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  • evanphilly

    Hey Don Banks….Chip Kelly’s Eagles for the most part ARE Reid’s Eagles. Draft a team that eventually gets you fired and then go and coach for a team with players that you should have drafted, and beat your old team. We should all be so lucky.

    I like Barnwell’s article. Chiefs in the end, could be the best Defensive team that the Eagles face this year and they showed the world nothing new in how to stop Vick and DJax. And despite this, the Eagles still put up 400+ yards of Offense mostly in non-garbage time. The Eagles themselves have been their own worst enemy.

    Keep the Phaith, Bird fans…year 1 is a learning experience for Kelly. Year 2 more roster turnover is incoming plus his QB will be drafted. Year 3 and above will be something special.

    • Token

      When Carroll got hired in SEA and Harbaugh in SF, how much of the roster did they turnover in one year compared to what Kelly has? Id be interested to know that.

      • evanphilly

        I thought in SF there was little, and I think that is sitting in the back of peoples minds…What he did in taking a 6 win team the year before, to the NFC Championship the next, was pretty miraculous. That doesn’t happen often

        In regards to Carrol, I got this from wiki: “In his first season, Carroll almost completely overturned the Seahawks roster, totaling over 200 transactions in the course of only one season” 7-9 in ’10, 7-9 in ’11 and the third year was the big step up

        • Dutch

          Harbaugh was hired after Mike Singletary was fired. SF was intact with solid talent on both sides of the ball. Harbaugh just introduced a new concept with the same players who could not adapt to Singletary at the helm.

      • theycallmerob

        A lot there in SF:
        Carroll has been around since ’10. Built that secondary by looking for specific qualities. Sound familiar? If only Kelly were lucky enough to have so much time; people are calling for his head after 3 games with a 4-12 roster.

        • Token

          no no no. Chip could lose every game and get a pass this year IMO. Im merely worried about certain things im seeing in his coaching. Doesnt mean it will stay that way.

          I expect larger changes next year.

          But as ive said plenty, if Howie is still running the show theres no reason for anyone to get their hopes up.

          • theycallmerob

            I completely disagree. The same way you can’t hold Kelly accountable for Reid’s decisions/players/talent (or lack thereof), the players drafted in that era no matter who made the call will be vastly different than those going forward. All decisions are guided by Kelly’s preferences in players. To me, it seems very similar to the situation Carroll walked into. Read that article in the link above, specifically re: his desire for big, mauling DBs.
            Roseman seems good at (1) being able to pull the trigger when needed, especially in acquiring free agents, and (2) managing contracts and the cap. Gamble and the scouting department will use Kelly’s preferences in identifying actual players.
            But as you’ll continue to say plenty anyway, Howiedontknow.

    • William

      I agree with you but I don’t think Kelly or the brain trust wants to wait that long . Why Else did he keep Vick when they good have easily let him go to see what they had …..they converted Cole to LB after a bad year last year. Kelly knows he has at least the second best back in the league with McCoy, something special in Jackson and Vick can be special with a little luck and reduction of mistakes. This division has sucked the last few years and we can now see that Washington or RG3 is not what everyone thought. The Giants won the Super Bowl at 9-7 and were luck to even be in the playoffs that year ….this is primarily a win now league and I think the Eagles Brain trust want to win now. We need to just win 3 out of the next 3 and anything is possible this year.

      • William

        Sorry I meant 2 out of then next 3

        • evanphilly

          I think they can beat the Giants and the Bucs, it will be on the offense to cut down on the mistakes, primarily Vick. It will also be on Kelly to run the ball a bit more and rotate McCoy and Brown as often as they can. I know its a win-now league, but Kelly doesn’t have anywhere near the pieces he needs. He could have gotten rid of the 4-3 players and some of the pieces on offense, but he came in with respect to those players and gave them a chance. If Lurie/Roseman/Gamble know this and are fine with it (which is something that we don’t know), then this year may be a wash.

          • William

            I am hopping that we can end the regular season winning streak the broncos have going. I am actually rooting for the them to win this week then maybe the law of averages will play in our favor. Outside of that …God helps us….Payton Has to be just chomping at the bit to get this secondary

          • BlindChow

            Well, no one saw KC beating Green Bay in 2011…

            The one thing the Eagles have in their favor is that it’s an away game. They actually play better away from the Linc…

      • Dutch

        Slow down and come back into the boat…… it’s a horrible assumption to believe a healthy RG3 is not what everyone thought. I wouldn’t get lulled to sleep but take advantage where you can while he’s not 100%. He didn’t have a problem picking apart the Eagles secondary not being 100%

        • William

          I am not saying that RG3 isnt good but I never thought he was what they were saying he was. Picking the Eagles apart so far doesn’t seem to be very difficult. We can teams off the field on 3rd and forever.

          But I don’t think the Redskins are the team they made us believe they were. Their defense looked bad against the eagles but looked really bad against GB. No one was worried about the skin last year and they snuck in the back door , RG included…I think this year will be different

    • theycallmerob

      Sheil is just trolling us at this point with his selections for What They’re Saying About the Eagles

  • Frank Cascarelli

    Did the offense really struggle in san diego? They maybe struggled to get to 40 points due to self inflicted wounds, but over 500 yds is not struggling.

    • evanphilly

      It was certainly not the O’s fault that team lost to SD

      • knighn

        Let’s say the best the offense could have done against San Diego was put up 50 and the best the defense could have done was only allow 27. Which side was closer to maximizing its talent? That defense sucks but they are all doing everything they can. The offense could have done more and didn’t. It was a team loss.

        • theycallmerob

          I agree with the team thing (especially considering the horrid ST play against KC). However, it’s plenty of execution issues on the defensive side- against SD, there was plenty of blown coverages and missed tackles. That is not “doing everything they can”. Had those guys made a few more plays (or a few less penalties), game is over.

          I actually thought the KC performance was more akin to their standard of play. Like with WAS, they actually performed well in the run game (this time against Charles). And it was also the first game with no forced TOs. They are what we thought they are. Good goal-line stand after the fumble, but that FG and the pick6 was 10 points; KC dinked and dunked their way to 16 points.

          Our offense must be able to do better than that.

      • EaglesFan#1

        That’s the worst game our starting O Line is ever going to play

  • Dominik

    Mrs Fox: “It is one thing to think outside the box and yet another to kill your team’s momentum by going for an unnecessary two-point conversion when trailing 10-6 in the first quarter.”

    Yeah, that’s what killed the game for us, right. I was too stupid to think about that for a reason, I thought maybe the Fumbles, Interceptions or bad snaps killed us. Football is an easy game, Bill Barnwell is right. God damn you, 2 point conversions.

    • Will

      Your not going to win many games in the NFL with 5 turnovers, the Eagles were lucky to keep it close thru 3 quarters….

      • Dominik

        You’re not going to hear many objections about that statement from me. ;)

  • Michael Myers

    “who would be wise to study the way Reid comports himself and realize that he’s not in Oregon anymore. Chip Kelly’s offense has worked for all of two of 12 quarters.”

    Huh? Exactly why would Kelly want to “comport” himself like Reid? Did I miss chip misbehaving?

    • Michael Myers

      they are third in yards per game…only ninth in points, but that will happen when the quarterback implodes….I didn’t see chip on the field missing any assignments, either.

    • BlindChow

      The Eagles would have turned in this exact same performance had Reid been coaching them, if last year was any indication.

  • BlindChow

    It’s nice to see not all the national media latching onto the “the NFL has now solved Chip Kelly!” narrative, though I’m not surprised about ESPN’s myopia on the subject (Sheridan came to a similar “conclusion” after Thursday).

  • William

    It is crazy how quickly they are jumping off the bandwagon. I think KC has a very good Defense but they actually didn’t stop the Eagels who had over 450 yards total offense and Shady had over 150 yard rushing. The problems was were the turnovers, and they turnover that were easily corrected mental errors…. Bad spaps, fumbling a fair catch, the pick6 because Vick locked in on the TE ….these things will get corrected and the Offense will get better at running the offense. I think they could put up 40 a game by mid pointof the season. In this division I predict it will still be wide open by then. We judge the offense two quickly after the Redskins game, the Defense to quick after the charger and the team two quickly after the Chiefs…..the scary thing is if and when the Eagles figure t out , really who will stop them.

    • Dutch

      Agree, those clowns are hedging their bets to save credibility with an uninformed readership. You can’t claim to stop or that a team stopped the Eagles who ran up 450+ yards of offense. This is still a new concept and scheme in it’s 3rd game of a 16 game season who showed as such against a very good and loaded Kansas City Defense.

      I’m confident not many if any other offense in the NFL can hang 450 + yards of offense on that KC Defense.

      The Eagles did as much with unforced errors to beat themselves more than anything Kansas City did to win this game. I hope Chip spends time detailing that to his young team. This is an exciting learning experience and when this is completed some of the crowd favorites on this roster won’t be in Eagles green.

      it’s not accurate to suggest this offense has been figured out…….

    • B-West

      Hey, more leg room for the rest of us. I look forward to watching this team grow during the season, without the national media annoying me with incorrect “analysis” along the way.

      It makes me wonder how much I actually know about teams around the league, where I lean on ESPN and the likes for information. The difference between the national media narrative and what’s actually going on can be pretty vast at times here in Philly.

      • evanphilly

        Remember, Philly was wrong for getting rid of McNabb. How did that turn out. At least Schlareth, who ripped our fair city when the trade happened, apologized mid-way through the following season. Philly was also getting ripped for letting go Reid, but time will tell on that one. Reid still looks like the same old Reid (first three plays from scrimmage, pass-pass-pass), but with a better Defense supporting him.

        • B-West

          And when Jim Johnson had the defense rolling here, Reid had a great deal of success.

          I don’t think KC has the same Reid that we had last season. Hard to tell from afar, but he seems rejuvenated. Also, he had gotten himself in over his head on the personnel side here, and the result was less focus on the field as well as a roster that was getting weaker and weaker. Hes back to focusing on the X’s and O’s. That 3rd and long play they were running that was basically an extended screen with the under route getting blocks from the other four WRs…. That was classic Andy play design that gave him so much success throughout his career.

      • BlindChow

        Wow, that’s a good point about ESPN. The only outlet I use for the other 31 teams is their NFL Nation blog. Yikes, my notions may be completely wrong about this league!

  • UKEagle99

    The only thing stopping the Eagles offence, is the Eagles offence. They need to execute more consistently and cut out the stupid penalties. I continue to believe they will only get better, perhaps with the exception of Herreman’s who may need replacing sooner rather than later.

    • omar goiter

      i like your french spelling of offense.

  • jakethesnake

    Already sick of the Chip Kelly apology squad…if Chips stupid tricks don’t work, you can’t say ‘he doesn’t have his players yet’ ….this is the NFL….means not for long if you come from college and suck….ask nick saban…..

    • Maggie

      Let’s look back at how they laughed and laughed at Bill Walsh. Before all the Super Bowls, I mean.

  • theycallmerob

    Thanks for the link to the Barnwell article; I could not agree more with his assessment of the Thursday night game.

    Moving forward with this year, based on pragmatic expectations:
    * continuing to see if Kelly grows as a Coach. It is great his offense is “working”, but he must win to ensure players buy-in on his vision. Most of all, he must learn from his mistakes. The most frustrating thing about Reid was his continual attempts to try the same process while expecting different results.
    * better play out of the DL. If they don’t develop, Davis’ scheme (and job security) must be evaluated. Everyone knew the secondary is weak, and LBs had a steep learning curve (particularly Graham and Cole). But the DL was supposed to be one of the strengths. It is inexcusable for them to generate so little pressure. Maybe Cox improves, maybe Logan improves, Curry plays more….something has to happen
    * With Lane being a rookie and JP getting back to game speed, I expect improvement all year long from the OTs. But I fear Herremans may have fallen off the cliff; I can’t imagine Barbre not seeing at least some time if Kelly is honest about performance dictating playing time. Conveniently for the team, if Herremans is benched at least he (like Barbre) can step in as an emergency OL in almost every position.
    * personnel improvements are the only fix for WR, CB, and S
    * Kelly must, beyond a doubt, be able to incorporate the “deep and talented” group of TEs into this offense. After that pathetic game from WRs not named DJax and Avant (who, save for some good catches cannot beat coverage consistently), these guys must be more involved in the passing game. IMO, this is the part of Kelly’s decision-making the most raising eyebrows.

    • Richard Colton

      I’d like to suggest adding NT and G to your group of WR, CB, and S. I’m expecting JP to bounce back and we knew there would be ups and downs from Johnson his rookie year (still he looks like the best rookie tackle in the league).
      The Herremans thing is more troubling. He looked bad in the preseason too. and he’s coming off an injury.

      • theycallmerob

        Those 3 positions I see as only being able to be improved via transaction. I think, at least this year, Barbre could play G. And Logan may grow into that NT role and play ok. Of course, going into the offseason, it’s a significantly longer shopping list. I was speaking solely on this season

  • SeaDucks

    I notice an increasing divide in the writing- Those who dismiss Chip, and those who further embrace him. The difference are the ones who just look at the box score(dismiss), and those who see what is actually happening in the game(embrace)

    The Eagles have how many yards on Offense? something like 1400+ in 3 games? That is Sustained Superior Performance, regardless of the W-L record. This indicates very solid ball movement. I would be much more worried if we had 3 scraping lucky wins, without any real offensive output. Ahem, KC?? KC only scored 26 due to us gift wrapping the points. We even put a bow on one(pick 6). Save for the last drive of the game, they had no offense. KC had 394 yards to our 431. Roughly 95 of that came on the last drive of the game, for which I will give them credit, but that was an anomaly, not the norm. Which is my point entirely- The Eagles Offense offense moving the ball at will is the norm, not an anomaly.

    My very novice opinion is this- The Eagles offense is Superb, but still needs fine tuning. Everyone is blowing them off as a failed concept already. Special teams and the defense have shown they Can play at a high level, and not by accident. The Offense is near the top of the NFL in most stats, except TOP. This could be a trap game for Denver. But someone, is going to blow off the Eagles when they put it all together in the same game and will get destroyed with a vengeance.

    • BlindChow

      3 of the Chiefs’ points also came off the punt fumble, a drive on which they lost yards.

  • magic man jon d

    the chiefs played decent, but we lost the game with sloppy turnovers. no team will win when they cough it up 5 times.
    the defense played better than expected. mike vick looked like last years vick (except the successful multiple long yardage runs), not circa 2010.
    we are 3 games in and played no below average teams – lets not forget chip inherited 90% of this team and is working with what he has.
    playing away for the next three games against some tough teams will only make this team better and at least it will be exciting.

  • jakethesnake

    I want Chipper to do well and I bleed green but I have serious concerns including
    – why keep Vick..whats the upside? are we going to the playoffs with him?, should have cut him day 1…this is another round of endless deju vu bs with him
    – Chip doesn’t understand bleeding clock concepts? are you kidding me? he didn’t think of that before San Diego or dumbbell Shurmur didn’t tell him how to handle close games when you have the ball?

    – 2 point nonsense that killed momentum and will make players question him
    – thinking he can win with Riley Cooper as a starter.
    – dumass cataldi wants to marry him

    like I said….I hope he does well but just sayin……..

  • miked718

    We’re winning this division with a 7-9 record (as Kelly gets comfortable in the NFL). By week 17 all these writers will be on the bandwagon. Don’t you love the era we’re in when writers spit out reactions constantly and are never accountable for the ridiculous opinions they publish just to get clicks? Looking at you, formally reliable Ashley Fox and others. How about more reporting and less opinion? Find interesting angles like my man Sheil for chrissakes. Lazy ass reporters man. Especially at ESPN (you suck Phil Sheridan)!

    • I agree with you, but in fairness, Ashley Fox, Phil Sheridan, et al are getting paid to pontificate so, if they want to pay their mortgage next month, they need to have opinions this month… and ESPN really doesn’t care whether those opinions are rational or reasonable as long as people read them.

  • Will

    The running game works, so they are going to crowd the box till you are successful beating it. Not Vick’s strong suit. Good Luck Chip maybe you can prevail were so many have failed. What can you do at this point? Improve on Defense, which outside of FA or a trade you go with the personnel you have. The NT and Safety positions scream for different player’s not found on this roster. Good Luck Billy Davis your gonna need it, did seen some improvement last week. Yet that was Alex Smith not Peyton Manning.

  • Reef215

    1.) Bad Offensive line play is NOT figuring out an offense, its drafting or signing a pro bowl Defensive lineman and letting that Defensive lineman play at a pro bowl level against a Rookie and non-pro bowl Offensive lineman

    2.) Keeping the ball away is NOT figuring out an offense! Its taking advantage of a sub par defense. Because if our defense played the way it played against KC for 3 quarters or Wash for 2 quarters then getting a 3 and out defeats the whole purpose of your scheme.

    3.) interceptions, fumbles, and muffed punts is NOT figuring out an offense! its the offense playing poorly, executing poorly, and being unfocused. if that is your game plan than good luck!!!

    4.) A missed assignment on a two point conversion IS NOT figuring out an offense. Its poor execution. and it is NOT indicative of it not being able to work on an NFL level

    If anything I would be scared….very scared as a defensive coordinator because as of today…the only people who have figured out how to stop the Eagles offense…is themselves!

  • Mrkraxx

    Show me a coach that has the answers for how to win a game where ur players snap the ball into their own butts and throw careless interceptions, and ill show you a liar.

    Let him get his team together. No question Vick and co are the best players he has available, but this is not the team he built.

  • Mrkraxx

    Show me the coach who has the answers to their players snapping the ball into their own butts and handing the ball to the other team, and ill show you a liar.

    Let the dude get his team together . He chose the best players he had, but this is not his personnel, folks.

    • I am not disagreeing because without a doubt, Chip Kelly is coaching a team that Andy Reid built. HOWEVER, while Reid left him a genuinely empty cupboard on defense, he left offensive weapons that were perfect for what Kelly does: one of the best RBs in the league… who can catch the ball too; a fast WR who can be awesome when he can work “in space”; and a very mobile (and fairly talented) offensive line. Point being ( and we’ve seen enough glimpses to prove this), the personnel are there to make this offense work today. The team simply wasn’t mentally prepared, and as a result, they made dumb mistakes. It is not easy to comeback after a tough game on a short week but the Chiefs did it…. and since Thursday games are part of the NFL landscape, Kelly better figure out how to get his guys prepared for them, or he WILL lose more games like this.

  • Bird of Prey

    That’s just the way the sports media is today, Reid walks into 6 probowlers and gets the QB of his choice and leaves behind the likes of Danny Watkins, and Allen. It’s as too soon to proclaim this offensete next thing after one game, and it’s too early to bury this team after three games. 8 and 8 would be great especially after having to create a new defense without personnel to man it with. Except Vinne Curry……………..

  • defroe

    i really dont think the chiefs D beat us. we pretty much beat our selves but hey whatever…

  • defroe

    i dont understand how everyone wants to blame the loss on our defense that actually played better than in the san diego game and kept the game close. despite 5 turnovers. chiefs really should have beaten us by way more than 10 points if not for the D…

  • imnotsorryisaidthat

    Three games and over a thousand yards of offense and Chip has to defend what?