Valley Shepherd Creamery Finally Ready to Open


Valley Shepherd Creamery will finally open in the Reading Terminal Market tomorrow. The outpost of the North Jersey cheese farm will feature a glassed-in cheese room, where visitors can watch mozzarella being stretched and a grilled cheese counter named MeltKraft.

MeltKraft will offer eight sandwiches and sides that include duck fat, bacon fat, chicken, bacon and truffle oil.

MeltKraft Menu


Reading Terminal Market [Official Site]
Valley Shepherd Creamery [Official Site]


  • JA

    Melt + Kraft = MeltKraft?
    Maybe it’s just me – but the first thing I think of is Kraft Singles – which of course is indicative of grilled cheese. But…if you’re coming from the “craft” side of the cheese segment – wouldn’t it behoove you to shy away from the term “Kraft” or at least use “craft”…again maybe it’s just me.