Spotted: Union Protesters at Cheu Noodle Bar

CHEUsmall_biggerThe under construction Cheu Noodle Bar (255 S 10th Street) is facing union protesters today and had them yesterday as well. We’ve seen union protesters over the past few months at the Corner Foodery site and Philadelphia Cupcake at 20th and South.

Has anyone spotted them at any other Philadelphia restaurant construction sites recently?

  • noaxetogrindbutseriously

    Just saw them in front of the old Maru Global location on 10th Street today. Not sure what’s going in there, but the union guys are already camping out in front.

  • hiki

    They’ve been protesting on Walnut Street because of Elixrs move to Sydenham for months.

  • Foobooz

    The former Maru Global is the upcoming home of Cheu Noodle Bar.

  • StreetsDept

    Call the streets department, report White Trash on the sidewalk