Pass Me a Lager … Barbecue Sauce


Next time you as for a Yuengling Lager, someone many ask you if you mean the beer or the sauce. Yuengling has partnered with All-N-Food to produce a line of barbecue sauces created with Yuengling’s Lager, Porter and Black & Tan. Yuengling also has unveiled a line of hot sauces based around their Lager.

But that’s not all, tomato sauces, soup and salad dressings are also in the works.

Look for the barbecue and hot sauces to be on Food Lion shelves (and at the Pottsville brewery) before the Super Bowl with wider distribution to follow.

Yuengling Sauces [All-N-Food]

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  • Adam

    Connor Barwin in that last picture is really funny for some reason.

  • Kevin

    Any truth to the rumor that Boykin was approached by the IHOP to be a spokes person? Seriously though, love his versatility and willingness. With a few more pieces (one more OLB, true NT, a safety and maybe another corner (although Williams and Fletcher haven’t been the biggest issues)) this defense could be really fun to watch again.

  • Roasty

    I wish it wouldn’t come to having a CB play outside linebacker but I do love Boykin and think it is great they are finding ways to get him involved in the game. He is a pure athlete and leaving him on the sidelines does nothing for the Eagles

    • BrickSquadMonopoly

      Lets keep in mind his snap count…hes still only playing 50% defensive snaps. More versatile role or not.

  • cliff henny

    not 100% sold on Davis, but cant blame the guy for his lack of ingenuity. get him couple more player that fit scheme better, and run Allen out of town, maybe he’ll surprise us. glass half full…defense has gotten in a lot of 3rd and longs, so something is working.

    • aub32

      Why wouldn’t teams want to get into a third and long against this defense? I think we had better success at stopping 3rd and 3 or fewer than we did stopping 3rd and 10 or longer.

      • knighn

        If the Eagles Defense ever manages to get an opponent into 3rd down and 80, I might just have to turn off the TV.

  • aub32

    I get DCs are going to try creative looks to confuse the defense, but at some point you just have to line up and play football. Do anyone really think that the Chiefs or any other team is going to fear having their tackle matched up against Boykin? What the hell is Davis trying to get from that matchup? How about putting Boykin on I don’t know….Avery!!! I can only hope that Davis is not thinking, “The Broncos lost Clady. Aww man that creates a great opportunity for Boykin to get in a few rushes. I guess I’ll just leave Nate Allen or Earl Wolfe to cover that Wes Welker guy. I mean sure they may be a little mismatched, but how can I not take advantage of Boykin vs. the backup LT.”

  • anon

    Can we look to see where boykin was on those pivital third down plays? Hopefully he wasnt pass rushing.

  • anon

    is the use of Boykin as an OLB showing how poor our linebackers are at covering? Also why not do this one with one of the crappy CBs that we have active every week, isntead of our best slot cover guy?

    • Jernst

      It is absolutely an indictment of our OLBs ability to cover. As far as using other CBs, the thing Davis is trying to do is make the offense think we’re rushing Barwin and using Boykin in coverage, because when Cole or Graham are on the field we almost always rush them. But, he doesn’t want to be predictable so he’s sending the clear coverage guy to mix it up. This is ok once or twice to keep them off balance. Hell you might even get a protection break down and a free man coming at the QB. But, he’s doing it with regularity, which just concedes that we won’t be getting much pass rush from him and he’s not covering. So instead of simply rushing our clear rush OLBs (boring) every time their on the field, we’re putting Boykin in their role in clear pass situations, because they can’t cover and he can. Only, we don’t want to be equally obvious as rushing our rush LBs, so now we rush the guy we put at OLB who can cover. So now we’re using a CB to rush, Barwin to cover and our rush LBs are on the bench. Really counter-intuitive.

  • Max Lightfoot

    ” … I might get smashed to the ground afterwards, but as long as I get it done, I’m good.” Now there’s a role model for the D! And he doesn’t even complain about being a tackle piñata. As a fan, I really admire that level of commitment – we need more guys like Boykin (just in a slightly larger package, I believe). Just hope the little fella can hold up. Go Eags!

  • JofreyRice

    Nice breakdown. I feel like I almost take this stuff for granted, but it really is awesome that you put out such high quality material. Thanks!

  • Dewey

    The Patriots do this a lot with Arrington. One benefit comes about when the OLine gets used to Boykin attacking the line of scrimmage and dedicates an OL to account for him. This is a win for the defense, a 300LB Lineman tasked to account for a 170LB DB.

    • Jernst

      No way! This only is a win for the defense if there’s other 250-300 pound pass rushers getting better match-ups because the OT is busy with Boykin. When you take Trent Cole OFF the field, only rush four and Boykin is essentially playing DE in a 4 man front (as stated repeatedly above by Barwin). This is not a win for the defense. Please explain how a 300LB linemen being tasked with blocking a 170lb DE/OLB (because that’s what he was on those plays..not a CB) is a win for DEFENSE? If it was a win for the defense why wouldn’t we see a rash of 170lb DE’s and OLBs throughout the league?

      The patriots don’t play arrington in these roles straight up. They use him on a blitz, using him to occupy an Olineman while your other pass rushers and blitzers get more favorable match-ups. In these scenarios above there’s a straight up 4 man rush. Boykin is easily handled by the OT. Whereas, Cole, Graham or Curry would have at least given you a chance one-on-one with OT. While they are now free to double Cox and go one to one on Sopoaga and Thornton. How is that a win?

      • Jernst

        It’s a four man rush that is easily picked up with a 5 man protection, allowing maximum eligible receivers to get out into routes while taking your best cover guy out of the play entirely, while simultaneously allowing the other team to double your only accomplished pass rusher. This couldn’t be any more of a win for the offense and a giant loss for the defense.

  • Dutch

    Ahhhh, that’s BS to have the smallest guy on the defense rushing in a 4 man rush. Also, Barwin leaves a lot to be desired in pass cover protection considering the field day Backs and Tight End have been having against the Eagles defense this early in the season.

    Over the last two games, Backs and Tight Ends have racked up 16 to 20 catches and a mile of yards. It’s not practical bringing up how efficient Barwin is in pass coverage when he’s not effective based on the recent results.

    I can’t find any rational reason to rush Boykins as a forth rusher taking rush attempts away from Brandon Graham and, or Vinny Curry.

    • aub32

      It’s Boykin. You’re making the same mistake as a lot of people who used to add an “s” to Asante Samuel(s).

      • Always Hopeful

        Earl Boykins! Marginal NBA player.

  • Jernst

    In any profession where people throw around the word genius with far too much regularity and for which there is a big gap in knowledge for those in the profession and those out of it, there is always the risk of those in the know getting too cute, so to say, with their approach.

    People make football a lot more complicated than it has to be. That’s what I love about Chip’s offense. It looks to create simple numbers advantages through spread formations and the use of the zone read and then gives the players the option to choose the best advantage while maximizing their skill sets.

    Defensive schemes need not be this complex. It’s good to confuse the opposing QB and make him guess where the rush is coming from. We saw the limitations of a purely vanilla four man rush with no variety last year. However, the goal should be to get your best players doing the thing that THEY DO BEST.

    You should not scheme to have Boykin rush the passer regularly, because that is not his strongest skill set. Similarly, you should not scheme to have Graham or Cole consistently drop in coverage for the same reason. Further, there is no confusion here, you are simply playing a CB at OLB and having said OLB rush the passer. If, instead of Boykin, it was Trent Cole in those shots above rushing the passer, no one would post an all 22 shot of it and laud Davis for being innovative and confusing QBs with his scheme. He’s simply using Boykin in a role that he is not suited for simply because, “the offense would never expect me to do something so counterintuitive.” BS…there was no confusion, the LT simply picked up Boykin just like he would any other rushing OLB in a 3-4 and destroyed him. All this accomplished was taking one of, if not, your best cover CB and wasted him, while someone that could truly excel at this task was placed on the bench.

    • Jernst

      This would be no different than putting McCoy on the bench on a critical 3rd down and playing Riley Cooper at RB, because hey, it really disguises our offensive play call, the defense certainly wasn’t expecting that. Then running Riley up the gut on a dive play. Which, inevitably, fails to pick up the first. And, then when asked why he would do such a thing, Chip says, “Obviously, we’d love to have McCoy in there running the ball, he’s pretty good at it, but more than anything else, it’s indecision on the [defenses] part. Why is this [big slow] guy coming [at us on the dive]? Is it a [run] or is it a [fake or play action]? What are they gonna do? Are they gonna put [a LB] on him? Sometimes we can manipulate the [defense] this way.”

      If he ever said anything like that he’d get laughed out of the league. Why is it ok on defense to do something so blatantly counterintuitive that puts your best players at a disadvantage based solely on the misguided hope of creating confusion in your opponent?

      • Jernst

        I honestly wish other teams would try this hard to confuse us by taking their best pass rushers off the field on obvious passing downs and playing their best CB at OLB or DE to rush the passer and set the edge in the run game.

        Oh how I hope the Cowboys take Demarcus Ware off the field and use a four man rush with Claiborne going up against Jason Peters!

        Unbelievable…I’m so fired up over this, I’m literally talking to myself.

        • CTAZPA

          Yeah, but such an enjoyable conversation. I alternatively chuckled and grumbled at both posts.

  • Chali

    I think it’s pretty stupid to have your best pass defender blitzing that much. I would rather try to disguise his coverage than have him blitz or rush. That is all.

  • Finlay Jones

    On the same play boykin was rushing the passer, Brandon graham was covering a wr outside. Maybe you should swap those two roles round, billy?