Sabatino, Puchowitz and Moore, Not a Law Firm but a Dinner

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Some things sound too good to be real—but this is so real. chef Ben Puchowitz (Matyson) and chef George Sabatino (Stateside) are teaming up alongside Greg Moore (Moore Brothers Wine Company), to create a legendary eight-course dinner with exemplary ingredients and nonpareil wine.

With Chef Puchowitz’s mastery of the tasting menu, Sabatino’s ability to elevate ingredients, coupled with the endless wine knowledge of Greg Moore, this $150 dinner is basically a must-go.

The event will take place at Matyson on January 17th at 7pm. $150 includes wine, tax, and gratuity. To make a reservation please call 215-564-2925.

Caviar & Eggs
Bottarga, creme fraiche, onion crumbs

Salsify, celery, apple, borage

Bluefin Tuna
Citrus, mustard seed, fennel

Foie Gras
Gooseberry, almond, tatsoi

Lobster cannelloni, preserved meyer lemon

Cheek, loin, crispy marrow, burdock, black garlic

Moses Sleeper (Jasper Hill, VT)

Passion fruit, macadamia

Matyson [Official Site]

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  • #7

    Keep proving them wrong Vick. Defense, gotta make tackles at least. Hopefully we’ll have a better showing this week against a game manager QB

  • EaglePete

    I think the Chiefs will be another tight game but not as high scoring, more like 21-21 range with another FG winner. I dont see Smith lighting up anyone but their D is legit so I think they can slow us down. I hope the fans cheer for Reid but I wont hold my breath, he deserves it whether you wanted him gone or not.

    • Adam

      I’m fairly confident the Eagles fans will do right by Andy. They gave Donnie a standing O, I think they’ll do the same for Andy.

  • Kuney

    D played well enough for us to win last game. They didn’t play well, but they got another two turnovers to give us a possesional advantage. More field goals then tds would help too, but 10 points in the first half and poor late game execution can’t happen if we’re going to play this style.

    If we’re going to lose games like that it will be a long season. If we learn from games like that then we could be very dangerous.

    PS if the chiefs score on a shovel pass Billy Davis and the defensive players should take turns with their heads in stocks in front of independence hall.

    • nicksaenz1

      I work close enough to Independence Hall that I would definitely go see that.

    • Dan

      Seriously man, everyone in the world knew that shovel pass was coming five years before Andy left.

  • Bob A

    I’m not comfortable with the whole “percentage of challenges the coach won” thing, as though if he didn’t win one, he’s a lesser coach. Sometimes, the officiating crew misses it twice; there’s nothing a coach can do about that. All he can do is make sure that if the ref screwed up that he has to look at it twice, after that, it’s beyond his control. Yeah, sometimes, it’s obvious that the coach shouldn’t have bothered to challenge it, but their percentage of being right when they do challenge is probably higher than their percentage of overturned calls.

  • ian

    It seems people finally calmed down after the game. The comments right after were ridiculous. We had a team that has scored 31.5 pts/game avg so far. Scored 30 and lost another 10-14 on penalties. Penalties that are easily remedied. A rookie trying to get too much of an advantage and a WR making too obvious of a pick. Before the season started EVERYONE on here said all we want is for our offense to score at least 30 points a game. If that happens we could win 9 games this year. Well the offense has been doing their job. No complaints there. Every week they will just get better at running this offense, reading each other, and improving technical skills.

    The defense needs to hold scores to less than 30. They are doing great with turnovers so far but too many cheating penalties. Defensive holding, pass interference etc. We are also still OVER PURSUING! That is why we keep giving up the big runs. Just maintain your gaps.

    I see a 42-30 win coming for the Eagles this thursday.

  • ojdiddoit

    A work in progress on both sides of the ball,that should be the mantra for all Eagle fans..A entire new offense,incorperating several new players,a entire new defense incorporating almost a entire new squad,all new coaches,a new language.all things considered its no shock the defense is way behind the offense and will be for this year and quite probably next as well,so im going to sit back and enjoy the Chip Kelly genius as it unfolds on offense this year and wait with fingers crossed that the defense can hold em under 40 enough times this year to win a very winnable nfc east

  • Chali

    Hah! I know its burning in the bellies of those that doubted him. . . there are 14 weeks left which I know there are people secretly wanting things to go south for him so they can say “I TOLD YOU SO”. Love it. It could have been even better if Casey or Djax could have hung on to those drops. He could have thrown it a tad better on some of those as well.

  • Guest

    I think it’s going to take a variety defensive concepts and winning one on one match ups. More than likely the first time this offense doesn’t look impressive will be because we shot ourselves in the foot with turnovers. …… I posted that before the San Diego game.
    The three problems we need fixed are Vick Vick and Vick. And I don’t mean QB change but he needs to play better. Turnovers hurt any offense but playing with tempo is walking on a razor and turnovers hurt even more.

    Lastly the use of the swinging gate…really chip? You’re using up the cities goodwill and patience for a new coach like degenerate gambler goes through this weeks paycheck. BeCareful my friend.

  • #7

    No that is for people like yourself that he’s proving wrong. Hoping that the starting QB fails, gets injured, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc.

    You’re one of the main culprits. One of many

  • nicksaenz1

    1) You clearly took that way too seriously as it was a very light-hearted joke based solely on your handle and the context in which you worded your post.
    2) I don’t wish any harm on Vick and you’ve never seen a post from me where I did wish he got injured. I’ve certainly noted his fragility, but never wished injury. I’ve also never wished that he would fail.
    3) I was proven wrong when he won the competition, and that’s where the proving stops.
    4) How many “main culprits” is too many until the word “main” loses it’s descriptive value?

  • theycallmerob

    I for one will be standing and screaming! Stale towards the end, but still the best damned cookie coach we’ve ever had on the sideline

  • #7

    nicksaenz1 we have a history on here and 99.99% of the time you’re against everything I say so how am I supposed to know that you’re “joking”

    You’ve never joked with me once on here lol.

    On the “proven wrong” point, weren’t you one of the main ones that said Vick was “washed up”? I take that you’re not willing to admit you were wrong on that too? I doubt you will, but no matter.

    Like I’ve been saying all along and have been proven to be right, Vick is no where close to being done like you said IMO. Dynamic as ever. If our defense gets TIMELY stops, we’re in the playoffs. It’s obvious that our defense isn’t great, but we have to stop them on 3rd down. 10-15 on 3rd down conversions is waay too much. Maybe we can, maybe we can’t. We’ll see

  • nicksaenz1

    There’s a first time for everything!
    I probably did say he was washed up, but, that point was proven wrong in preseason and when he won the competition. I was, literally, the very first person to post on here that I was proven wrong, and upon said admission, the proving wrong stops there. I believe you commented right away when I made the post. That said, no one on here was expecting to be averaging over 30ppg, and that can’t be denied. Yes, he looks good in this offense, but we’re only two games in, so we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves. However, despite the defensive struggles, things are looking up.

  • Warhound

    How about Greasy Neale? After a seven-year stint as an assistant football coach at Yale University (1934–1940), Neale moved to the National Football League, serving as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles from 1941 to 1950. He led the Eagles to consecutive NFL Championships in 1948 and 1949, and tallied a mark of 66–44–5 including playoff games in his ten seasons with the club.

  • #7

    Np man. It’s all good

  • defroe81

    lol only super bowl wins count those championships were not super bowls…