds of dogs mainly the Collie breed and some larger breeds. And also remember a large portion of horse meat comes from the US…Because of the lack of regulations on horses the it has been said By July 2013 the EU will no longer accept horse meat.

  • Of course, it’s critical to the jejune gourmand that he/she be able to eat not only in an elitist fashion that may be cruel, but one that he also cannot truly afford. These foodies and their priests, the
    chefs who want to be famous for something, even if it’s not actually good cooking, rationalize consuming foods that must be acquired and slaughtered in the most brutal fashion, almost to a sadistic degree. Apparently greed and indifference to suffering are secondary values over the rightness of being able to gorge oneself. It truly leads one to beg the question, what is to be the next oral fixation?

    Although I doubt any foodies reading this will be tangentially
    distracted by the concept of any suffering they might inflict, I’ll
    bring it up anyway, as it affects horses. Of course, horses in Canada and the US that end up on dinner tables in restaurants are almost exclusively former racehorses, carriage horses, private pets, and children’s pets. Not raised for food and medicated accordingly by their former owners.

    There have been many reported cases of animal welfare violations in Canadian horse slaughterhouses including failure to provide food and water, illegal unloading of animals, animals left for extended periods in kill pens and sick or injured animals denied veterinary care. Not surprisingly, veterinary experts around the world and leading animal protection groups have denounced horse slaughter as inhumane. Additionally, a CBC probe reveals that inspectors from CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) have typically not intervened when inhumane incidents have occurred, or a CFIA inspector was never present at the kill pen, despite government regulations that require a vet from the
    agency be present to oversee the slaughter process at the plant.

  • Meredith

    Marc Vetri. You are a 1st class piece of shit and promoter of animal cruelty. I will never again go to any of your restaurants. Educate yourself you stupid m-f-er.

  • EP David

    Looks like not everyone is happy about the new dish as a threat has already rolled in:–192561831.html

  • Victor_Velo

    We live in France; here we eat horsemeat; it is known as “viande chevaline” it is prepared much like beef. The photo of the chevaline steak doesn’t look very appetizing to me; it is too thick, too bloody on the inside and carbonized on the outside. We pan fry or barbecue a thinner cut called bavette is sort of like a flank cut, but is very tender. In France we have butchers who deal only in viande chevaline and it is avalable in the supermarket.

    • How are the horses slaughtered in France? Do they use the head-shot kill method?

      • Victor_Velo

        We use a bulletless gun to kill the animal, or at least swiftly render it unconsious, then suspend them by the rear hooves, and bleed them by slashing the carotid arteries. The design of the slaughtering technique was designed by French veterinarian Dr Temple Grandin.

        • Jenna64

          Temple Grandin is not French, and she is not a veterinarian, either (PhD in Animal Science). She was born in Boston. What you describe is exactly the same inhumane method used in the North American abattoirs, which she would NOT recommend. Did you know that sometimes the horse is conscious when they bleed it out and even when they start to hack it apart? Ugh.

  • jeannie goodmon

    Horse meat for human consumption is suicide. With all the drugs that are given to horses why would you want to risk it? Here in America we dont eat our pets. I find it disgusting to eat my horses or my dogs or cats. If dog food banned horsemeat years ago why would you think it would be safe for humans?

  • “The meat was raised right here in Pennsylvania, and exported for slaughter.” Really? You have horse MEAT producers in Pennsylvania? Gosh, this statement is so foolishly naive. There’s no tracing of horses or where they’re from – cowboy steeds, children’s ponies, racehorses are all exported to Canada. There’s no way to claim that you’re eating an appaloosa or an arab. Nobody has a clue what they’re eating. Does Mr. McAndrews realize that he can only serve USDA inspected food in his resto? Maybe time for a wake-up call for this arrogant chef.

  • Cindy

    Disturbing and disgusting. We have to question the moral integrity of any chef who believes it’s okay to eat pets — especially in a country where it isn’t necessary for survival. He’s just trying to make a national name for himself, in the same way that all the nuts who end up on the evening news go about it. Do something heinous and you’re sure to end up in the spotlight for awhile.

  • Not only are the Drugs/medications that have been used, for which there is no tracking system an issue..communicable disease is another issue to consider among horses that are in the slaughter pipeline, just recently a new holland auction , with kill buyers present was found to have horses with severe strangles on the premise with abcesses ruptured and pus frozen to their halters, every other horse on that property was potentially there are confirmed cases of EHV-1(Equine Herpes Virus) in NJ & Fla..this is what happens when an animal not raised for food under any food safety protocols is permitted into the food chain, You risk eating something not only gross, but harmful.The kill buyers that buy these horses, don’t care about the horses or the people the meat is destined for, Bon Appetit! :

  • Do NOT Serve Horse. Do not slaughter horses–horrible, horrible, immoral, barbaric

  • Jsmith
  • Jsmith

    “Swiss veterinary authorities say they will take action to prevent the import of horsemeat produced under cruel conditions. The statement comes after the broadcasting of footage showing foreign horses being mistreated prior to their slaughter.” THESE HORSES ARE FROM THE US, SLAUGHTERED IN MEXICO & CANADA. They are also pumped full of carcinogenic drugs, harmful to humans. The drugs are labeled, not to be given to animals for human consumption. And a chef wants to serve this!!! Please read on….

  • You disgust me

    Make sure all your diners know that horse meat is riddled with CARCINOGINS!!! You’ll be killing your patrons as they eat the horse meat on your menu. All of us “horse people” give our horses Bute – that stuff never leaves the horses tissue once they take it. So, if you don’t care about the horse’s input in making this nation what it is, you will hopefully have enough concern for your diner’s health and well being to let them know how terribly toxic horse meat is. There are many other things we give/put on our American horses that clearly state “DO NOT USE FOR ANIMALS INTENDED FOR HUMAN CONSUPTION”. Dewormer (Ivemection, fly sprays, topical treatments)…..yeah, bon appetite. P.S. – horses that end up in the slaughter pipeline are often there from deceptive practices. Won’t do your restaurant nuch good when it serves a plate of a horse that was stolen and slaughtered, then tracked to your restaurant. Hope you fail miserably.

  • comedyflyer

    It will be really easy to spot those who eat horse meat…they will be the ones that glow in the dark!

  • Advocate

    Disgusting! We as Americans do NOT eat horse meat! If you believe in the Bible (I do) go read Leviticus Chapter 11. If you don’t then think about the chemicals we treat our horses with! Chemicals that have been banned in the US as well as Canada and the EU for use in meat animals! These chemicals were banned for a good reason! Documents for these animals have been faslified for years! These drugs are managing to turn up on people’s plates! WAKE UP!!!!!

  • sissya

    I will NEVER eat horse meat and I will NEVER go into a restaurant that serves it! They are not raised for food…they give their owners everything they have and make most of them thousands if not millions of dollars and then they end up a HORRIBLE death so fat, spoiled assholes can say they “eat” horse meat! They can go f’themselves!! they should all be ashamed!

  • Karen Barker

    I suspect this restaurant owner is just looking for a bit of publicity/notoriety. You know the old saying…. there’s no such thing as bad publicity. He clearly doesn’t care about the health of his customers as he’s willing to put their health at risk in order to make a buck. I also don’t feel sorry for anyone who eats horsemeat. If you line up at this restaurant, you’ll be lining up for chemotherapy next. Bon appetit!

  • Gross

    Hey Vetri – Hope you enjoyed your “filet-o-toxins”

  • Forget about the health risks, it’s their quality of life and death that matters. I cannot understand why slaughterhouses are such torture chambers that ALL ‘farm’ animals are prodded with bolts of electric and then skinned alive. A guy who works at a slaughterhouse in Trenton says it’s necessary because the rigomortis sets in so fast!!!
    WTH do these people who give up their pets think they are going to go through?! See “from Farm to Fridge.”

  • Darrell C

    Being vegetarian working towards veganism I don’t consume ANY meat, poultry or fish. I consider equines to be companion animals NOT livestock. If this Yahoo is going to serve horse, then why not dogs, cats or even Soylent Green? Disgusting and insulting to any genuine animal lover!

    ~”Auschwitz begins whenever someone looks at a slaughterhouse and thinks; ‘They’re just animals ” – Jewish philosopher Theodor Adorno, a holocaust survivor~

  • dan marco

    If you serve horse meat I’ll dine some where else.

  • I can’t believe they are in such total disregard for the customer by serving this stuff. Horse meat is dangerous to eat with all of the chemicals in it and the terrible way they die. Its been proven here and in Europe that tainted meat is in the food system and yet people still serve and eat it. Educate yourselves,don’t rely on the people selling it.

  • Deedie

    What’s wrong with eating horse meat? Are you kiddiing? Besides the fact that you will likely be munching on carcinogenic meat is awful enough, then add in the cruelty and criminal activity that you will be contributing to, and you have uncovered the tip of the iceberg. Most of the people who support horse slaughter do so for MONEY. It isn’t because they want people to have a new meat to consumme (do we need more meat?), it is because they wish to continue to breed horses irresponsibly and dispose of the horses they can’t use in the slaughter pipeline…then there are others that wish to kill off the “protected” Wild American Horses and Burros by sending them to slaughter and making a mint off of their meat. Whose taxes will pay for USDA inspections so that we can KNOWINGLY sell tainted meat to an overseas industry? Americans, 80% of whom oppose the slaughter of horses. Tell me who benefits? Pro slaughter advocates would have you believe that the horses benefit. I’m sure the horses beg to differ.

  • Jimmy

    Please make this thread stop.

    • Yeah, we’re with you Jimmy. This has stopped being constructive or voices from the regular Foobooz community.

  • Michele

    Disgusting pos. Where am ? I thought I lived in America. I wish all thede subhumans would drop dead.

  • Sally Eckhoff

    Horse meat is illegal in the US. It’s a federal law. There’s no one to inspect it. And if you read this article, you’d think that what these restaurants want to feed you is “rejects” of some kind…the old and infirm (and therefore the drugged). Clearly someone didn’t think this through.
    p.s.: Horses aren’t food animals. They’re raised as athletes and pets. There are no food safety standards for the raising and processing of horses because…it’s illegal.