Cheu Noodle Has a Home

Cheu Noodle Bar has a home and a opening target. Ben Puchowitz of Matyson and Shawn Darragh are aiming to open before the end of February at the former Maru Global at 255 South 10th Street.

The interior has been gutted and new equipment is now being installed. There will be an open kitchen with bar seats along the line. The ramen spot will have room for 30 people and is working on securing a liquor license.

The menu will have be broken down by vegetables, snacks and noodles. Darragh also promises one or two other sections, “but we have to keep something secret.”

Cheu Noodle Bar [Official Site]

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  • BrickSquadMonopoly

    He deserves the opportunity to become either a starter or backup active every game behind Thornton. But I’m sure Chippah did have his reasons I just don’t see Vinny being the 7th best Dlineman on this team.

  • Corry

    I hope they don’t trade him, but if he has no role on the team then they should try to get some compensation for him. I still find it hard to believe that he can’t find a role on the team even as an interior pass rusher in the nickel.

  • Phils Goodman

    I think they are going to need Curry’s interior penetration sooner rather than later. I just hope Davis has the open-mindedness to use him. The big early lead covered up a lot of potential issues on defense. First of all, the Eagles didn’t get a scant trace of pressure without the blitz (5+ rushers). And the 2-gap front with Sopoaga (0-tech), Thornton and Cox (5-tech) was just begging to get blown off the ball and gashed up the gut like they were against the Pats. Fortunately Morris fumbled twice early and really let them off the hook.

  • Chris

    i think i can buy Roseman’s reasoning, but not for very long. He should at least have a chance to play before he gets moved. I’d like to see him stay.

  • Token

    They clearly dont believe Curry can be a effective 3-4 end. But they should try him there first. Let him rotate in like they did yesterday.

    • theycallmerob

      The only question is, for whom? Who comes off the field for Curry? Not Cox, and to date Thornton has just been all-around better at what is asked of those 5tech ends. I can’t fault the guy for developing and playing well. And Square can play all over the line, giving him a slight leg up on Curry.

      I don’t think it’s so much a talent issue as it is scheme/gap discipline. That seemed to be the hidden response from Davis as well regarding some of Graham’s PS performances. They looked great and all only because they weren’t minding their assignments.

      • Johnny Domino

        If Logan can steal snaps at the nose from Soap, I think there are more for Curry outside while Soap sits.

        • Dubiy

          Soap is just a pile of meat that takes up two defenders, he had a zero stat line yesterday in every single category. Logan was pretty good at penetrating during the pre-season but I guess not good enough for davis.

        • Token

          Sopa will likely see even less snaps as the season moves on if Logan, Square and Geathers prove competent. You can argue Sopa is our worst D lineman. I find it hard to find a single redeeming quality. He doesnt even eat blocks and fill space all that effectively.

          Bottom line for Curry, you spent a high pick on him. I want to see him in a couple games before throwing him away. Obviously based on the offseason performance they dont like him for what they want defensively. But I still want to see him in game action. Some guys just have that extra little something on gameday. Not saying he will, but I dont see whats lost in finding out.

      • morgan c

        I’m not saying you are wrong, but what shows you that Thornton and Square are better at their roles than Curry would be? All I know is he out-paced them in production metrics in the pre-season. I totally understand that those metrics may not mean much if they come at the expense of negating the proper role / assignment, but do we have any evidence Curry is not disciplined in this regard? And I know linemen in a 3-4 are often more “space eaters” and even good ones names don’t show up in the box score, but I just can’t buy that these undrafted free agents playing ahead of him are vastly superior, or superior at all. And if you can get your 3-4 end to produce sacks and backfield penetration (something that Square, Geathers, and Thornton have not been able to demonstrate on a consistent basis, in direct opposition to Curry), then isn’t that a bonus? I don’t think he should get snaps over Cox, obviously, and Soapoaga plays a different position, but I think he should get a shot starting as the other end. I like Logan too, and you can rotate Thornton in there. Geathers and Square, I just don’t get.

  • Eagles4Life

    I think Vinny is going to play. He’ll be alright. We’ll probably need him against the Chargers and likely the Broncos as well. I don’t necessarily think this is an indictment on Curry, more so Davis thinking really highly of Logan and Square (who can both play NT).

  • anon

    Might just have to trade. Sucks but it’s life. Most people aren’t with the employer that took them out of college. I think if we get a DB prospect and Curry can go somewhere that he can start, perfect. I think we have a lot of D-line depth unfortunately, and Kelly isn’t going to keep too many active b/c generally they aren’t rocking ST. Would be nice to see him in a couple of games (which is probably why his agent is making the comment).

  • Dutch

    I’m not buying his ineffectiveness against the run. There is no way a guy who gets penetration as quick as Curry can not be a force against the run in the NFL. Put this kid at an End position and allow him to turn runs back inside. it seemed obvious to me in the 3rd and 4th QT last night there was room for another pass rusher in the rotation.

    Before last night the false rumblings that Cole was a liability against the run was prominent in uninformed circles. We know today the death of Trent Cole is greatly exaggerated, as I believe is the idea that Curry is ill prepared to play solid run defense.

    • Richard Colton

      he looked good against the run in preseason. i dont get it either. could it be technique or gap discipline?

    • morgan c

      100% agree. I posted as much in another thread and even felt so compelled that I emailed Sheil and Tim about it directly. A lot of times analysts just say “he’s known as a pass-rusher [therefore] he can’t play the run well.” Sometimes that is true (Jason Babin), but it feels like more often than not it is simply hackneyed lazy analysis. Do we have any evidence that he is poor against the run? If so, can someone / anyone show that evidence? The guy was the conference USA defensive player of the year, a second round pick, and accrued multiple TFLs (AGAINST RUNNING BACKS!) in pre-season. I just don’t buy that he is ineffective against the run. In fact, he probably is / could be solid, as alluded to by Dutch.

      Really, it’s just asinine to be playing Cedric Thornton, Geathers and Square over this guy. Can you really tell me they are so much better at “playing the run” than Curry is, much less over Curry’s ability to rush the passer (which is vastly superior to any of those three). Something doesn’t add up. I think this is personal or maybe it’s simply a matter of dogmatism. Seems a shame, especially when you consider Kelly and his staff have been so spot on and on point when it comes to the majority of their merit-based play system.

      Just put this guy on the field and give him a chance. I bet he would be more effective than the replacement players on the depth chart above him.

      • Dutch

        insightful reply. I am equally impressed with Square, Thornton and Logan. However Curry has more than earned playing time in my opinion because he’s just as impactive if not more so than his mates in the defensive line stable in Phila.

        If not on the D Line, there is surely room to groom Curry as a wrecking ball gap destroying interior linebacker, the James Harrison type. The intensity we witnessed in that defense the other night is going to need over the course of this 16 game season recharging at some point and Kendricks definitely surprised me however, I am still under the impression he will need relieving at times and sending Curry in to clog gaps and blitz with his violent hands and experience in taking on offensive linemen is a benefit in those situations.

        I just think it’s a huge mistake to not find a way to put this kid on the field. Curry in my opinion represent another wave of pressure on the QB and opponents backfield.

        Play the Man!!!!

    • njbirds04

      I Also agree. I think he definitely deserves a chance and I sure hope he gets it. From what I saw last year and this year the man looks like he has a high motor and doesn’t give up on plays. I hope chip and billy give him a shot because IMO he has the ability and the passion for the game that we need on defense. Not to mention the fact this dude is a lifelong birds fan, which makes me like him even more. I Would be really disappointed to see a guy like that traded especially when he hasn’t been given the chance to succeed. Nothing against our other dl’s either, I simply believe ifhe got the chance he would flourish like he did last yr against the panthers.Love his passion and I wish him the best, regardless of his position in philly. Go birds!!!

      • Dutch

        Some guys are just football players. No matter where you line them up they make plays that jump off the page. Curry seems to be one of those guys.

        It’s because of that and his obvious commitment to the game that the Eagles have nothing to loose trying the kid at interior linebacker to get him on the field. He’s young enough to learn, Cole is a perfect example and flexible enough to drop weight if necessary. But he also has the hands to shed interior blockers and make plays in the gaps and behind the line of scrimmage.

  • Brian Reisman

    Vinny can either use this as motivation to prove he deserves to be on the field, or as an excuse. Just look at Trent Cole… an outstanding 4-3 pass rusher… now a stud 3-4 linebacker. Curry should learn from the veteran.

    • Eaglehaslanded

      How can he prove he deserves to be on the field if they don’t allow him on the field to play? He made plays against the run during pre-season, give him a chance. Seriously, what has Cliff Geathers done so special to earn playing time?

  • Bullwinkle

    I don’t get it. NFL teams pass more than they run, especially when they are behind. The Eagles could have used Vinny in the second half last night when the pass rush hit a lull. Vinny was our best pass rusher in the preseason games.

    • Dutch

      I don’t think it’s fair to say the pass rush hit a lull so much as they were flat out gassed in the 4th qt, Chances are Vinny if active would have equally been sucking for air. I do agree it would have been nice to have another dominating pass rusher to chase Griffin. I think that is an adjustment the coaches will have to make. They have horses on that line and if you turn them loose we see they are going to be trouble to contend with. The snap count is going to have to be a factor in keeping these boys fresh.

      Cox managed a sack late in the forth qt and he was double teamed all night. That took so doing.

  • nicksaenz1

    Makes no sense that this guy can’t get on the field, let alone suit up.

    • morgan c

      Yup. No sense at all. It’s not like he has been ineffective or silent in his limited opportunities. All the guy did was flat out ball in the pre-season, and lead the team in QB pressure per snap (sacks, hits, hurries combined)…

  • Rick H

    Vinny Curry on heavy sedatives would be 10 times better then Geathers at the peak of his traveling minstrel career. There is something that simply does not add up here??? No one is happier then me to see the defense play like that last night but there is no way they will play like that each and every week. Curry gives you a serious NFL pass rush D end. The name of the game is “Get to the QB” and he can do that. i still have very limited confidence in Davis the D coordinator.
    He had a great Defensive plan last night but some of those D line guys are older and you are going to need young legs. A lot of guys get let go by the Eagles and nothing comes of it for the most part. However Curry could seriously be a dominant player. Not happy with this situation. I sure hope it changes! Don’t be foolish Howie!!!

    • ohitsdom

      Curry is a better pass rusher, but Geathers is more suited for stopping the run and playing in the 2-gap system. I hope the coaches find a way to use Curry, but he’s currently not a good fit for this system.

  • ojdiddoit

    2nd year player who has hardly sniffed the field and now his agent is hinting he wants to be moved?ah good luck

  • FMWarner

    Why are you all so convinced that Curry will play better than those playing ahead of him? Alfred Morris was held to 42 yards and fumbled. I’d say the run was played effectively. This is a guy that barely sniffed the field even when the Eagles ran a 4-3. We don’t see practice every day and we don’t break down tape with the coaches. What makes you so sure that you’re right and they’re wrong?

    • ztom6

      To be fair, Curry looked like a much better player in pre-season this year than he did the year before. He genuinely played like someone worth getting excited about.

  • RIP illa

    Although I am disappointed by the lack of PT for Curry, I can understand why (whether I agree or not). There is legitimate reasoning behind it.

    Curry has shown himself to be a very disruptive force, as of late. Sounds great right??? Yet when you run a traditional 3-4 you want your LBs to be the disruptive forces, while your down linemen make the situation more conducive for them to acheive that goal. It’s not merely as simple as how many plays you make against the run. Curry has to remain gap sound and disciplined no matter what! And the more time he spends in the backfield from a 5tech standpoint, shows how much he is not fulfilling his responsibilities.

    Think of Derek Landri, when we first signed him, not the year that he was hurt and did very little. Landri, when he got the chance to play, was living in opposing teams backfields! He disrupted his fair share of runs. Yet still as a team we were getting gashed by runs up the middle all year. As disruptive as he was, he was still a big part of our porous run D problem. And our coaches weren’t dumb…despite how much they frustrated us, they still were not dumb. If it was as simple as get Landri in on more snaps, cause he’s so disruptive, it would have been done. Yet it wasn’t. That’s cause Landri was only flashing and making splash plays, but never being consistently effective vs the run. There was no anchoring to his game at that time. He was completely freelancing.

    Why talk bout Landri when talking about Curry…well cause Vinny’s doing the same thing. Ideally Vinny would be a 3tech in a 1 gap 3-4 or a 4-3U. But we run a 2 gap, and as people have already mentioned…you’re not going to sit Cox for Curry. And speaking of Cox, why was he so quiet for so long last night??? Well part of it was cause he was playing his gap assignments (at the beginning. When we went into 3-3-5 nickel, then he got to do more and be disruptive) and part was cause he didnt get off his blocker (small part).

    Oh yeah, back to Curry/ Landri. So when Curry was playing in our 2 gap 3-4 he was in the backfield a lot, but by doing that it’s a double edge sword. Sure he’s going to flash and make some good things happen. But other times, he runs the risk and chance of shooting the wrong gap and allowing wide open cut back lanes. Even if he shoots the correct gap, his body positioning is already turned…that’s a big no no when playing the run. If the Guard responds quick enough, Curry has just made his job a little easier. All the Guard would have to do is seal the lane and just “guide” Curry past the play. But like I said double edge sword…so there are some positives to this scenario too. If the Guard reaction is off this could result in him having to overcompensate and that’s were we would see some holding on his part. But we know how that goes in this league, hit or miss. And if the Guard’s reaction is way off, then Curry has an easy pathway to the back.
    Teams will however make adjustments for this, hypothetically. The more Curry plays and if he follows suit, and the more disruptive he is…teams will start using this to their advantage and having free access for their Guards to hit the 2nd level of our D and for there Tackles to concentrate on the OLB. Counters, Draws, stretches, options, and zone blocking!!!

    Ok so with all that being said I still want Curry on the field as a situational Pass Rusher!!! But we will rarely, if ever, see that as long as Davis runs a 3-3-5. That line up goes Cole, Cox, Barwin. No one’s going to champion Curry replacing those guys! Could he be in the rotation…sure, but its still not enough for me. Not when we are up big like we were last night and need more pressure from the D-line vs a team that has essentially abandoned the run.
    My answer would be the 4-2-5 nickel. But “F” no to Curry at DE!!! Even coming out of college, many teams had reservations about him as an edge rusher, but they all agreed that the kid’s 1st step was at warp speed and very detrimental to opposing O-lines. That’s why I think in a traditional nickel, w/ a line up of Cole, Cox, Curry, and Barwin/Graham, would be perfect for situations like we faced in the 4th quarter last night. Curry on the inside as a pass rusher, in obvious passing situations…makes way to much sense!!! All he would have to worry about is going after the QB, by any means necessary! Plus, as I said before, his 1st step or when he fires off the ball, is way too explosive for Guards to handle. Instant pressure and moving the QB off his spot and throwing off route/pass timing.

    Just my thoughts. Still wish the kid the best and hope we can get him some PT. Had not posted all day, was going through withdrawals…had to let it out!!! :-)

    • Dan Bonnie

      That was a great analysis! I still feel (gut) that playing Curry and coaching him on what you need is better than Sopauga for example. If he goes to another team and becomes an all pro we will regret it for a long time!
      BTW do you have coaching experience? You understand all that football lingo way better than I do. I never made it a point to understand the real technical stuff about the game. Listening to you I think I now would like to gain more knowledge.
      Let’s hope for a very exciting and surprising season! I can’t take anymore of those depressing Andy Reid we’ve got to do a better job seasons!
      GO EAGLES!!!

  • mksp

    Curry seems like a good kid, but you conspiracy theorists are out of your mind. Coaches are clearly going to put the best team on the field that they can (and yes, that means making decisions like cutting future HOF-er Emmanuel Acho). This is now the 2nd head coach and 2nd DC that has made Curry an inactive.

    Vinny is clearly not doing what it takes to get on the field. He seems like he has a ton of talent, so hopefully he figures it out and the eagles are able to unleash him.

    And if not, hopefully we can get a 3rd or 4th round pick for him.

  • Will

    wow…if they do it I hope they get a quality , tall, fast, smart, hard hitting safety…will hate 2 see Vinny go was really rooting for the guy…..

  • Will

    Curry is a Great player if they trade him he will always play his heart out…..hard to believe Curry is odd man out….Does Curry contribute on Special Teams?…

  • Cyrus Robinson

    Well, we gained a great player due to a team changing schemes (DeMeco Ryans), maybe it’s time we give up a player with great potential due to a scheme change…
    Curry can play. For his own sake, he should play somewhere where he can be utilized, like Clemons out in Seattle.

  • Will

    It’s gotta be Chip Kelly plans an attack then uses best player’s to carry it out. I wonder if Vinny Curry owned King Dunlap in practice? or Brandon Graham for that matter? Phillip Rivers of the Bolts likes to pass a lot….would think they blitz the heck out of him.

  • Media Mike

    “Not a fit” in the system? We needed pass rush from the front 3 in the 2nd half of that game and didn’t get it. Curry was the best pass rusher of the NT/DL group all pre-season. I get he’s more of a tradition 4-3 DE, but does anybody have a doubt that if we traded him to Seattle he’d get 6-10 sacks in situation al work? They’re not a traditional 4-3 team either.

  • GiveMeABreak

    Another in the long line of draft busts. If he could play, he would be out there. Exhibition game heroics are obviously not a good barometer of his ability.

  • JBShakes

    This one baffles me a bit. Regardless of Curry’s deficiencies against the run game and in his technique, he’s obviously showed (and not just against “the scrubs”) that he can be an impactful pass-rushing presence. They could be using him RIGHT NOW in a similar role to the one the 49ers put Aldon Smith (and yes, Aldon Smith is a MUCH better player than Curry, I’m not comparing them) into during his rookie year, where they just moved him around the formation and turned him loose upfield on passing downs. Why wouldn’t you want to have a resource like that available on gameday?

  • ztom6

    I think the coaches VC needs to worry about impressing aren’t necessarily Davis and Kelly so much as Azzinaro and Fipp.

  • Eric Kutcher

    I can vouch for Vinny Curry as a run stopper. I am a Marshall grad and fan and what you guys say about Vinny is VERY true, and I watched him his whole career at MU. He is a high motor guy and he goes 110% every play. He dominated in college at his level and was key in run stopping, so I know for a fact the guy can stop the run. He is quick off the snap and can get to the QB for pressure. Why your coach is not suiting him up is beyond me. The guy has tremendous passion and is a smart kid and a good kid. He loves the game and loves the Eagles. It is sad he is not getting his shot but if I were him I would ask to be traded at seasons end. As a Browns fan I would LOVE to have him on the our team.

  • Banker

    Vinny Curry led the nation in tackles by a defensive lineman his senior year at Marshall, and it wasn’t close. He had almost 100 tackles in 12 games. You don’t get over 90 tackles as a DE if you aren’t tackling RBs at, or behind, the line of scrimmage. He can play the run.