Rembrandt’s Comeback

Rembrandt’s in Fairmount is hoping to keep up with Fairmount’s recent restaurant renaissance. Long a neighborhood institution, the restaurant has brought in some new guns to overhaul the menu.

A few months ago, Chef Nick Cassidy of Buddakan came to Rembrandt’s to help with the revitalization process. Gradually, over the past few months, he’s put together a comfortable menu with good portions and fair value. Rembrandt’s is closed today in preparation for the full menu to go live tomorrow, Friday, January 4th.

Rembrandt’s [Official Site]


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  • Victor Zazz

    I guess the brunch burger options are no more?

  • Bart

    Well if the coarse ground sausage-like “hot dog” is any indication, steer clear!

  • Bob

    I live nearby and eat here every couple of months. I really love the space and the beer menu. I really did like a few dishes from the old menu, and the gf really liked the smoked chicken sandwich. I ate here this past weekend, the burger was a bit underseasoned for my taste, though a friend eating with me agreed about the lack of seasoning. That said, I heard the old executive chef was a PITA to work with, and I think this will help them move forward overall. I’m hoping they refine their work over the next few months and this encourages more people to visit the Fairmount area, and maybe even open a few more choices for places to eat.

  • Bob

    As a side note about the Fairmount area, does anyone know what they put in where Mugshots used to be at 21st&Fairmount? I saw they recently took the boards down, but I haven’t walked by the spot yet. I thought I saw people in there over the weekend.

  • tsarstruck

    @Bob: Another OCF Coffee.

  • Alimentarian

    2007 called. It wants this menu back.

  • TiredNoodles

    I thought the old chef who left to go to City Tap made great food. Hands down the best lamb burger in the city. After he left quality went down and beer prices went up. Hopefully the re-opening will be for the best.

  • Suburbanite

    This is like a hodge-podge of current menu’s in the city: Garces Trading, Monks, Stateside, Kennett, etc, etc…

  • Cleo415

    I ate there a few weeks ago for the first time and the food was really good. I’m excited to see what the new menu brings. If you have never been there or haven’t eaten there in a while, I would definitely give it another shot! It is a perfect neighborhood spot with great eats and reasonable prices. And they sell pickles!

  • Pecoske

    Bacon wrapped dates?? Sounds like what Alma de Cuba was doing 8 years ago!!!

  • Pecoske Jr.

    Hamburgers?? Sounds like what McDonald’s was doing in the 1950’s!!!

  • Pecoske Jr.

    Wings?? Sounds like what Anchor Bar was doing in the 1960?s!!!

  • Pecoske Jr.

    Flat Breads?? Sounds like what American Flatbread was doing in the 1990’s!!!

  • Snake

    Duck Terrine? Sounds like what they were doing in La France Profonde since the 1600s!

    Jokes aside, their pizzas have always been good through the years, as have their burgers. Their French Onion soup has always been one of the best in the city IMO. Restaurants in Fairmount are being forced to pick up their games because of Calaca, Lemon Hill, McAndrews and Hickory Lane.

    This looks good and prices look fair. I wish that Rembrandts would get busy enough that they’d be forced to open the upstairs, that room is very nice.

  • Bob

    Regarding the OCF: Really? There are numerous coffee places within a few blocks. Mugshots, Rybread, Cafe L’Anube, even a Wawa not too far away. Plus all the restaurants that serve weekend brunch and other types, Flying Saucer Cafe, Flying Carpet, the diner in the high rise. Admittedly, I don’t drink coffee, but that seems like overkill to me.

  • Leonardo Leonardo

    While you’re here, shop at our best seller department complete with its own coffee bar. Or drop by our music shop also with its own coffee bar. Or perhaps you’d rather visit our international coffee bar complete with its own little book department which has its own super teeny tiny coffee bar inside. And a selection of tiny adult magazines.

  • Daniel Norman Richwine

    Color me unimpressed with most of these observations.

  • C-nell

    a lot of pessimistic comments. Why are people doubting whether we can keep this pace. It is possible if other teams ran more plays than us, anyways. The NFL is afraid of the potential this team has… Fear always produce negativity.

    • atlvickfan

      Pundits hate nothing more than being proven wrong. They will ride with their preseason predictions as long as they can. And most of them picked the Eagles to suck this year.

    • BlindChow

      Or, maybe they watched the team last year. Remember, we were 3-1 at one point.

      • anon

        Yeah but those were questionable wins. This was straight domination when we were actually playing.

  • Eoin Cunningham

    I love all the idiots talking about this offense being too dangerous for ‘injury prone’ Mike Vick. He’s never looked safer back there. Couple of rookie mistakes by Lane Johnson resulted in some hits but no more than what Brady gets on an average night.

    • cliff henny

      it’s crazy. the guy is playing football, he has pads on, he’s going to get hit. rg3 got rocked way more than vick. Vick’s only tweek came from running too far too fast.

    • ICDogg

      He does take a few extra shots he has no need to take. But you know, he avoided one last night by running out of bounds and lost four yards and everyone was calling it a bonehead mistake, he should have thrown the ball away. But in doing so he would have taken another hit.

      • Run Eagles Run

        or thrown a pick. seriously, the guy cant win. he looked crazy good 3 or 4 years ago, wins 9 of 10 or something crazy, and then its his fault when teams adjust and andy doesnt. I dont think vick is flawless, its obvious he isnt, but jesus christ chip kelly may have resurrected this dudes career… AGAIN… and if Mike is lucky, he did it right this time.

    • Mike

      Vick barely survived week 1.

      • Dutch

        What game were you watching?

        Maybe a110 QB Rating with a 65% completion percentage qualifies as barely surviving in the land of make believe?

      • FMWarner

        So true. I enjoyed the way Vick played for the most part, but dude isn’t going to last taking hits like that.

    • EaglePete

      difference is bigger pocket guys like Brady can handle some damage in a given game. Vick, not just based on his history but his build just appears to be more brittle. That being said, I hate to ever predict injury for any player, its a waste of quality commenting. It could happen to any player, any given time in this league.

      • Dutch

        Brittle is kind of bizarre. In 2012 he was hit 180 times in the Eagles pocket. You think Brady could withstand that kind of punishment in the pocket?

        New England would never put last year’s line around Brady. However, maybe you missed Vick getting dirty and lead blocking last night. ROFL…… how often does Brady get hit or attempt to deliver a hit like Vick pulling off down field and point of attack blocking to help his ball carriers?

        Vick’s only problem in Philly has been his front line protection.

        • I really wish he’d stop with the blocking though. As awesome as it is, I cringe every time I see him do it. But you know it makes his guys love him even more.


  • Token

    Concussion for Fletcher. So Hughes or Boykin will be on the outside this week.

    • ICDogg

      Hughes, if ready.

  • Will

    McCoy keys offense….“No,” Kelly replied. “it’s what I hoped it would feel like, and that’s what makes it so special.”

  • Adam

    I love the national media narritives. First it’s “Will Chip Kelly’s offense work in the NFL?”


    Now it’s “but for how long?!”

    Haters gonna hate.

    • EaglePete

      the skepticism is warranted. You have to prove your worth in this league far more than one game. There have always been flashes and narratives that are easily quashed at some point. I have no problem with it, its not hating. Now if they were still calling it a gimmick than Id take issue. Fans are generally knee jerk, wait til after a loss and the griping starts. The highs and lows of a season. Amazing how a win can really make me happy for the next day, week even. Totally effects my mood.

    • JofreyRice

      so true. For once I agree with Peter King. Someone has to prove they can “solve” it, without opening up other things for Kelly to exploit.

      • Adam


        Such a foreign concept to Eagles fans I forget they’re even legal.

        • BlindChow

          Seems like they adjusted in the wrong direction last night…

    • Will

      Chipadelphia in Chip “Chess” Kelly we trust, what a turn around from a 4-12 squad 9 months ago! Let’em hate and doubt, they just all look stupid…..

      • Mike

        Weren’t the eagles 3-1 last year?

        • Run Eagles Run

          yep. with their line mostly healthy… and you could still tell they were in trouble. the line fell apart, the team fell apart…. yet it still took til the end of the season for them to be mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. vicks fault.

        • BIGJES

          yup and even beat super bowl champs

        • dude

          none of those wins looked or felt like they belonged to a confident, organized team, and no fans were comfortable going forward, and they were proven right. Then again, I don’t think this fanbase has exactly been predominantly comprised of homer optimists for the last few years

    • Eoin Cunningham

      Haters gonna hate. Potatoes gonna potate

    • Run Eagles Run

      exactly, “stanford did this” oh, I’m sure kelly doesnt have an idea for how to counter it. Im sure he just gave up and hopes teams dont look at that tape right? morons. they’re just cowards who would rather be wrong downplaying it than going out on a limb and saying its going to have staying power.

    • William

      Exactly , and Cris Carter was on Mike and Mike saying the Eagles can really be good but if Vick, gets hurt it is a what because Foles is basically grabage(now)….And so is Barkley( but earlier he was a steal) Wasnt RG3 supposed to be the next great QB but now they are making excuses for him ( he was rusty, etc) The last preseason Vick played the media was starting to say ” same ole Vick, now we can live without him . Whatever man ….I have a sneaking suspicion the Eagle are going to win the division. The giants and the Cowboys don’t look great and we saw Washington, so why can’t they win it.

  • cheapmeat

    @ Elliot Harrison of

    Avant has been consistently the hardest worker of this team since he was drafted in 06.

    It must be so easy to write for a mass audience where readers know nothing unless the player is on their fantasy team

  • Beavis

    Remember over the summer when commentors on this site were fuming about Gus Bradley going to Jacksonville. Hahahahahahahahahahaha.

  • Mike

    Huge overreaction to this game.

    Vick was average at best. He held onto the ball, he danced around, he missed several wide open receivers.

    Once pressure was applied the offense ground to a halt and once RGIII stopped sucking, the defense was pretty bad.

    • Will

      What was the final score Beavis you forgot Butthead….LOL…

      • Will

        9 months removed from one of the most horrendous seasons in recent history Jubilation justified!

      • mike

        They were a 2nd Jason Avant bobble away from losing after Washington tried to spot them 35-0 in the 1st quarter

  • Soybot

    The Chris Ryan piece is a fun read. He’s an Eagles fan.

  • TDR

    Media overreacts to every single week of football – so this is no different. However – a few points. First and foremost – it is awesome to have the team be relevant again for something other than being horrible or the “dream team” comment. Second – d co’s wlll definitely figure this out, but is it unrealistic to think that chipper can adjust his offense? I don’t think so. Ultimately, it’s one game on what will be a pretty long journey, but it was a ton of fun!

  • Will

    Ya think everyone would be happy with a Division road win, people gonna hate on Vick and Chip. Sad if your a Eagle’s fan be happy for the team win that’s all that matter’s and look forward to next Sunday Home Opener!

  • NickS1

    Wow, man, you’d think we just won the Super Bowl judging by the reactions to some of the “haters”. Being reasonable and practical in reserving judgment for a bigger sample size, or being aware of the possible risks, such as injuries, that consistently playing at such a pace may have, does not make one a hater. Every Eagles fan is excited about what they saw. Some of us, however, are just not so blindly optimistic to think that just because we won the game that there are not corrections to be made and/or caution to be exercised. Pump the brakes, folks. It’s a 16 game season we have to get through. We conquered the first week, and for that, we should be happy, not overzealous.

  • Dawks Dawg

    Gotta love the special teams – didn’t give up any big returns & even though Chip iced Henery on the 48 yd FG w/ the challenge – he made the second try too! Clutch.

  • Warhound

    Grantland’s Charles P. Pierce = PC Douche

  • Byter

    Obviously, no one can predict the future but I get a sense with some of the media that it’s a backlash against the hype. Before the game it was “this can’t work in the NFL”, now after it worked its “they can’t do this all season because of injuries” or “d-coord’s will adjust”, etc. I guess it’s up to the Eagles to prove them all wrong. As far as stopping the run up the middle, that’s why Shurmur and Lazor are here, to bring pro-style passing game to Kelly’s offense. The offense has been running pro-style passing (west coast) for years under Reid. The Skins D did get a little more effective by blitzing and covering the gaps. Watch for the Birds to combat that with 3 TE sets and quick slants.

    • Dutch

      The Eagles is going to need another reserve deep threat who can stretch the defense. I don’t see why this is not a plug and play system. There was nothing extraordinary by any skill position player other than Shady McCoy. But the effectiveness of this system depends on speed. I think Johnson could be used in DJax’s place if needed, The Eagles have a nice stable of running backs, and reserve Tight End.

  • djack10

    Charles Pierce (Grantland) seems like an ahole. Beginning to sour on that site completely.

  • Bert Lo

    “Washington Ethnic Degradations”…. C’mon, Chuck,that was lame.

  • FMWarner

    Did the moderator take a day off? It’s hard to talk football with reasonably intelligent people when children are allowed to spray graffiti all over the place.

    • NickS1

      The clown you’re talking about clearly has delusions of grandeur. He thinks he’s the anti-hero of 24/7!

  • Will

    I just saw one of the most exciting half of a football game in 41 years of watching the sport. Can’t wait till Sunday….Amazing…